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Georgiana George- The Times featured Life coach, Therapist, Certified NLP Practitioner

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2 January 2023

I met Georgiana for a long session. The atmosphere she created was very relaxing and therapeutic. I found it very easy to open up to her about my past and present issues. Her method of therapy and coaching is unlike any I have experienced before, and I have noticed improvements in myself within a very short period of time. She continues to give advice even after the session and is very passionate about making a difference. She is truly brilliant, and I would recommend her to anyone! More...

25 October 2022

Relationship and Marriage Counselling

I would highly recommend Georgiana from Life Coach London. She gives you the time you need and is very intuitive and in tune with her clients’ problems. She really can make a difference to your relationship. Myself and my husband have never sought help with our relationship until recently when we felt we needed a mediator, someone who could objectively hear how each of us was feeling and the current problems affecting our relationship. What I think really makes her effective, is that she is not text book in her approach in terms of strictly applying theories to problems. She listens carefully and tries to put herself in one’s shoes and encouraged each of us to do the same. This may seem an obvious thing to do but is. It necessarily so. We were given the opportunity to replay our conversations and to reviews her guidance. I was able to understand how past events, not only specific to my upbringing but events within my relationship influenced my response to the problem we presented to her with. Thank you More...

9 July 2022

Having Georgiana enter my life was like having someone tell you the name of a song, you’ve been humming the tune to for years. She is attentive, compassionate, very understanding and over all a deep healer. Just from one conversation you can see her commitment to you and the time you share with her in your sessions. Highly recommend her services especially if traditional therapy routes have not worked in the past. She has restored my faith, not just in therapy but humanity too. More...

23 April 2022

Life Coaching

I was drawn to this service because of Georgiana's approtch and the second I arrived for my first session I could see how much thought she had put into every detial of her service. From arranging her work space to make clients feel at ease. To the way she got me to think about my own behaviours. Really helped me reevaluate issues I've been having More...

13 April 2022

I have been to several life coaches in my life and my experience with Georgiana was totally different. Georgiana genuinely cares so much it’s like gaining a best friend. Sessions are not the traditional, she has a way with people. Our session seemed more like talking to a friend that totally get to you. My favourite thing it she always give you a text to check in. It’s not just our sessions when I can talk about an issue but if you are mid crisis you can always count on her to pick up your call. I’m so great full for everything she has done for my family, helping us become close. I will be eternally grateful for you. Thank you forever, Marina x More...

19 March 2022

Over the course of the past two years I have had many sessions with various different life coaches / therapists and had almost given up hope to see the changes much needed in my life. Meeting and working with Georgiana with her longer sessions has had an immensely positive impact that i've never thought possible. She helped me gain my self awareness, she helped in my relationships with my family and helped me to deal with work stress through the many skills she has taught me. Georgiana didn't just give me tips and tricks, she got to the core of my problems and guided me to navigate through my life challenges using certain exercises and techniques tailored to help me reach my goals. Her methodology is unique, rewarding and effective. Other / more traditional therapists / coaches maintain a passive and resigned position and attitude which I believe is very ineffectual but whereas Georgiana is very proactive, constructive and passionate in her techniques and ways of working. It's amazing how my life improved by just working with Georgiana, after several months of coaching I can confidently say my life, relationships and business has improved tremendously. More...

21 January 2022

I came to Georgiana to improve important aspects of my working life and to increase confidence in myself and improve my self-esteem. Working with Georgiana exceeded my expectations; she sourced the origins of my limiting beliefs and helped me adopt a different mindset, attitude and mental state towards life, work and social scenarios. Georgiana's approach to our sessions was thorough, genuine, friendly, knowledgeable and different to anyone else out there. This is because her longer sessions on request, the huge amount of awareness and information that she offers, her tailor-made techniques, all deliver quick and lasting results like no other.

Her warm and inviting demeanour allowed for an open and fluid conversation without any judgement, offering a very relaxed approach almost as if you were with your best friend. I was able to clearly see and understand what I was to expect from her and from myself. She held me accountable for reaching my goals and she made it very clear she was in my corner the entire time. Georgiana is both an empathetic sounding board and a shrewd strategist. I left every session feeling like I had concrete action steps that I never would have been emboldened to take on my own. The impact of her coaching has been powerful and I can only recommend her strongly to anyone looking for an excellent coach to support them in all aspects of their life; working, social, personal and relationship. I have no hesitation in working with Georgiana in the future.

6 November 2021


My partner and I attended our first session with Georgiana and I was impressed at how intuitive and straightforward her approach is. She gives longer sessions to ensure that we have enough time to process the information and tools she gives, and everything she said made so much sense. Her approach is very unique. She genuinely wants us to move forward very quickly, which at a crossroads moment in a relationship is of upmost importance. I really value her approach and the time that she is able to give us in these longer sessions in order to process, shift mindsets, and take actions to help us quickly. I really believe that with Georgiana's help, we will be able to take positive actions that we have been struggling to do alone for the past few months, in a much shorter time! More...

6 May 2021

Georgiana ‘s Experience was such a wonderful surprise for us.

We are so pleased to have met her: she made a radical change in our couple in only 3 months

Me and My wife Giulia arrived at the first session with a lot of fear after a terrible experience with other therapists.
We were immediately reassured by her warm friendly and non -judgmental approach that was at the same time very relaxing

The first session was immediately a huge light of hopes in the dark tunnel that we were walking as a couple

Is amazing how much she can cover in the first session by listening analyzing the situation and at the same time she immediately share her wealth of knowledge . I find her method so powerful because she Tailored the structure of the therapy with us from day one.

It is absolutely amazing how Georgiana can easily make you aware of your behavior and your actions. She is very skillful, knowledgeable and at the same time so passionate about her work: she put all her mind and heart to see results .

We highly recommended her for any couple that is going trough difficult time : don’t loose your hope you won’t regret .

Matteo and Giulia

27 March 2021


Georgiana’s approach to therapy is a breath of fresh air. Georgiana made me feel at ease which made it a lot easier to open up. Her sessions are warm & welcoming unlike other therapy that I’ve had where the vibe is very cold & clinical. More...

3 March 2021


Feel such a relief after 1 session, I feel like my needs have been narrowed down I will definitely be returning.

1 March 2021

Georgiana has a really different and refreshing approach to therapy and lifecoaching which is impactful from day 1. She goes absolutely above and beyond, always making more time than scheduled and offering to chat outside of appointments. It’s such a different, friendly experience and I can already feel my mindset shifting after just a few sessions. More...

25 February 2021

A breath of fresh air, life coaching like no other

24 February 2021

After just one session with Georgiana my perspective on many things has changed for the better. She is brilliant at her job, makes you feel very comfortable and certainly the best therapist I have ever seen. Highly recommend

23 February 2021

From the very first session I felt Georgiana made a big difference to my situation. She is very thorough with her approach and covers all aspects and gives solid support. She delivers mentorship as well as coping techniques that prove to be very effective. My perspective has changed rapidly and it has given me the freedom to move forward with clarity and direction.
I’m very lucky to have found her. It is like talking to a very good wise friend that is always there to back you up , explain everything , put it into a healthy perspective and also give you the options forward.
I’ve had therapy / counselling before. She exceeds by far any other I’ve been to. She is a therapist with a big caring heart who makes a huge difference in a very short time. Her sessions are longer to cover my needs but that’s what has helped me move forward so fast.
And that’s what makes her so special. She takes her time to get it right and never fails to give value for money. You can’t go wrong with her.
Thank you Georgiana .

21 February 2021


Georgiana is absolutely amazing at what she does. I felt really nervous before arriving because I've never had counselling and wasn't sure what to expect. I felt at ease straight away with Georgiana's energy and environment she has created. Not once did it feel like what I imagined counselling to be, it was more two friends talking about things and exploring. It's only the start of a great journey working together, but I feel different today. Happier and calmer, more content within myself. I've been given really effective techniques for choosing a positive outlook on life aswell as gaining clarity on the past which was needed to move forwards. What a wonderful experience meeting Georgiana was and I feel like it was meant to be! More...

15 February 2021

Georgiana has helped me rather rapidly through a difficult period. She is very well equipped and with good life knowledge, she listens well yet makes many thought provoking and useful suggestions. Thank you Georgiana, you helped me get myself out of a significant rut. Genuine, helpful and worth every penny! You can come so far in a short space of time and actually even just from the initial chat! THANK YOU! More...

14 February 2021

I was impressed with Georgiana George from the moment of our first telephone conversation. Her intuitive understanding of the difficulties I was describing was immediate. I was amazed at the her ability to relate to them with warmth and deep empathy. It is evident that she possesses high emotional intelligence.
Georgiana forms an instant connection with the client. Her approach is unusual and her techniques are tailor made and unique to the needs of the individual. She is skilful, determined and dedicated to her calling with only the interest of the individual before her at heart.
I encourage you to pick up the phone to make that first life changing call to Georgiana.

11 February 2021

There really is something very special about a conversation with Georgina. It’s almost like she can see straight into your soul. It won’t take her very long to sit in your shoes. Trust me on that.

It’s very refreshing to have someone that truly cares about her job and the people she helps. I didn’t have to constantly explain myself like I have done with other therapists. Her style of therapy is extremely different to other therapists. So forget what you “think you know” about therapy when you make an appointment with her.

It can be so difficult to find the right therapist. It can feel hopeless and exhausting. But it is safe to say that someone who doesn’t even take a bathroom break (because they don’t want to interrupt you), is the kind of therapist you should be looking for. That actually happened in my session with Georgina. Her dedication to helping you is second to none.

I look forward to seeing her again as it’s like seeing that one friend who just “gets” it. It’s easy, it’s comfortable and most importantly, it’s most likely what you have been looking for. And I really mean that x

10 February 2021


From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, Georgiana creates an atmosphere of ease and comfort. Her hospitality is unmatched, her focus is completely on the individual and their needs. This was my first experience of therapy and I came into it hesitant, anxious and fearful of the stigma surrounding it. By the time I had left I felt calm, easy and had a constant smile on my face which is something I myself am surprised by. I went home and for the first time in a long time slept a genuinely refreshing and restful sleep. Georgiana overall is incredibly passionate, invested in helping her clients, provides a tailored made service which I don't think any one else will offer. She goes above and beyond and is definitely providing value for the money invested into sessions with her. More...

9 February 2021


First of all I want to say, if anyone is considering therapy but are debating if it will make a difference to the quality of life then please invest your time with Georgiana. Whatever phase you are going through in your life and need some guidance or feeling ‘stuck’ I trust the process with Georgiana, it’s like talking with a good friend who is compassionate, highly emotional intelligent and has empathy and genuinely wants to drive towards results. I’m still working but these sessions have started to shift my perspective on how I see things and working with Georgiana is providing me with the clarity I need to clear those cloudy thoughts. As an adult it’s not easy to rewire the your thoughts but the techniques Georgiana uses are unique and how she articulates scenarios and her thoughts helps me understand and slowly I’m learning how to see things differently and not to over complicate by overthinking which is self sabotaging. She is a professional with experience and by far the best sessions I’ve had with result in the short term, but it does take work like with anything but the skills you learn in your sessions are invaluable now and the future. Thank you! More...

6 February 2021

is a great coach and therapist.
Her main strength is to be capable since to establish a strong connection with the patient from day one. She is very analytical and rational and you feel almost like a partner in building the right framework to follow towards a recovery and or better lifestyle. Her determination is impressive she is definitely a fighter but at the same time she put all her heart at disposal of the patient that you feel immediately that you can trust her . More...

1 February 2021


I want to thank Georgiana so much for all her help. From the first phone call. She goes far and beyond to help. Her time and patience is amazing. Not one session is rushed. Please please if you ever need help with anything you need to talk to Georgiana. Hey My life has turned into such a positive place and that was just my first 2 sessions. We spend money on our nails and hair and fancy holidays but we need to take care of within too and she’s helped me so much. Thank you Georgiana. More...

28 January 2021

Georgiana is a great life coach . I would strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life. She has fantastic work ethics and structure her sessions very well She measure your progress according to your goals. I am amazed how much I take out from her sessions. I can’t thank her enough for her ongoing support. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family More...

23 January 2021


I never really write reviews but I have to in this case, Georgiana really takes her time to understand what’s happened and then really dives deep and changes your perception in a really fascinating way and helps you really understand why you feel the way you feel, highly recommend her fantastic work!

15 January 2021

Georgiana is a powerful therapist and a lifecoach, who genuinely wants to see her clients move forward and gets the best out of them. Only after 1 session, I can see the transformation taking place in my life and would not hesitate to recommend her. Simply amazing! More...

13 January 2021


I am currently going through some major and difficult changes in my life. I felt Georgiana understood where I am in life and how I am feeling from our initial chat over the phone.
I have initially booked hour and a half session with Georgiana to seek guidance on my next steps forward and how to gain the lost confidence to be stronger to face what is coming my way in the near future for me and my kids.
I ended up staying an extra hour (luckily I was her last client and Georgiana didn't even charge me for which I am very grateful) however it felt like the time just went so quickly. Even after just one session I felt that she helpd me immensely and opened my eyes to just start facing it all and not be afraid.
Georgiana is very kind and very personable. She delivers the necessary help quickly.
For me it definitely was a "light switching" moment that I needed to move forward but in a healthy, looking also after myself way. I honestly never thought I would be so open with a therapist ( I have tried others before) however Georgiana got me talking and made me feel at ease with it all.
I will definitely go back for more sessions as I do believe her approach is diffrent an unique and it suits my personality of "closed book".

1 January 2021

It was completely time well spent. I am utterly surprised she was so accommodating to my schedule. I was completely and mentally down in the dumps. We had the initial phone consultation and i knew i made the right choice. Amongst a lot of websites i have checked it out, hers was the most genuine. Her vibrational energy is undeniable when we had our first session. We initially booked for 1.5hrs session but it stretched beyond to 3hrs. Time past so quickly. I was so desperate for help and she knew that. She is also understanding to my financial situation as well. And I am utterly and truly grateful to her. And for the first time in the longest time, i went to bed without negative thoughts after our first session. Time and money well spent. More...

16 December 2020

I found Georgina to be so helpful. I left our first session feeling amazing. I felt she spoke from the heart. I would recommend her to anybody who is going through a tough time.

14 December 2020

Child Counselling

Georgiana created trust and empathy with my teenage daughter right from her first session. My daughter has longer sessions which delve deep and really get to grips with issues very quickly. Improvements for the better happened quickly. Georgiana’s life experience means that she fully knows what it is like to suffer and this guides and supports her treatment plans. In a matter of a few weeks she has brought our daughter to a happier and more peaceful state and has introduced her to meditation and coping strategies. She has also guided us a family to support us all. I would recommend Georgiana without hesitation. More...

14 December 2020

Child Counselling

Georgiana created trust and empathy with my teenage daughter right from her first session. My daughter has longer sessions which delve deep and really get to grips with issues very quickly. Improvements for the better happened quickly. Georgiana’s life experience means that she fully knows what it is like to suffer and this guides and supports her treatment plans. In a matter of a few weeks she has brought our daughter to a happier and more peaceful state and has introduced her to meditation and coping strategies. She has also guided us a family to support us all on this journey. I would recommend Georgiana without hesitation. More...

10 December 2020

I write this review from my heart. I really don't believe in anyone who can cure me. I have lived with negative thinking for 28 years now, I have never felt happy and happy to love myself. Until I met Georgiana, it all miraculously changed me. Do you believe that even when I listen to the sad melody I'm incredibly happy? I am still in the process of continuing my treatment. But I have done an important thing that for 28 years I have not been able to do is to appreciate myself and feel the value of life. Instead of loneliness time is energy around me. Instead of crying, I smile every day. My deep thanks to this lovely woman: Georgiana More...

13 November 2020

Excellent life coach and support for mental health treatment. Her approach is unique and focussed on making things better rather than dwelling on the past. Her passion is second to none - could not be more highly recommended. Having tried a few alternatives she has an approach / gift that works. More...

11 October 2020

Georgiana is amazing and I feel so lucky to have found her. I initially reached out by phone and was surprised at just how accommodating she was, seeing me late that same Friday night, and how comfortable she made me feel. Time went unbelievably fast. Georgiana was quick to read my situation and help me navigate through, providing clarity and empathy. I felt connected to Georgiana straight away and have benefited greatly from our first couple of sessions. The whole experience has been therapeutic, moving and rewarding. Highly recommend. More...

5 October 2020

I am not one to usually write reviews, especially on something so personal, but I hope this will help you as much as it has truly helped me! I am feeling a lot more confident and motivated as a result of my sessions with Georgiana. Thank you! Well worth it. I'm so chuffed!! More...

5 October 2020

I must admit this was my first serious attempt to understand my own issues. Events from my past kept severely affecting my everyday life and it was clear that I was living in a state of denial. I have seen a few therapists in the past but to no avail. However , after a friend recommended Georgiana to me, I thought I would give it a go.
From the very first zoom session with Georgiana I was surprised at how quickly she made me feel comfortable and open. She managed to help me highlight my own existing issues whilst also supporting me in moving forward from them. I have had 6 intensive sessions with Georgiana and found the results to be incredible. I’ve become more focused and positive in my everyday life, but also now have the tools I need to deal with any hardship. Without any hesitation, I recommend Georgiana to all. She is truly a professional councillor whilst also being able to empathise with her clients and I continue to see her on a regular basis.
Thank you so much, Georgiana !

The Life Coach London - Life Coach, Therapist, Certified NLP Practitioner
The Life Coach London - Life Coach, Therapist, Certified NLP Practitioner

Reply from The Life Coach London - Life Coach, Therapist, Certified NLP Practitioner

Vasili ... what a journey ! Glad we’ve made it ! Lovely to see your progress and great to know you are back on top of things ! So happy and proud of your big changes 👍🏼


Life coach can significantly help you make the changes within yourself after identifying together the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back.

True life coaching is not about having a Master telling you how to live your life. It is about helping you to find your own Master within yourself, enabling you to access your own internal strength, potential and power.

What I always tell my clients: "Take the first important step with the master, but continue your own journey as the master of your own life and make it all happen"

I deal with all my clients from a position of empathy and relating to their own issues, having come out the other end myself. It was only after I had to face my own challenges that I decided to take control over my own life choices and build myself up again. My own journey inspired me to start this business of helping others who are in " the tunnel " and want their way out. "Having been there and done it all" I can relate to all my clients with much empathy and understanding. My individually tailored mechanisms and strategies work without fail.

I help my clients to build healthy and strong coping individually tailored mechanisms and I offer them the necessary skills to succeed and excel. Growth happens when we leave our comfort zone and grow from adversity, loss and overcoming heartache; each adversity offers us an opportunity. In finding the opportunity, together we embark on a path, tailor-made for you in order for you to change and take control of your own life.


Anxiety is generated by how our mind perceives a feared situation and our inability to access our coping skills from within. I offer my clients the ability to access their capacity to be resilient and build the coping mechanism that eradicates and deals with anxiety in all its forms.

Every day we face a range of external and self-imposed pressure within a society of expectations and achievements that puts people under overwhelming stress, anxiety and feelings of unworthiness. Be it at work or in our private lives, with our families and friends, stress appears in all shapes and forms. Technology is everywhere, constantly bombarding us with news, as mobile phones have become an essential part of everyday life. This, in turn, exacerbates our stress levels. Once the causes are identified, we then apply personalised techniques to help you cope and manage the stress.

We are the captain of our own ship. When coming across hurdles, blocks and doubt, we stagnate or divert the course of our journey. I am here to listen and help with overcoming difficult emotional blockages and self-limiting beliefs that hinder and hold you back from achieving your maximum potential. Together we explore the map that takes you to your self-esteem and confidence for a smoother and more fulfilling journey ahead.

Going through life we experience painful and overwhelming emotions that may be the result of loss, bereavement, relationship issues, friends, lovers, partners, depression, feelings of isolation and post trauma. Through a diligent counselling process, I guide you to find individual tailor-made strategies to firstly make sense of the painful experiences. Then I support you in finding the acceptance, applying tools and well documented structured techniques. These will help you move you forward with a balanced, healed and open mind and heart.

We all want lifestyle changes whether it is our calling, building our dream career, losing weight, developing new habits, or healthier patterns of daily life. In order to achieve your full potential and goals, I help with unlocking certain limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging you. Transforming your mindset and dealing with the root cause, I help you to achieve the change within yourself to make the difference to your own life.

Losing someone who is close to you is one of the most difficult and painful experience for many. After a certain period of time, there is an expectation for one to ‘move on’. However, grief manifests itself differently to each individual and some may find themselves locked into the past.

Whether you’re on your own, married or simply dating, I am here to help and support you, no matter how you identify. Many people have a misconception about relationship counselling. I work with both individuals and couples.

As a qualified therapist working with young people and a mother of four children myself, I have ample experience in this field. Together we explore the possible reasons of the various issues that are prevalent to these fragile and vulnerable stages of one's life.

Being a parent is often a difficult demanding and stressful job. Despite parents wanting the best for their children and the best relationship with them, they end up being lost many a time during the various vulnerable stages of the child's development. I offer the adequate, strong, productive, coping mechanism that ultimately brings successful and thriving outcome for both parents and children.