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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


At Ross Sutton Personal Training we focus on getting you to move better! I’m a generalist and don’t “specialise” in anything I work with a variety of clients working on many goals from fat loss, to half-marathon training.

My career as a personal trainer, has already led to working with Croydon Council and Nike London representing their brand as a Nike Training Club Pro Trainer!

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25 September 2020

Personal Trainers

Ross is great to work with. Quick to respond and listens to your goals and concerns.
I’m enjoying our weekly sessions a lot !

23 August 2020

I wanted to lose some weight and get in shape for a holiday and decided to seek a professional to assist me in my journey. I spoke to Ross and he understood my wants and needs and we started working together of getting me ready for my holiday.

We worked together 3 times a week over 3 months losing 9lbs within that time and was buzzing to get away for my holiday feeling the best I had for some time. Ross has also taught me to keep it simple in my workouts. I've been able to go away, come back and pick up where I left up and although I don't see Ross as often as I did, I still do a couple times a month to clean up on my technique and catch up.

23 August 2020


After suffering from lower back pains for a long time I finally sought out a professional to see if they could help. I met Ross and discussed what I was looking to do and we got working.

Ross has an ideology of getting people moving better which was one of the main reasons I went with him. During our gym sessions, we focused a lot on core stability and strength work. Training 3x a week. and every session featuring core stability work has done wonders.
I haven't had any flares ups since being with Ross and I've got a lot stronger in the process.

I also appreciated how often he would check in on me, making sure everything was okay and was there for me if I ever needed him, fitness wise or life wise. He's become a great friend!

23 August 2020

Ross was fantastic, helping me go from a gym novice to someone who’s been coached to move and lift better and I feel great because of it!

I started seeing Ross last year looking to learn how to lift weights safely and better after recently joining a gym. He designed a program based around everything we discussed and I feel great because of it! He is a real professional explaining to me why he’s given me this exercise to do and the benefits of each!
I did have some lower back issues but Ross showed me and guided me along the way. I no longer have any back issues and it feels amazing. I still see Ross now even though I feel confident enough to do things by myself.

Ross provided me also with a document based around nutrition, something I didn’t know a lot about before seeing him. He offered advice on how much I should be consuming roughly daily and the importance of different types of food within the diet.

Ross continues to provide me with excellent service inside and outside of the sessions and can’t thank him enough!

23 August 2020

I wanted to lose some weight and not training after sitting at a desk most of my days and wanted to make a change.
Ross was thoughtful and understood me which just made us get along so well together something which I found was very important.

He helped me understand that I was eating more than I expected to and we set up ways to tackle those problems along with our training.
The training was where Ross was on another level though. He ran assessments on me and explained what they are for and got me doing exercises suited to my current levels of movement ability. Some exercises I used to do in the past were nowhere to be seen whether that be for movement quality or there being no reason for them to be put into the programme.
I'm leaner, fitter and stronger and continue to live a healthier lifestyle even with work.

23 August 2020

My experience with Ross was fantastic. I first got into contact with him with the intention of completing my first half marathon. I was fairly confident with my surroundings in the gym but Ross developed a program that tailored it to my running needs. It was predominantly strength based but also included plyometric work which I didn't know anything about beforehand and as it got closer to the race Ross incorporated exercise that mimicked running.
He also got me running more than the actual gym sessions itself, and gradually increased the durations of the runs with every passing week.

Although the lockdown cancelled my race, it didn't stop me going out on that day and completing the half-marathon. I would have been happy with a sub 2 hour marathon and I completed it in 1:54 so was ecstatic with the achievement and Ross played a humungous role in me achieving it.

Ross was always on hand to respond to any problems I had and went about everything in a mature and really professional manner.

23 August 2020

I started seeing Ross last year to help me lose weight and improve my general health and well-being.

We discussed and mapped out a strategy and targets to meet and we knew exactly what we had to do to get the results I wanted.
I was training with him 3 times a week and I have got a lot stronger whilst being with him and down 6kg to my target goal.
He was always early to sessions and provided great value when it comes to everything, the training sessions, the nutritional advice and if I ever had any questions he was always there to help!

A great trainer!!!


We work together and map out a strategy to help you get to where you want to be.
It takes a lot of hard work and commitment with training, nutrition and recovery all playing huge parts in leading a healthier lifestyle.
When you become my client, you will receive a monthly recipe book of 30 delicious, healthy meals which can be scanned into MyFitnessPal along with a Guide to Calories to help you understand more about food.

Trust the process and work hard. You won't get to your end goal in 1 week. It is a long term commitment and if you expect to achieve results in a week you will be disappointed.

Helping people. Simple as that, I wanted to be able to share my experiences of my health and fitness journey and be able to inspire and help others achieve what they want to get to.

Back in 2015 I weighed in at 254lbs (115kg's) and I wasn't able to do things with friends because of weight. I wanted to change my life around so got into health and fitness. 5 years on I weigh 165lbs (70kg's) and doing things I wasn't able to do all those years ago.

I got into personal training to help others along there way to bettering themselves!

Clients should choose me because already in my career I've been fortunate to have my work recognised by Nike London who I am now partnered up with, with a mission of getting people moving and making sport a daily habit.
I've also worked with Croydon Council to promote health & fitness. These opportunities came from working extremely hard and being good at what I do!

I also don't stop educating myself. Every week I have designated studying slots designed at educating myself and being able to offer a better service to my clients.
Every client will receive a biomechanics assessment used to understand if there is anything that could be a problem or certain exercises are better off than others.


At Ross Sutton Personal Training we focus on getting you to move better! I’m a generalist and don’t “specialise” in anything I work with a variety of clients working on many goals from fat loss, to half-marathon training.

My career as a personal trainer, has already led to working with Croydon Council and Nike London representing their brand as a Nike Training Club Pro Trainer! Opportunities coming after working very hard and having my work recognised which I take great pride in!

We focus on the foundational movements of our body and master the basics to get you not only moving better but stronger in the process!

Every exercise has a purpose, a reason for its inclusion! The basics we find always lead to the best results.


Nike Training Club Pro Trainer
TRX Suspension Trainer
Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer