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Glasgow, North Landarkshire


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We offer a range of healing and therapeutic modalities to suit your needs. We are NLP & Erickson Hypnosis Master Practitioners and Storytellers. We are qualified Relaxation Therapists - on the alternative side we are also Shamanic Practitioners so we can look at how your beliefs are manifesting in your life.

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25 January 2021

My first time meeting with a Spell caster and I have to say, it's really worth it. It had been 6months since my husband left me without saying anything. All thanks to Dr Tunde I was able to connect with my husband again with his powerful reunion love spell and now he loves me more than he used to. Eternally grateful with The Great Dr tunde I highly recommend, His contact details babatundesolutioncentre1@gmail.com or on his WhatsApp number +2348143581382 More...

14 June 2019

Spiral heart put me back on my feet. They are now forever friends that are not just doing it because it's a job. They do it as it is them. They are beautiful healers that facilitated me to heal myself and reminded me how magic I am ❤️✨ More...

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Seeing the difference in people from when they come in to when they leave us. Often our clients come back to events that we set up after coming to us for various reasons. That they do that and look on us as more than their 'therapist/practitioner is a blessing and a joy.
Between that and the glow of fascination and wonder during the storytelling circles well, Faerie Tales, who doesn't love a story?

After long careers, me in Veterinary field, and Andrew in Geology we both succumbed to M.E which took us completely out of our respective comfort zones. It was for me an almost natural way of dealing with this condition that I looked at and learned how to be better with the different modalities that we use for those who come to us. Personally those resources came very much to the fore when I was diagnosed with cancer of the womb and both Andrew & myself had a steep learning curve and really had to walk the talk through surgery and subsequent chemotherapy. We both know what it is like to be in the dis-ease process so we understand the vagaries of the 'try/fail' cycle. If we cannot provide a service that we feel the client will respond to better than anything we can provide then we will refer them on.
It is this ideal and that we can work around our own highs and lows that inspired us to bring Spiral Heart Healing into being. That it worked for us means it can be most benificial to others

We see you. We don't see your challenges as being you. We see that the challenges are obscuring the person inside who needs to be heard, who needs to be understood and who is asking for guidance not just to make them better for a day but wants to have the resources to be well and to use to keep them well.
We are open, honest - sometimes blunt where necessary - we work together or separately as you prefer and we both understand what it is like not to be heard.
Holistic means 'the Whole' and we treat you and respect you as a person who requires our expertise, our guidance, our help and should it be that we feel we have done all we can and you would perhaps benefit from a service we do not provide, then 'we know a person who can'... more often than not. We make ourselves available to you between appointments on the phone, by email, and Skype it's all in the package really. It's all about you, and how we can facilitate your remembering what you forgot to remember: that you are brilliant, that you can change and that you are not alone.


I have written and drawn since I was old enough to know less...I have a curious mind and it seeks out connections and therefore brings new adventures and experiences to light. I have written copy for my website, I write in many blogs. I have been published in 2 magazines 'The Witch Hiker's Guide' and 'The Fifth Element' some of my work has been used in the copy of an NLP training website in Scotland. Spirituality, health, the vagueries of life and it's humour, some political irks are all within my remit - in fact there is not a lot I will not write about!

Changes occur at all times in our lives, grief and loss are two but the others are just as traumatic sometimes retirement, redundancy, relocation. New Job, New School, New language...The thought of change after a long attachment to something, someone, or someplace can cause problems with health, sleeping, confidence etc. Especially if the change is not your choice but that of a partner/spouse/parent/guardian. We can help with the fall out of these and other situations utilising counselling and NLP skills to bring everything back into perspective and allow you to be in control again.

You would think that you could relax now - would you not? Do me a favour though, just check yourself out as you sit here reading this - check into your body and find how you are holding yourself right now... feeling a bit tense anywhere?
I'd be surprised if you said 'no' mainly because we are all usually multitasking and thinking about being somewhere, doing something apart from what we are doing right now. This causes tension, tension can lead to distraction, which leads to worry, insomnia, illness, depression etc. Now how would you like to be able to learn some techniques to help you break that chain? We can help you do that - either by yourself or if you have a few friends you'd like to do it with - after all laughter & fun is a great relaxation - then get in touch. You can see more of what we offer as far as pampering goes - after all who doesn't need a wee pamper every now and again. https://www.facebook.com/LessStressGlasgow/ is the facebook page where you can see a bit more of what we do, which includes, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Slumber Slam (how to be sleepy and keep it through a blissful night's rest, and Thermal Auricular Therapy, aka Hopi ear Candling.