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Dynamic qualified safety and professional CAA pilots.

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Knowing exactly what it is the client requires and from what perspective.

What are your exact requirements to achieve your aim and the time frame in which to work to.

Being able to meet the needs of each client in a safe and professional way.

I have flown drones for a good few years and decided to turn that hobby into a business.

I have many years of experience and I am fully qualified by the Civil Aviation Authority. We have a Drone to match each and every task.

We need to be on-site to carry out the service, our drone has to have what is known as First Person Visual at all times up to 500 meters if the conditions allow it.

We acknowledge all government guidelines and restrict our operations to the bare number of people to complete the task.


Are you responsible for either the Neighbourhood, Parish, Village or Town Planning, as a local authority. Aerial photography can greatly enhance the overall final document and take your plan to another level of professional planning, tailored to the needs of the client.

How is your development progressing? Attempting to survey from ground level is not ideal. By the use of a drone, we can give a much better view of how your site is being developed as it changes every few weeks. What better way to show your investors the progress you are making, by providing them with regular updates in a professional way.

Would you like to enhance that very special day with an aerial video of the proceedings? Once the service is over and you move to the venue grounds why not give the day that special extra dimension of video from the air, or even a number of stills to add to the album?

Before you order the services of a scaffolding company why not hire The SkyCam to survey that roof area for you to ascertain the degree of work that might need to be undertaken, get real-time video and photos to help you make the right decisions.

Do you want to properly display that stunning property? Why not engage us to provide an aerial video to truly enhance the full potential that the property offers, engage a professionally qualified drone pilot to provide the best service possible for your clients.

Why not enhance the entranceway of your clubhouse with aerial photos of your course and what it has to offer? Or how about a short aerial video for your website to attract more members to join you?

Would you like to have your home encapsulated by means of an aerial photograph? We offer a framed version or why not push the boat out and have it on canvas.

The best way to determine the extent of flood damage is from the air, obviously contracting a plane is an expensive business but by using a qualified drone pilot you are able to obtain up to date data as to the extent of the potential damage that could occur.

Employing a drone over a very large area can save you time and enhance your security. So why not contract a Drone team to be on standby at a moment's notice to be your eye in the sky.

Do you require that extra dimension to your film production, we can provide an aerial film team to enhance your production, our pilots are very versatile and experienced and able to cater to your needs.