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The Alfred Hitchcock Walk including sound bites from Sandra Shevey`s 1972 interview with director Alfred Hitchcock...daily...3 hrs..11am...£45 excl..www.alfredhitchcockwalk.wordpress.com We are selling our CD `Ten of the Best` which includes a sound bite from the Hitchcock interview along with sound bites from 9 other megastar interviews.

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Sandra Shevey has been writing copy for over 45 years. Specialisms include tourism and film. She has profiled any number of set location stories over the years and interviewed many high-power personalities including Alfred Hitchcock, John Lennon and others. Her essays, interviews and features have appeared in print at the New York Times, Hearst Newspapers, the Metropolitan Newspaper Syndicate and elsewhere. Sandra also supports sustainable tourism and profiles of heritage street markets around the world have appeared online at Visit Britain, Travelbite and elsewhere. Contact: sandra_shevey@yahoo.com

Sandra Shevey is a seminal feminist film historian whose essay `Down With Myth America` first appeared in the New York Times, 24 May 1970 . The essay has been reprinted several times, primarily in a sociology text. Shavey has been profiling Hollywood iconography for over 45 years. Her essays, articles and interviewed have appeared in the New York Times, Hearst Newspapers, the Metropolitan Newspaper Syndicate (60 Sunday magazines) and elsewhere. Her online commentaries have appeared at Artshub UK and elsewhere. Shevey`s oral history archive is a virtual who`s who of Hollywood and documents manipulation of identity from the silent days. Interviews include Joan Blondell, Jack Lemmon, Jane Russell, Walter Matthau, Alfred Hitchcock, Candice Bergen, Jane Fonda, Jeff Bridges, Dolly Parton, Dustin Hoffman and others. Shevey has lived in London since 1981 where she lectures at museums, galleries and libraries including the Barbican Cinema, the NPG and Westminster reference library where she curates film exhibitions along with the film talks. Shevey has authored revisionist biographies about Marilyn Monroe (`the Marilyn Scandal`) and John Lennon (`The Other Side of Lennon`) She is keen to consult and to teach. She is also available to participate in conferences, workshops, seminars and talks. She is looking for other venues to host her exhibitions: `Material Hollywood` and `Alfred Hitchcock`s London Odyssey`. Shevey, age 69, runs tutorials in the streets about Alfred Hitchcock, Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie and London`s heritage markets. sandra_shevey@yahoo.com http://sandrashevey.tripod.com

Category should not be projectionist...I don`t know why.,..it should be writer, scholar, historian etc.

Sandra Shevey is a megastar Hollywood interviewer and film writer who profiled films in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. Since moving to London in the Eighties she began running tours around film locations that she profiled decades earlier.

Sandra interviewed Alfred Hitchcock in 1972 and runs a daily 3 hour walk around his London locations playing sound bites from a now historical interview. She also references original set art and period location photos.

Sandra is also interested in saving traditional street markets. She profiles street markets around the world for Premier Newspapers and has made a fine documentary about saving London heritage markets. Sandra has researched about 15 London markets and runs daily walks around 3 markets, 3 hours twice daily at 11am and 8pm.

Sandra also runs tours around Miss Marple locations in London and Oxfordshire and does a Charles Dickens film tour profiling locations from films which she wrote up in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties.

http://sandrashevey.tripod.com (trailer for the dvd) Full 30 min version obtainable at sandra_shevey@yahoo.com

http://sandrashevey.tripod.com/hitchcock.walks (price change..now £45 excl)




Sandra Shevey runs the daily Alfred Hitchcock London Walk around locations from 3 films....www.alfredhitchcockwalk.wordpress.com

Sandra, a 2014 Scoot UK Tourism Award Winner, also runs the Alfred Hitchcock Room Venue where she dresses `your` venue.