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Hi my name is Mudasser.

In summary, I love being an engineer and I want to share my knowledge to students in Maths and Science so that they can succeed but also enjoy these subjects and not feel the dullness of them.

My main line of work is an engineering consultant and I have over seven years of experience as an engineer having graduated from the University of Cambridge and Loughborough University.

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I enjoy engineering; the designing, the calculations and testing. I have also thought about going into the teaching profession but can't convince myself to commit to being a full-time teacher as there is so much I enjoy about engineering. So why not be an engineer, but help students out of my work hours to become better at their Maths and Physics. After all, Maths and Physics is what I had to got through at GCSEs and A-levels. However, it's still applicable in my day job. I have wonderful examples to help explain the fundamentals of these subjects and also demonstrate some simple experiments.

I wanted to diversify how my skills are used. So as a consultant but also a teacher.

I can answer the age old question that students ask
"What's the point of Maths/Physics?"

Well I can show you and explain with real problems how these subjects have changed our world and will continue to contribute to its progress.


Tuition for 11-18 years in education
- GCSE's
- A levels

Tuition for adult education

Tuition in computer science:
- GCSEs, IGCSEs, A-Levels, University
-Coding, Programming