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Georgiana George- The Times featured Life coach, Therapist, Certified NLP Practitioner

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11 October 2020

Georgiana is amazing and I feel so lucky to have found her. I initially reached out by phone and was surprised at just how accommodating she was, seeing me late that same Friday night, and how comfortable she made me feel. Time went unbelievably fast. Georgiana was quick to read my situation and help me navigate through, providing clarity and empathy. I felt connected to Georgiana straight away and have benefited greatly from our first couple of sessions. The whole experience has been therapeutic, moving and rewarding. Highly recommend. More...

5 October 2020

I am not one to usually write reviews, especially on something so personal, but I hope this will help you as much as it has truly helped me! I am feeling a lot more confident and motivated as a result of my sessions with Georgiana. Thank you! Well worth it. I'm so chuffed!! More...

5 October 2020

I must admit this was my first serious attempt to understand my own issues. Events from my past kept severely affecting my everyday life and it was clear that I was living in a state of denial. I have seen a few therapists in the past but to no avail. However , after a friend recommended Georgiana to me, I thought I would give it a go.
From the very first zoom session with Georgiana I was surprised at how quickly she made me feel comfortable and open. She managed to help me highlight my own existing issues whilst also supporting me in moving forward from them. I have had 6 intensive sessions with Georgiana and found the results to be incredible. I’ve become more focused and positive in my everyday life, but also now have the tools I need to deal with any hardship. Without any hesitation, I recommend Georgiana to all. She is truly a professional councillor whilst also being able to empathise with her clients and I continue to see her on a regular basis.
Thank you so much, Georgiana !

Vasili ... what a journey ! Glad we’ve made it ! Lovely to see your progress and great to know you are back on top of things ! So happy and proud of your big changes 👍🏼

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Life coach can significantly help you make the changes within yourself after identifying together the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back.

True life coaching is not about having a Master telling you how to live your life. It is about helping you to find your own Master within yourself, enabling you to access your own internal strength, potential and power.

What I always tell my clients: "Take the first important step with the master, but continue your own journey as the master of your own life and make it all happen"

I deal with all my clients from a position of empathy and relating to their own issues, having come out the other end myself. It was only after I had to face my own challenges that I decided to take control over my own life choices and build myself up again. My own journey inspired me to start this business of helping others who are in " the tunnel " and want their way out. "Having been there and done it all" I can relate to all my clients with much empathy and understanding. My individually tailored mechanisms and strategies work without fail.

I help my clients to build healthy and strong coping individually tailored mechanisms and I offer them the necessary skills to succeed and excel. Growth happens when we leave our comfort zone and grow from adversity, loss and overcoming heartache; each adversity offers us an opportunity. In finding the opportunity, together we embark on a path, tailor-made for you in order for you to change and take control of your own life.


Anxiety is generated by how our mind perceives a feared situation and our inability to access our coping skills from within. I offer my clients the ability to access their capacity to be resilient and build the coping mechanism that eradicates and deals with anxiety in all its forms.

Every day we face a range of external and self-imposed pressure within a society of expectations and achievements that puts people under overwhelming stress, anxiety and feelings of unworthiness. Be it at work or in our private lives, with our families and friends, stress appears in all shapes and forms. Technology is everywhere, constantly bombarding us with news, as mobile phones have become an essential part of everyday life. This, in turn, exacerbates our stress levels. Once the causes are identified, we then apply personalised techniques to help you cope and manage the stress.

We are the captain of our own ship. When coming across hurdles, blocks and doubt, we stagnate or divert the course of our journey. I am here to listen and help with overcoming difficult emotional blockages and self-limiting beliefs that hinder and hold you back from achieving your maximum potential. Together we explore the map that takes you to your self-esteem and confidence for a smoother and more fulfilling journey ahead.

Going through life we experience painful and overwhelming emotions that may be the result of loss, bereavement, relationship issues, friends, lovers, partners, depression, feelings of isolation and post trauma. Through a diligent counselling process, I guide you to find individual tailor-made strategies to firstly make sense of the painful experiences. Then I support you in finding the acceptance, applying tools and well documented structured techniques. These will help you move you forward with a balanced, healed and open mind and heart.

We all want lifestyle changes whether it is our calling, building our dream career, losing weight, developing new habits, or healthier patterns of daily life. In order to achieve your full potential and goals, I help with unlocking certain limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging you. Transforming your mindset and dealing with the root cause, I help you to achieve the change within yourself to make the difference to your own life.

Losing someone who is close to you is one of the most difficult and painful experience for many. After a certain period of time, there is an expectation for one to ‘move on’. However, grief manifests itself differently to each individual and some may find themselves locked into the past.

Whether you’re on your own, married or simply dating, I am here to help and support you, no matter how you identify. Many people have a misconception about relationship counselling. I work with both individuals and couples.

As a qualified therapist working with young people and a mother of four children myself, I have ample experience in this field. Together we explore the possible reasons of the various issues that are prevalent to these fragile and vulnerable stages of one's life. Being a parent is often a difficult demanding and stressful job. Despite parents wanting the best for their children and the best relationship with them, they end up being lost many a time during the various vulnerable stages of the child's development. I offer the adequate, strong, productive, coping mechanism that ultimately brings successful and thriving outcome for both parents and children.