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Shiatsu : a modern Japanese therapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. Shiatsu is a type of massage which takes place fully clothed on a futon on the flour or a massage couch. Consists of holding, stretching and applying pressure to the body with sustained deep pressure the acupuncture points.

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23 July 2018

I have been practicing Shiatsu since 2006 it has been evolutionary journey which I enjoy sharing. It continuously surprises me.

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23 July 2018

Lu is a highly experienced and naturally talented practitioner. I took a long series of treatments with her and found that my health and overall physical mental and spiritual wellness has improved drastically over this time.

Her treatments are highly effective at removing the cause of any blocks held in the body, and instead allow the natural flow of vital energy back in.

I had serious neck and shoulder issues which have been resolved, as well as this my becoming much less emotional and more grounded and powerful in my life is much thanks to her.

This shiatsu therapy is really effective for any type of ailment you are dealing with. A truely profound and relaxing experience.

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I love working together with my clients to help them achieve stunning results. I love seeing them happy.

Receiving Shiatsu my self for back ache and depression 15 years ago.

I am really good at what I do. I have experience working with many different types of people and many different and complex conditions. I take a light-hearted and non-judgemental approach to easing you into well-being. I am fully qualified and insured.