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Sketchanet specialises in slick, mobile-responsive websites for micro, small and medium size businesses. We can design you a beautiful website and deliver it within 2 to 3 weeks at a price below what you might expect.

The reason we can achieve this is because we have created an outstanding website creation platform that makes it quick and easy to create great-looking websites.

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23 July 2018

Cant thank these guys enough. Using there fully interactive platform they have put together my holding page for my business. A few phone calls and emails, and within a few days they put it altogether. Exactly as I wanted......brilliant!!!
And now having played around with the Sketchanet Platform I am able to add to my website as easily as if I was putting a PowerPoint together!

Reviewed on Facebook

23 July 2018

Sketchanet have been hosting my website efficiently for many years now. We updated, redesigned, and relaunched the website this year and I am grateful for all the advice on layout, colour, design and help whilst I learned the software. I have access to my site at any time which is a real bonus (no hanging around for a someone else to make changes), and if there are any glitches or if there is anything I cannot do Drystan is on hand to help. Thank you Sketchanet - I am SO proud of my website - and it is driving more traffic to my business too. More...

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23 July 2018

As a graphics and marketing specialist I work with clients to produce creative solutions and have routinely passed web development over, viewing it as a technical task that is outside of my area of expertise. It’s at this stage that I lose an element of control of the design and copy, and I don’t benefit from any residual income that can be gained from managing a website. I have recently started putting together a couple of websites using the Sketchanet platform and have found it to be an absolute pleasure to use. The tools are intuitive to those people that are familiar with graphics packages and email marketing tools. And if there is ever something I’m not sure about, Sketchanet provide some fab little videos that quickly and clearly explain how to resolve a problem. I am now in a position to produce some beautiful websites for my clients, editing text and pictures as I go, rather than having the lengthly process of consulting with a web developer. And I can easily manage my client's sites over time as their requirements change. I would highly recommend Sketchanet to Graphic Designers and Marketers who want to give their clients a complete service, and maximise their income. More...

Reviewed on Facebook

23 July 2018

Drystan and his team have provided a great experience from the beginning until the launch of our brand new website. They have taken our vision and direction to another level using their expertise to create a professional website that is fresh, informative, practical and easy to navigate. Not only are we delighted with the outcome of the website, we are also very impressed with Sketchanet for their efficient editing software which allows us to keep our website up to date and easily make any amendments as well as being at hand to assist us along the way. Thank you for working with us so well and of course the end result. Donna & Michael Osman at Oyster Financial Planning Ltd More...

Reviewed on Facebook

23 July 2018

We've worked with the Sketchanet team for over three years now and are continuously impressed with their dedication, skill and friendly support. When we launched the Official Sherlock Escape room we knew there was no-one better suited to help us create a premium website with the creative flourishes to reflect our brand. Couldn't recommend them more. More...

Reviewed on Facebook

3 July 2016

It was all made very easy and I appreciated the level of professionalism.

28 June 2016

We enjoyed a good relationship with the team and found them very helpful. The most important thing for us was that we were not 'left alone' we really did need some hand holding

28 June 2016

We really like working with Sketchanet, their professionalism and attention to details are outstanding.


Above all else, the most important thing is balance. Balance of content and empty space. The human eye can only take in a certain amount of information at once, and in the context of a website, that is restricted even further because attention spans on the web are short.

Next up is colour palette, contrast, fonts and graphics. Colour conveys an atmosphere, and broadcasts unconscious messages to the visitor. A well chosen colour palette can completely transform a website. Text needs to be clear and legible, but the choice of font also conveys a feeling.

Visual interest is crucial. A web page made up of just text will struggle to hold attention. Graphics, photos, video - these are all important features but again we come back to balance. We don't want too much visual stimulation, rather we want to direct the eye where we want it to go.

What is your domain name, if you have one?
Do you have an existing website?
Objectives of the new website?
What is / are your target market(s)?
Number one thing you want your visitor to do is what?
Brief description of what you’d like to see on your landing page (Home page).
Roughly, what pages do you require? (eg Home, About, Contact, etc).
Do you plan to have a blog? Or post news articles?
Please indicate at least three websites you love the look of, in whole or in part and any sites you really don't like, in whole or in part .
Please advise us of any particular features you know you would like to be included on your site (eg Blog, Image Galleries, Video, Google Map, Embedded Twitter feed, eCommerce)
Do you require any really specific functionality beyond that of a normal website?
Are there any specific fonts you want to use? For inspiration have a look at Google Fonts and Typekit.
Do you have a preferred colour scheme? If you have a preferred colour palette please provide this.
Have you got existing graphics or photos?
Let us know any social media account addresses, if you would like to link them
Do you require a logo design?
Do you require any illustration or specific graphic design work?

The internet changes really fast, and there are always new problems to solve. We love building solutions that make life easier for our customers. Our whole approach is to put all of our learning into the Sketchanet platform so all of our customers benefit from everything new that we create.

The excitement of building a company and creating something of real value for the world.

We are a really safe pair of hands with a huge amount of experience, bags of design and technical ability, and we go out of our way to make sure we exceed our customers' expectations. After all, happy customers stick around! We have been creating solutions for the web since 2005, and rather than just understanding how to use a web platform, we have actually built our own from scratch.


We design and build mobile responsive websites, with a focus on clarity, ease of use, and customer engagement.