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Fulwood, Sheffield

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Get a free quote from this professional


Hello, I’m Simon Evans, a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Sheffield, with over 28 years of professional experience
that has covered pretty much every type of graphic design work: Corporate Identities, Branding, Brochures/Annual Reports, Infographics, Catalogues, Leaflets, Advertising, Exhibition artwork, Signage, Packaging and Web work.

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Clarity, functionality, user friendly. The design should help the site project and air of trust and authority.

What do they hope to receive at the end!
What will be the function/purpose of what I'm to create?
Target Audience.
What sort of staged communication process they would prefer as the job progresses.
Clients, understandably, don't always know exactly what they want, but they often know what they don't want. It's often helpful to establish these things to save wasted time later!
I've often found clients gather a number of examples of work they've seen that they like as a starting point or style they're hoping to achieve before a first discussion anyway.

If the client is new to me I will usually endeavour to absorb a bit of background knowledge about them before any first discussion. In the early stages of a job I will also bear in mind any examples of similar work out in the marketplace or organisation area - this helps gain a sense of the target audience and may influence how to approach the job, or indeed what to avoid.
After this, the creative process is naturally dictated by budget and deadline, and I'm happy to feedback to the client at any stage that we agree is necessary as the job progresses.

Other than that already mentioned, I may need any number of essential items relevant to the job:
Any required images to send me? (hi res preferably)
Any existing corporate guidelines to follow? (to avoid misrepresentation of logos, colours etc.)
Any required copy ?(preferably as near to its final draft as possible)
Any other supporting files? (copy of previous version, old files to extract elements from/work over etc)

No two days are ever the same, and no two clients are ever the same.

The time had come to take full control of my creative direction, and I wanted the flexibility and opportunities that working for myself offered.

I would like to think that my extensive experience has allowed me to touch upon almost every facet of graphic design at one time or another. Therefore there's always a pretty strong chance I have created something in the past that bears at least some similarity to any specific task a client may have.

Possibly more importantly, I like to present myself to all clients as the very honest and easy going person I certainly hope I am!