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We all respond differently under pressure, and right now I suspect you need to connect with someone who can help you get Clarity, Envision the future you want, and Empower you to get there.


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26 June 2020

Just had a really insightful coaching session. This 90 minute introductory session really made me think about what I am trying to achieve, how I can achieve it and what steps I need to take to achieve it. Definitely going to sign up for some more sessions. Thanks Pad. More...

26 June 2020

Pad always comes very well prepared and I have always found him to be very practical, inspiring and insightful in his approach, ideas and processes. I have learnt a lot in our sessions together and am always left with a clearer picture and plan of the way forward. I would thoroughly recommend him - 10/10 More...

20 June 2020

I really feel like a changed person. Thanks very much for your help. After leaving your session, I realised just how "frozen" I am, I feel like I have been sitting back and letting life walk all over me.
But... not any more.

20 June 2020

I just had to tell, you are changing my life…
I am feel empowered and loving. The knock on effect in my personal life has been awesome. Thank you so much.
I am now less attached. Clearer, harder even. Less affected by disapproval. Stronger to hear my own voice. Less afraid. More trusting that everything is working out for the best.

20 June 2020

I cannot recommend him highly enough. Team Me is a breath of fresh air and a powerful tool for leading you towards a really helpful self-transformation into the person you know you are called to be.

Meeting Pad and reading this book inspired me to have a short Life-coaching course in which Pad's help has proven personally transformative for me.

Fantastic! Thanks for an amazing session.

19 June 2020

Pad is the real deal. He has a genuine care and concern for your personal improvement and a stack of powerful tools to help you become everything you can be.
I highly recommend you check him out.

19 June 2020

Going through the course through the eyes of a professional, I've found it brilliant! The content provides huge support for those in crisis and don't know where to start.
Pad delivers his message in an engaging way.
Thank you!

19 June 2020

Pad is such an intuitive, profound yet practical coach. He is a master at guiding all levels of seekers, from beginners to power players on the life-coaching and self-empowerment journey.
You would have to go a long way to find a person of greater soul, wisdom and integrity.

19 June 2020

Pad is an all round outstanding guy. His knowledge and skill is quite spectacular in its approach.
He can see things that others can’t and he has a very unique process and system that really does give you a new set of eyes on life.
A very insightful and critical view, one that can change everything. I am blessed to have him in my circle.

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I've always loved helping people move forward; to see their immense value for who they are, then to learn new ways of looking at life so they're empowered to change things for the better.
I love to see powerful psychology applied to real-lives in a way that sparks real and positive transformation.

Wherever I was working the leadership would always give me the task of supporting those who were stuck with something, or training those who needed to step up. I found it so much more rewarding than my regular work and I realised that I could be doing this full-time!

You are my focus. All our interactions are geared to helping you take significant steps forward. I will listen intently and help you understand yourself better than anyone who knows you - what drives you, why you do what you do. Take a moment to read the reviews from former clients to see how others describe how my coaching helped them. Yes, I have proven processes that I use, but I customise every step to help you maximise our time together. I take everything everything I've learned over 30 years of coaching and work with you to define your specific next step.



THIS PERSONALISED COACHING PROGRAM IS FOR YOU IF YOU'VE BEEN THROUGH THE FIRE and need to rebuild your life from the ashes - or if you’re so disillusioned by the status quo that you’re ready to set it ablaze and start something new.

You long to feel alive again on the inside, to find your path, to invest your remaining days building something magnificent and creating a deeply meaningful life.

You know you need to reconnect with your inner voice and access your intuition like never before - but you’ve lost touch with yourself. Unsure about your long-term direction, you’re seeking clarity around not just what you should do, but who you really are.


This 8 Week program takes you back to the fundamentals of what makes you, as an unique individual, totally thrive - leading you to redefine your unique contribution to the planet and make a serious, positive impact whilst you’re here.

At the massively discounted cost of £997, this invested is what you need to find your path.


We all respond differently under pressure, and right now I suspect you need to connect with someone who can help you get Clarity, Envision the future you want, and Empower you to get there.

In these sessions, we get real and we go deep.

Will you get results? Just read the reviews. I have never had a bad review from anyone :-)

Each 45 minute session costs £50
Building on the insights you receive in the sessions, you also receive worksheets and exercises each week to take action and see the changes happen.


If you sign-up to 3 or more sessions with me this month, you'll receive a bonus Introductory Package that includes:
- Life Assessment Worksheets
- Your Personal Character Profiling Report
- The Audio edition of my first book.