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Smith & Friends is me, Graham Smith, and whoever I'm working with. I have 24 years' experience using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, common sense, humour and encouragement to help people decide how they want things to be and help them make it so.

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I love seeing the lights go on in my clients' eyes as they understand how to be more in charge of their thinking. I love it when they don't need to see me any more.

I realised I kept making the same mistakes, so I sought help form a counsellor. It was OK, but it felt inconclusive. I started to wonder what other approaches existed for helping people develop their lives, so I started investigating. I discovered NLP and it made sense to me - I loved the effectiveness and speed with which it can work. I underwent a rigorous training and eventually qualified as a Master Practitioner of NLP. Since then I have worked in the international corporate world as a coach and trainer and as a private coach. I still love my work just as much as when I began.

Choose to work with me if you really want to feel more confident and to be clearer about your direction in life. I don't ask you to sign up for a couse of treatment - you tell me when you've got the change you want. If you see me once and it doesn't feel right for you then keep looking - we're all different and someone will be just who you're looking for.