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Wolverhampton, west midlands


We have a strong dedicated team of recruitment consultants who pride themselves in providing you the best service and personal. All personal registered with ourselves must have the correct experience and training for the position. The satisfaction of both our staff and clients are our main objective.



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Sunshine Recruitments started in 2011 and since then we have been providing staff to the local community working tirelessly to raise the skills of our staff and quality of service we provide

There are many things I love about my job one being I get great enjoyment out of putting smiles on my clients faces and leaving clients with a clean and refreshing environment.
I also love the fact that my job helps make a difference in the lives of my employees as I can give them jobs in turn helping with their day to day lives.

My inspirations to start my own business vary as I have been a business minded person my whole life and also wanted to own my own business, around 2010 I noticed an increase in the need for temporary employment and I have the up most confidence in the service that we provide at Sunshine Recruitment LTD. That combination of reason inspired to start my own business.

We are Sunshine Recruitment LTD named to bring a new life to both those who are looking for employees and seeking work within the cleaning industry. Sunshine Recruitment services are tailored made by our skilled and dedicated recruitment team to suit the needs of clients, at the same time maintaining a fair and a balanced recruitment process.



We offer excellent quality cleaning at any type locations including, homes and business. Our cleaning staff are well trained, skilled and equipped to ensure that both staff and clients are satisfied.