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Poole, Wimborne, , Dorset


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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I am all about an overall healthy way of living. As a firm believer of practicing what I preach, I aim to lead by example, particularly when it comes to the clients I train!
Whether it’s improving your overall fitness, nutrition advice, training programmes, weight loss or training for a specific goal (ie.

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6 September 2019

Great trainer great experience and the opposite of judgmental. As a qualified personal trainer myself who has been out of it but so passionate to get back into this field I’ve found many to be quite judgmental but not Si. I had already got myself to a good fitness level but have loved our two sessions working on getting my confidence back in terms of coaching I’ve still a long way to but but I’ve already now ended up in a gym :-) More...

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18 July 2019

Awesome PT. Helped me several years ago with training and diet. Would not hesitate to recommend Simon to people looking to change there life for the better.

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15 July 2019

I have usually always gone for female trainers as I have found some Male PT's to be a bit intimidating! However, Si has covered a few classes that I have attended recently and I was so impressed that I have now booked some 1 on 1 PT sessions with him. My results so far are great, it's only been a few weeks and I am almost back to pre baby weight. Thank you Si! Highly recommend!!! More...

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11 July 2019

Si is a great personal trainer, who has lots of experience. Si is encouraging, helpful and positive he has shown me that I can do so much if I put my mind to it. All Si's workouts are different every week, he always makes use of all of the time you have with him. The more effort you put in the more you get out of Si's pt sessions.

Would highly recommend.

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11 July 2019

A positive and professional physical trainer. Si has years of experience which he has been able to use to adapt my training programs. Si motivates me and encourages positivity and performance. I'm honestly so grateful to have him as my PT!!

P.S if you're looking to make a positive change and get fitter he is the guy you want in your corner!

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18 June 2019

Si is an awesome PT, very easy going and a fantastic motivator who can get you pushing yourself further and further past what you personally thought was possible. Can recommend him highly enough.

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21 March 2019

Fantastic personal trainer, makes you dig that bit deeper than you would on your own to push to that bit further.

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By, structuring complete body workouts, prompting additional physical activity outside of the gym environment throughout the week, sound nutrition advice and helpful tips, encouraging consistency and honesty with regards to extra curricular physical activities and nutrition!

I believe that most importantly, You must decide where You want to be.

After that, depending on you goal then its predominantly about getting as active as you can be. Humans are supposed to be highly active! The body reacts so well and responds so much better and is more relaxed after exercise, and of course in addition - nourished with the right nutrition, can be fuelled towards a size and shape that naturally lends the body to function at its optimum level.

It has to be the diversity of the job, be it training a vastly broad range of clients from complete beginners to the highly experienced, to being able to work in the great outdoors as well as the studio and gyms .

I get a great sense of pride and achievement when I see how quickly clients can improve their fitness and ultimately their lifestyle and I have always liked the idea of being in the drivers seat with regards to my livelihood.

I see myself as a Personal Trainer who is about the whole Lifestyle experience, in that I believe healthy living should be something that you thoroughly enjoy the journey of. I know that if you can enjoy the training side of things, then that's half the battle, and eating healthily certainly does NOT have to be a miserable affair! I'm very realistic in terms of how busy we can all be in life and that at times its not always easy to stay on the straight and narrow.. That being said, If we can get you choosing the right foods with regards to nutrition for the majority of the time, then you will be able to achieve your goals even without sacrificing those indulgent times!!