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Sandiacre, Nottingham, Derbyshire


I am a fully qualified humanistic counsellor accredited by the National Counselling Society. I offer private, confidential and effective therapy to clients who are suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression. Proven track record of delivering tailored therapy to young people and adults with experience in working with various mental and emotional issues.



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The thing I love most about my job is being able to see the positive change that has happened within my clients. I have the privilege of witnessing my clients go from being at a point of distress to finding a more secure sense of self and understanding within themselves and being able to manage their thoughts, feelings and lives better.

I was initially inspired to start my own business since I noticed an apparent lack of online counselling support. Counselling is typically regarded with this idea of it being offered in person, once a week and with extended waiting lists for anything provided by the NHS. My aim is to break those ideas around counselling, as I believe effective counselling support can be provided online, it can be made much more accessible and still maintain the secure and confidential features that are commonly associated with more traditional counselling. We live in an ever increasing digital age and I feel that things like mental health support should be encouraged to embrace the advantages of technology.

Talking is helpful. Being able to give voice to the things that go around our heads can bring clarity and insight in the place of confusion and lack of understanding. Being genuinely heard and understood by another person, feeling accepted, and being able to be our true selves without judgement can lead to a sense of freedom and empowerment. Being in a therapeutic relationship can help us to work on issues that prevent us being the best version of ourselves, so we can more easily reach our potential, embrace change and grow. I aim to provide my clients the space and time to come to terms with the things that are getting in their way and help them to reclaim their power and autonomy. I work online with face-to-face Skype messaging and over the phone, my work will be focused on my clients and their needs.


50 minute counselling session via Skype or phone. The initial session is reduced at £15.00 with extra sessions offered at £35.00 per session. There is no obligation to continue after the first initial session.