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Hi my name is Garry at Tao Fitness Personal Training. I’ve been a personal trainer since 2015.

My specialty areas are core stability, TRX and suspension training, stretching, flexibility and mobility.

I focus on all goal types, weight loss, body fat reduction, muscle building, weight gain, tone and firming, general fitness.

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27 June 2019

I have known Garry over the past two years as my personal trainer, and now as my friend. I am very glad that I met him, he is very professional, patient and very passionate about his work. He is also an expert in what he does. Not only helps his clients by making them healthier but also helps them to become more confident. In my experience with him not only have I become physically more fit but also changed my life style and my attitudes toward living a healthier life.
He is always looking for new ways to challenge me (and his other clients), be it through GVT or pyramids. I never thought i would get into deadlifting as it was something I always struggled with. Now i am consistently hitting PB’s and always striving for more, that wouldn’t have been possible without Garry. Would recommend him to anyone!

2 February 2019

Was always scared to go to the gym...Garry helped me overcome that fear and believe in myself. He is not only helping you as a PT, but there is a friendly approach, patience and motivation beyond anything I have ever experienced. Achieving goals while having fun? It is possible!!! More...

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30 September 2018

I worked with Garry in my first few months of trying to get fit, after about 25 years of sitting on my bum. It can be intimidating going into a gym at the start, and Garry was friendly, patient, informative and motivating but kept gently pushing me to achieve results.

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28 August 2018

After being a lazy pie for far too long I got some much needed help from Garry. Great chap who listens to you and plans a workout that suits you as an individual. Good price and he works around your schedule, providing you with workouts, diet plans, advice or even a good chin wag. I saw a difference within weeks. All round good egg! More...

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27 August 2018

Been seeing Garry for a while now and he has helped me so much with my motivation and fitness! Sound guy with so much knowledge!

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I help you break down your goals into simple and smaller manageable goals that can be easily achieved. I keep you motivated and working hard with a training plan tailored to you.

Consistently is key, by following your training and nutrition plan, tracking your workouts and calories. Keeping as motivated as possible.

I am passionate about health and fitness and being able to make a change in someone’s life is what inspires me to work everyone to their limits as achieving your goal achieves my goal.

I was inspired to start my own business to be able to work on something I’m passionate about and to motivate inspire others. To be able to be more flexible with my own working g dats and others.

I am full of energy, passion and strength to motivate everyone in a way that suitable to every individual. I adapt and adjust my style of training to cater to every client I work with so that you have a training method that suitable and comfortable to you, a diet plan that is simple and easy to follow to help maximise your desired goals. My service doesn’t stop when the session ends as I do check-ins with clients to make sure your motivated and completing your training plan when on your own.

I specialise in weight loss and muscle building, tone and definition. My area of expertise is TRX and Suspension, Core and Stabilisation Training . Whether you want to learn or improve your heavy lifts such as Bench Press, Deadlifts and Squats I can help you break down the functions of that to succeed and master the technique.

I do everything in my ability to get you the results you want within an agreed reasonable timeframe. I guarantee you success if you guarantee me the same level of commitment to achieve your goal.