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Sue Berry - Business Growth Mentor

‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I help owners of start-ups and small to medium sized businesses quickly grow their leads, sales and profits, by using both a proven business building system and my 30+years of experience.

I'm Passionate About Small Business Development.


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15 August 2020

Her marketing knowledge is Amazing and crucial when making decisions to improve our business !!! Sue always makes sure we are taking care of Great Personality, very passionate !
Great experience working with her !
Highly recommend !!!

7 August 2020

Sue is an extremely talented and diversified business mentor.
From the very onset, her charismatic personality brings out the best of any meeting. You just sense a positive outcome when working with her.
Due to her many and varied business activities and interests, Sue is able to advise and guide on many aspects of growing a business, optimising business systems, and implementing strategies to ensure long term benefit.
If you are looking for an inspirational advisor, combined with the assurances of the highest level of ethical standards, then Sue really should be placed at the forefront of your business growth endeavours.

I have worked with Sue on many projects throughout my years in business, and I absolutely respect her knowledge and understanding of commerce, both online and in more traditional manufacturing or retail business.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain when working with Sue Berry.

Many thanks Tony, I really appreciate your kind words. I have enjoyed working with you too.

5 August 2020

Sue has been my "go to" person when I´ve struggled with a problem. She has a fantastic way of looking at things from an objective point of view and has never failed to come up with an answer. She is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about her work and she is also incredibly patient with me and my team when we need her help. It has been a privilege to have her work with us. More...

Sue, I always enjoy helping as you have such a fabulous wedding planner business and you and your team are lovely too.

5 August 2020

I have used Sue several times over this year as I've just set up my own Therapy Clinic. I recommend her to any start up, small business like mine. Her ideas have always been useful and focused on growing a client base for me in my local area. More...

Thanks Pete, you're enthusiasm and hard work is certainly going to see your practice grow. I'm pleased to be a small part of it!

5 August 2020

I have worked with Sue as my consultant for a few years now and she always is really happy to help and has a extensive knowledge of business strategy. I highly recommend her to any business needing support and guidance to develop their businesses.
Crystal Clear Pool & Spa Services

Thanks Arthur, we know your the best pool cleaner, getting your perfect message out to potential customers effectively, will undoubtedly enable your business to grow rapidly.

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I love to see my client's faces change from a look of stress, to a look of delight and being in control of growing their businesses.

I have a very wide experience of building successful businesses and am also a lover of learning and keeping up to date with trends and tools that enable businesses to really develop their businesses in the best way possible. I wanted to share my knowledge with owners that value the importance of having a mentor by their sides in order to generate more sales and have a quicker growth for their business.

No business owner can be expected to know everything, I can guide a business owner, director or entrepreneur, through the things they don't feel comfortable doing and showing them a great way to implement them in order for their businesses to be streamlined and grow month on month! I also take a holistic view that will quickly highlight weak areas of the business.



I help owners, directors and entrepreneurs to grow, increase profits and increase the value of their small to medium sized businesses using my world class mentoring system. I start by offering you a free proven 'Sales Accelerator Roadmap Analysis' that shows you exactly where your business is today and shows what needs to be improved. After this has been completed, I will then offer a range of support service that will guide you through the implementation of these changes. Marketing and growing your business isn't rocket science but it is a science. I help my clients apply a proven formula used by over 26.000 other small businesses to quickly grow any business. I know what works, what works better and more importantly, what doesn't work! Contact me to get started and if you follow my guidelines you will definitely see a massive change over the next 3 months!