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I'm available for online or outdoor training within St. Albans or further a field if online. I have 10 years years experience working in the industry working with a wide range of clients.

I'm currently employed with the NHS full-time as a clinical exercise specialist working with individuals post cardiac event e.

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2 December 2020

Personal Trainers

My circumstances changed due to covid/Lockdown#2 but Shane was great over the phone and was keen to determine a good match between my needs and his interests as a professional. When the time is right I will definitely be getting back in touch with him. More...

Shane Purcell PT

Reply from Shane Purcell PT

Thanks Alison, I really appreciate your comments. I look forward to hearing from you ☺️


I help clients reach their goals by understanding what motivates them. Each client is different in their journey, some need reassurance and support while others just need a exercise plan to follow. I've spent over a decade working with clients from a broad variety of backgrounds, gender, ethnicity and age. No one plan fits all therefore the first session consists of a comprehensive assessment not only targeting the physical aspects but also the clients overall wellbeing.

We will work in a collaborative partnership in order to ensure my clients are successful in their journey.

There is no secret to getting the body of your dreams, no magic pill and no quick fix. As well as designing and personalising individualised exercise plans and nutrition plans to support their goals, I also look how external and internal factors affect their goals. In my opinion for anyone to achieve the 'body of their dreams' there needs to be set of stable behaviours. Areas that can negatively affect this are poor sleep, poor digestion, high stress level, high levels of fatigue, fear, lack of social support and lack of self-efficacy.

When I work with my clients I aim to address these areas so as to create the stable foundation to build upon otherwise the best exercise and nutrition plans will quickly be neglected if my clients do not have the correct mindset.

What I love most about my job is seeing the joy my clients feel when they achieve Self-efficacy, which is a persons belief in his or hers ability to conquer their gaol. This is a wonderful feeling as this can affect how they live their life and how they view their behaviours and then they make positive decisions for themselves.

I believe I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience of my career and my desire is to pass this onto my clients to help them achieve their goals.

I am a genuine and honest character with a strong academic and work background.

Working as a clinician adds immense value to ability to work with clients.

It requires a high level of clinical knowledge and skill. The patients I see are very diverse and potentially vulnerable therefore my approach is very individualised as we see young, old, rich, poor, various levels of disabilities, history of drug abuse, sexual abuse, torture, multiple co-morbidities and a range of different ethnicities.

Therefore whatever ever your background or fitness level I will be able to adapt the sessions accordingly.

Depending on location I can train individuals outside in a local park etc but I have a preference for online training.

I am fully vaccinated. I use handgel and masks, maintain adequate distance and wipe down exercise equipment between use.