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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Therapy for Thinking provides Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Coaching services to our clients to quickly resolve their issues, and give them the tools that they will need for the future. We work specifically with individuals, corporate clients, and young people.

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13 June 2021


Ongoing treatment but interesting and helpful so far

20 February 2020

My recommendation to others is don’t always listen to things you hear about therapy/ hypnotherapy. Do it and then judge for yourself. I wish I had gone sooner. It helped me massively and I saw massive changes in such a short amount of time. I was so pleased when I found Karen. She listened to everything and gave me different tips and tricks on how to deal with my anxiety which helped me loads. Therapy made me have more rational thoughts and made me feel calmer straight away. I never thought it would have helped me as much as It did. I fully recommend it to anyone that is looking for quick, effective ways to get rid of anxiety and stress. More...

3 October 2019

I am now a Non-Smoker with Karens help! Finally a way of kicking the habit with relatively little problem. I forgot to listen to my personalised recording to begin with but after Karen reminded me, I have not looked back. It got easier & easier the more I listened to the recording, so I can highly recommend her services. More...

30 September 2019

I had a session with Karen about my anxiety and she was amazing. She was great at helping me relax and gave me great insight into problems I was having. As well as this she gave me helpful activities that help with my anxiety, which where super affective and I use daily :) More...

30 September 2019

I went to see Karen about my anxiety and lack of confidence. She was great at relaxing me, took the time to understand what was happening and very quickly using the CBT I had asked for and some hypnotherapy I feel like a new person. I’m more confident and recently did a presentation to a small group of people that I never thought I could do well.... but I did :-) More...

27 September 2017

Web Design

Am in the process of working with Karen Bennett to build my e-commerce website.
She is walking me through the whole process and I would recommend her 100%


Being able to quite quickly make a difference to someones life. Having suffered from prolonged stress and anxiety due to corporate demands,and being left with a chronic illness, I understand more than most that we need to look after ourselves. Often there are limited resources to help with that, which is why I became a therapist.
I gave up smoking with hypnotherapy, and was amazed at how easy it was, but also discovered how powerful it can be. My love of the subject has therefore led me into this arena to be able to help others solve their problems, easily, swiftly and permanently :-)

I wanted to help! Working for myself allows me to control my own stresses and health, whilst at the same time providing these services for my clients. I have walked the walk....... so I am best place to pass on my learnings and experience to help other people. It also allows me to help people help themselves.

I see every client as unique, as no one person has had the same life journey as another. I therefore tailor my approach to every client and dont provide "standardised" therapy. I don't want to see my clients for a long time, I want to fix them, and give them the ability to help themselves moving forwards. Counselling can take years so that does not fit with my thoughts. I work in a solutions focused & CBT environment, so I would hope that 1-6 sessions would be the maximum to resolve 1 particular issue (Stop Smoking is 1 session!).
I give my client 100% and find if they give me the same, we form a very successful partnership :-)


Our stop smoking hypnotherapy programme is done in 1 longer session. It typically takes 1.5 - 2 hours and involves a cognitive behavioural section, followed by a hypnotherapy section that work together to break your habits, and to install and anchor the positive reasons to be a non-smoker.

We supply all our clients a copy of the personalised hypnotherapy session, so that they can continue to listen to the messages over a longer period, typically 7 days. This has been shown to increase its effectiveness moving forwards, as the brain is given time to digest and create a more powerful & easier change.

We offer a quick and easy approach to stress management, that allows our clients to learn to tools to self manage moving forwards. Utilising different sorts of therapy to match our clients needs is important so we can resolve issues in the fastest and most effective way.
Stress is a response to a stimulus, so we teach you to understand this and give you 3-4 techniques to work with moving forwards, so that you can lead a more positive life.

Weight Management or Weight Loss is treated mainly under hypnotherapy to break destructive patterns, but often we find that clients have other issues that sit alongside their weight problems. We cannot therefore advise on the number of sessions needed as these vary widely based on individual circumstances. We ask clients to be honest & open with us, so that we can work in an effective way to resolve all issue, that lead to a bad relationship with food.

It may be you just need a boost in willpower................ or you could have other hidden issues that are getting in the way. Either way we can help you achieve your goals effectively & easily.

Self Esteem is something we see quite often and can be very debilitating to normal life. Confidence and self esteem are often linked to a past experience that is the lynchpin to to feelings that are probably very familiar to our clients. We use techniques that are gentle and supportive to find any issues, and work to dissolve those back in the past where they belong. Positive mental attitudes and stress busters are also taught so that our clients become self sufficient moving forwards.

Do you just want to do something better...... know you can, but can't get there? Coaching can be an ideal way of identifying and removing the blocks that you have been unable to do yourself, and allow you to move forward in whatever area you want to, be that personal, work, sport etc..
We have an excellent success rate with our clients, and we have fun doing it :-)

Coaching to help us move past life blocks and to learn techniques to ensure we dont get stuck again is unfortunately a popular theray offered by Therapy for Thinking. Do you find yourself saying :
"I feel like I have a mountain to climb"
"Its like I am stuck"
"I am carrying a weight on my shoulders all of the time"
"I am so stupid, I can never do things"
If you answer yes to any of those, or something similar, you no doubt have a mental black that is affecting your ability to move forwards. This therapy will resolve that for you.

This therapy offers a sympathetic and effective way of ridding you of the trauma and its associated symptoms. We use a combination of eye movement therapy, tapping and CBT to identify and release the past feelings and allowing your brain to recalibrate to the new you.
We use techniques to allow this to happen without the need to talk through it as we believe that does nothing but re-traumatise you each time you talk through it! This is a mind-body, but also body to mind therapy to ensure it is a full resolution.