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Hello, my name is Carys, I am a qualified and accredited counsellor who can offer you a safe space to talk and be heard. I am professional, non-judgmental and empathetic. My aim is to help you get a better understanding of your thoughts and feelings to help you deal with your emotional issues and to support you if you are feeling stuck or struggling to make sense of things by working collaboratively towards your goal.

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My job and the people I meet inspire me every day. My aim is the empower and support someone in their choice to change there lives or circumstances in some way. I feel it is a privilege to work with people who are feeling stuck or struggling to make sense of their thoughts and feelings and effect positive change.

I began working on placement with Cardiff Mind as a counsellor working with adults and after qualifying, I continued to volunteer with them as a counsellor alongside my private practice, the next page counselling, as I believe counselling should be accessible to all. I started my own business to enable me to help other's and in doing it this way it enables me to continue with my voluntary work alongside it.

Why should you choose me? Hopefully you have related to what I have said and you feel you can work with me. I work with the best interest's of my clients foremost in my mind, I am professional and work with in the BACP ethical framework. I am non-judgmental, will show you respect and autonomy, along with taking your confidentiality very seriously.

I can provide sessions online via zoom but am open to other options such as other video calling or telephone. Once government restrictions allow I will also be offering outdoor sessions in the form of walk and talk or an option to remain seated outside if that suits your circumstances better. Also face to face in the therapy room.

Since the start of the covid pandemic I have had additional training to offer online and telephone counselling. During this time I haven't had and face to face contact feeling this way the best options to keep my clients safe. I will review this on a regular basis and will work alongside and government guidelines.


How would you like things to change after counselling? How would your life be better or easier? How would your relationship change? What would you have stopped doing or started doing? These are all valid and important questions when thinking about starting counselling, you are the expert in your life and what you want. I will be working with you to help you in making the changes YOU want to make!
I work with any type of relationship and sexual issue in a non-judgmental, unbiased and open manner. This includes any age, gender, sexual orientation and relationship type. Difficulties may be general or associated with a particular incident or behavior. Whatever the issue I will help you explore it, I am happy to work with you individually, as a couple or an open relationship where there may be more people involved to help you find a way forward. My aim is to empower and support you through your difficulties.
Relationship issues could be due to:
Communication, family issues, affairs, intimacy, jealousy and commitment, illness/ disability and feeling the relationship is beginning to stagnate.

Let’s talk about sex… sex is still a conversation that people can feel uncomfortable talking about, however talking about it is the start to alleviate the problem. Sex is loaded with emotion and understanding your sexual thoughts, feeling and desires can help get some reasoning. Talking it through in an open manor with a counsellor can help you see how they are affecting your life and relationships. Sex therapists take the tools of therapy, addressing your concerns, thoughts, and feelings, and why it is inhibiting your sexuality and giving you tools to complete the goal of resolving the issue by listening to your concerns within the realm of sex, such as:
Concerns over intimacy, concerns about sexual desire or arousal, sexual anxieties, sexual interests, sexual orientation, Impulsive or compulsive sexual behavior and pornography.

I work with clients addressing a variety of area's some of which are anxiety, depression, self-confidence, suicide, relationships and couples counselling, sexual and sexuality, difficulty with life transitions, trauma and abuse. life can be amazing and exciting but can also be challenging, overwhelming, confusing and stressful. mostly we find our way through life and figure it out ourselves but sometimes we need a bit of help. There are many things that impact our lives, relationships with friends, family and work colleagues. Disability, either your own or others you care or any other caring role.
As an integrative counsellor, I work with various models of therapy and use the best to match the needs of my client, as every person is an individual. I want you to feel comfortable with me and build a good therapeutic relationship, this allows you to be able to feel comfortable to reveal your personal thoughts and feelings knowing that it is confidential and safe for you to do.