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Kingsbury, Greater London, Middlesex

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Get a free quote from this professional


Visit: www.somethingpreeti.com for full portfolio of work.

Brand & Communications Designer with a social conscience. Helping businesses to GROW, REFRESH and EXPLORE their brands, through powerful creative communications that work both online and offline.

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A well thought out strategy
A well thought out wireframes (this is a series of boxes on a page that sets your hierarchy of content on each page)
Clear call to action
Well thought out User experience and user interface
Clear branding
Engaging content to read. But not too much copy that is long winded and boring Zzzzzz :-0
A well thought out creative concept
Human centric - Does it benefit people in anyway. Making sure your website betters peoples lives.
Beautifully designed - Emotional branding. Works with the senses and really makes people want to share and talk about your site.

Why are you doing this project?
What is the scope of the project? ie, website, brochure, flyers, posters, video, event exhibition stand?
What is the problem or opportunity you are trying to solve? - E.g. are you trying to increase sales, raise company profile, launch an new product?
Who is your target audience, how old, where do they live? (describe demographics)
Tell me about your company and how it came about? What kind of business are you?
What is your USP? (Unique selling point)
What products and services do you sell and to whom?
What do your customers say about you?
What is your budget if you have one?
What is your deadline to deliver the final artwork?
Do you have any brand guidelines to follow or do you need to create some?
Can you share what worked and what didn't in the past?
Do you have copy content or are you writing your own?

I offer 30 mins FREE consultation phone call and guidance to help fill in the creative brief.

1. I spend time with a client to fill in and send me a comprehensive brief
2. Once the brief is filled, I Identify the aims and objectives and scope of work
3. Provide you with a quote/s and timeline to sign off

No. 4 to 7 includes client and designer review of the project, eg, feedback and amendments.

4. Present back to you with an initial look and feel concept/s
5. Develop your chosen concept/s and send back to you for sign off
6. Finalise your chosen concepts for online or offline approval
7. Provide you with the final files to own (Once final invoice payment is settled)

• Comprehensive written brief (Fill in one of my briefs or send me one they have already written)
• Timescales (deadlines)
• Budget if known (not a problem. As I can provide quotes)
• Brand guidelines + logo assets (If already existing)
• Photography and illustrations if available
• Copy if required in word format
• Any supporting information to the brief
e.g. previous designs, campaigns or facts

• Learning about what makes businesses tick
• Learning about what kind of customers they want to attract
• Finding creative solutions to their problems and opportunities
• Helping businesses to create quality marketing materials that have a strong and consistent brand presence.
• Working directly with people who are passionate about their businesses
• Learning new aspects of design - you never stop learning

I've always been a people person and wanted more exposure to work closely with the leaders and marketing teams of Startups, SMEs and Not-For-Profit organisations.

As a Designer I love working directly with client and help them express and communicate the vision of their business, products and services in a visual and meaningful way. Create ideas that has a purpose and measures success. So that their business communicates clearly to their customers and creates lasting, memorable and trusting brands.

I have over 20 years agency experience as a Senior Art Director, Graphic Designer and now a Brand and Communications Designer.

Worked for over 25 years in design and advertising for London based firms.
Won industry awards for best recruitment adverts, video and integrated campaigns. (1994 – 2016)
1 CIPD Awards - Best brochure, Lucent Technologies.
2 RAD Award - Best Print Advertisement for Local Government, LB Hounslow. | Best Diversity Initiative - Barkers.
1 Folio Award - Best Diversity Initiative - Barkers
3 CIPD Nominations - Honda. Slug & Lettuce. CRUK. Syntegra.
2 PPMA Award - LB Hounslow. Havering Council.
1 ONREC Award - Best Public Sector website, Croydon Council.
2 AGR Conference Awards - Best Exhibition stand - Barkers. | Best Exhibition stand - Cancer Research UK.
1 Telly Award – Silver – Baking video – Unilever
1 Stevie Award for best video – Bronze and Silver – Freedom from Torture

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/preeti-nayee-08852912/
Twitter - @somethingpreeti
BNI – Business First (Stanmore)

Testimonials - https://www.somethingpreeti.com/testimonals


Helping you design engaging, beautiful and practical communications materials used across all your marketing materials. From brochures, flyres, infographics, PowerPoint templates to small and large exhibition stands.

Providing you with a single or multiple logo concepts. Developing and drawing up final logo formats. Saving them for online and offline usage (RGB, CMYK, JPGS, EPSs, PNGs and black and white versions.

Brand Guidelines PDF or printed book

I will design your Brand Guidelines document which will be your bible to refer to and share with companies and designers who will use your brand designs. It will set out your formal purpose, philosophy and goals of your brand in a visual way. It is important that once your brand designs are created, anyone who recreates any marketing material for you, adhere to the brand guidelines to maintain consistent use of the logos, colours, fonts and templates. Although the brand guideline will form the basis of the three brands, by all means it is not to restrict you from being creative with your communication and design.

Logo Guide – Guide for size, colorization, and proper placement.
Color Scheme – Specific primary and secondary colors and combinations.
Font Guide – What typestyles to use, and when they’re appropriate.
Company Template Design – Positioning of logo, address information on letterhead,
business cards, poster and flyer
Social media post templates
Values and mission statement for each brand (Involves copywriting service)
Copy tone of voice (Involves copywriting service)

(2 rounds of changes)

I would create the look and feel of your website pages to give to a developer to build on any platform. My job will be to use your visual brand elements and create practical website designs which will be well thought out, designed to grab attention and have clear call to actions points. The website will compliment your businesses vision, the products and services you are trying to market to your customers.

I love seeing the bigger picture of a brand and creating lateral thinking to add curiosity and problem solving to an advertising campaign. Whether you want me to design the adverts (online or offline) or come up with concepts and implement them. I can do both. With +20 years Art Direction background under my belt. I can turn your purpose into attention grabbing advertisements.

I have worked on many videos and won awards. From concept to storyboarding to helping you turn your draft script into professional exciting and thought provoking videos. Whether animated or filmed or a combination of both.

See some of my videos

AlphaSights - https://www.somethingpreeti.com/project04
Unilever - https://www.somethingpreeti.com/unilever-food-solutions
Octopus Energy - https://www.somethingpreeti.com/project10
Freedom From Torture - https://vimeo.com/190265686?from=outro-embed
Unilever Food Solutions - https://vimeo.com/161711755