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79 Thorpes Rd, Heanor DE75 7GR, UK


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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Professional and experienced hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and coach to help you resolve your life challenges and live life to the full. I offer a free initial consultation which lasts for 30 minutes for all issues except stopping smoking.

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8 customer reviews

25 May 2019

Steve has helped me to help myself, to manage both over thinking and stress. I recommend him to anyone and will not hesitate to see him again if needed. Thank you Steve.

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8 May 2019

Steve is a warm and caring individual and I would highly recommend him

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8 October 2018

I met Steve Harold for help some years back after the most traumatic event of waking from a coma and finding my body had been crushed to some degree in a very near fatal head on road accident. To say I was a mess, is a massive understatement. Police were told that night to expect a maximum of 2 hours of life with how I was! Everything that mattered, from career, to relationship, to physical abilities were marred or gone. And I had to survive the onslaught of extensive post trauma and a 5 year legal battle over losses and blame. Steven was one crucial element in a very emotional rebuilding process that moved me to where I am today. His many professional skills and encouraged appointments built my mind and spirit to a place which kept me surviving, as the years to gain my innocence alone would leave many crumbling. To anyone who can relate to this, Steve's help was a key element in the early rebuilding stages that has made me smile at life again, had me keep going through something that seemed like an eternity to go through. Weirdly, I am doing things with my life again, I would never had thought possible, from the physical to work interests. I have beaten all medical prognosis expectations. One thing this has taught me is that the first step is always with the person it is about (you) and if you need to 'lean' on people such as Steve Harold, rest assured, more steps to where you need to be in your life will come with his standard and coached direction. I am a mark of his abilities to help an individual. And if ever I start smoking, I'll use him too to stop! Thank you as always Steven. More...

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8 July 2018

I tried to give up smoking many times, doing the usual methods (read the book, abstained&failed) and never really gave up, after a beer I'd be smoking again. I then met Harold who tailored a session based on my needs and after one session I gave up, completely. Prior to my session I was a sceptic, however my success and the subsequent success of others that I know that went to Harold, proves that his method and process works. I would highly recommend seeing him. More...

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8 June 2018

I had been smoking cigarettes for 25 years when I made the decision that, even though I liked smoking, I wanted to stop. And that was the problem - I liked it, I just didn't want to do it anymore, and therefore I didn't feel I had the willpower to stop. A friend recommended Steve to me, the timing was perfect, so I booked in one session. I smoked all the way there in the car, I left, I felt no different, I didn't even particularly feel like I had made a change, but I threw away the remainder of my packet of cigarettes and I have never smoked again - that was 18 months ago.It has been EASY. I haven't had one moment of wanting a cigarette. I don't know why anyone would put themselves through trying to do it on their own when one session with Steve makes it SO easy. Steve helped me change my life - I could not recommend him more. More...

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29 May 2018

Steven Harold helped rebuild my world again after life changing injuries left me needing resuscitation at a road traffic accident scene with a large part of my brain destroyed, a crushed skull, loss of left eye & massive damage to both lower legs and even a cardiac arrest. The most incredible impossibilities are possible with the right mind & want (or in my case, with what physical mind I kept)! Steven helped me through the most debilitating trauma one could only begin to understand & his legacy of support & guidance is proved in what I have achieved years later that even I or even leading hospital consultants thought impossible! One neurological consultant even had to use the word, "...a miracle" In his description of what I have done since being left in a coma and leaving hospital to today. Whatever we want in our lives, the only person stopping that is ourselves! And Steven Harold is one very gifted & genuine professional that will help you get there. Thank you so much Steven! More...

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29 May 2018

Graham Gascoigne3 reviewsPublished 26 September 2017Steven Harold - EMSRP"I went to see Steve at his London practice regarding EMSRP and I'm so glad I did. I was at just about the lowest point of my life. At the time I was feeling totally worthless and inadequate, I had no self confidence, low self-esteem and was suffering social anxiety. These were all feelings I had had for many years but had hidden them from others by putting on the false front. I used avoidance and a tough exterior so people would not know that I felt worthless and a failure. After a series of distressing events in my life I just could not keep up this false "mask", I was done!I knew I needed help and contacted Steve about the EMSRP. I knew he would be the one to help me as he had previously turned me from a 30 day smoker to a total non-smoker in the space of an hour and a half!Steve took me through the whole EMSRP process. Using various techniques and giving me certain tasks to complete I was able to overcome all of the negative feelings about myself, it's no overnight process but it gives you the tools to be yourself and be happy being yourself. The feeling of self improvement and contentment is very satisfying. It really is life changing.Steven Harold is a caring, compassionate and non judgemental therapist, I would recommend him and his practice to anyone who needs help".Edit More...

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30 May 2013

I visited Steven Harold's practice when I was suffering from a severe case of stress related depression. I chose Mr Harold because of his straightforward approach to this type of therapy and never really having used hypnotherapy before he appeared to be ideal for what I wanted at that time. Steven's gentle approach during the consultation prior to my going under hypnosis was therapy within itself as well as providing a thorough and easy to take in understanding of hypnotherapy. Steven soon had me relaxed and open enough to answer his questions about me and my depression which would become relevant during the actual hypnosis treatment. In all I found the whole experience actually worked for me, my depression had eased considerably and Steven's after care and support helped me through what had been a very difficult number of years. If anyone is considering using hypnotherapy for the first time I cannot recommend this man high enough More...

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I love helping people change their lives. I encourage the people I see to take charge of their life so that they feel more empowered. I believe that effective therapy should make a real and noticeable difference to a person when they are in their own world.

I was fascinated by hypnosis and enjoyed seeing a hypnotherapist for personal help. I was inspired so much by the changes I noticed that I decided to change my career to become a hypnotherapist. I have now been in practice for 20 years.

I offer a non-judgemental and welcoming approach to everyone no matter what their issue might be. Many people I have helped feel alone with their issue and that they are the only one who suffers from it. They also feel a sense of shame and embarrassment. I want to assure you that I have helped resolve a diverse range of issues in my 20 years of practice and these include issues such as: self confidence, low self esteem, public speaking fears,, relationship tensions, phobias, stress, anxiety and worry, bereavement, sexuality - LGBTQ+, erection problems, addictions to sex, smoking and other drugs, abuse recovery, PTSD, As part of a medical treatment plan I have helped people with arthritis, IBS, hiatus hernia, cancer, insomnia, Crohns Disease, ME, CFS, Fibromylagia, Depression, phantom limb pain, and more


Expressive Meta-Schematic Repatterning. See my website for more details http://www.hypno-therapist.com/emsrp/

BWRT - Brain Working Recursive Therapy is a revolutionary solution to many issues including phobias, low esteem and confidence, procrastination and general blocks to living life to the full

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques is one of the most powerful self help processes. It uses the acupuncture points on the body and releases fears and block through simply tapping on these energy points.