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Personable & Professional - Hello my name is Roger Chapman. I am a professional photographer. I shoot a variety of styles and genres and offer a wide range of photographic/printing services.

My photography services include Commercial photography;

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4 customer reviews

16 November 2021

Wedding Photography

Roger was very reassuring and I have booked him for my forthcoming wedding.

22 September 2021

Commercial & Corporate Photographers

very quick to contact me and prompt to get the job done. Will be using Roger again in the future

17 September 2021

Commercial & Corporate Photographers

Absolutely amazing product photos! Fantastic communication and premium service. Thank you Roger Chapman photography! Im looking forward to working with you on my next product.

Roger Chapman Photography
Roger Chapman Photography

Reply from Roger Chapman Photography

Thank you Agne, you were an absolute pleasure to work with 😊 looking forward to our next project.

8 September 2021

Roger was absolutely fantastic. We had a shoot done for our golden retriever and he worked very well with her and with our two kids who wanted to get involved! He was personable and professional and a good laugh too. Will definitely be recommending him to friends. More...


Planning and Preparation - the best photographs always seem so simple, but behind this implied simplicity lies years of experience dealing with people, location choice, stance, light, settings etc.

* What is your budget?
- Most people seem to forget that capturing the image is only the first step for the photographer. In order to provide you with the best images possible, a dedicated professional photographer will spend hours post shoot working in Lightroom ensuring the images are the best quality they can be.

* What are you trying to achieve?
- Having a clear vision as to what the end product should look like is vital to the success of any shoot. Taking the advice of a professional photographer like myself, is key to ensuring that your vision lines up with what is actually possible.

* Where are you going to use the images?
-Have you considered the required size of your images? I am not talking about height and width but pixels. For example an image which has a depth of 300dpi would be totally inappropriate for uploading to a website. Likewise an image with a depth of 72dpi is totally inappropriate for printing at any size other than very small prints.

* What type of look and feel are you aiming for?
- Once again having a clear idea of what the end product should look like is vital for the success of any shoot. For example your product might be better shot in situ rather than in the studio. As a professional photographer I will be able to help and guide you with these decisions.

I love working with a diverse range of people. The satisfaction I get when my images are received well.

My experience as a secondary school department head has given me a wealth of experience and authority mixed in with humour. As a result I am very personable and can deal with both small and large groups of people.

I am a firm believer in planning, and always like to visit a location prior to shoot day. This gives me the opportunity to scope out possible locations, light and what plan B is in the event of the British weather intervening.

As you can see from my images on here and on my website I have a wide range of photography skills which enable me to bring your vision to fruition. I can think on my feet if things go awry.

I can perform certain photographic services remotely. For example, product photography. I just need the item(s) sending to my studio and I can upload images to a gallery for approval, after which the images are sent to you, the client, via online transfer.

If required I always wear a mask and keep close contact to a minimum.


I offer a range of photographic styles both indoor and outdoor for commercial shoots. Whatever the size of your business, Roger can help improve its image, promote its values and increase customer engagement.

Clients include training and education agencies, dental practices, industrial manufacturers, and all types of UK businesses. Commissions can include corporate portraits, building and office interiors and architecture, products and industrial processes, almost anything that can be photographed.

You cannot underestimate the power of a quality headshot or a corporate portrait. Roger will conduct the shoot at your office, either with the office as the background or with a plain wall for a studio feel.

All the lights and equipment needed for corporate portraits are easily transported in a surprisingly small pack, reducing costs.

Group shots and other images in offices can be more complex and may need more equipment.

It doesn't matter how good your written content is, your potential customers will be swayed by the quality of your product images. Having your products photographed by a professional is a sure way of showing them off to their best advantage.

Roger has been taking wedding photographs for many years with great success.

It makes no difference if you are getting married in Gloucester Cathedral or in the local Registry Office, Roger will strive to produce images that capture the essence of your special day.

The quoted cost includes a pre-wedding day meet-up at the prime locations, church, reception, park area etc. to discuss potential shots and styles.

Having a professional shoot your wedding creates beautiful long lasting memories. However, please bear in mind that producing great images takes a a lot of skill and experience. In addition, even simple edits for exposure and balance takes time if there are hundreds of images.

Having professional family photographs and portraits is a great way to capture the essence your family.

A shoot can take place in your home or in one of your favourite locations. Roger actually prefers to get you out and about because that is where the magic happens.

Roger will happily discuss your family photography requirements, and work with your vision. Why not email or call for a chat.

Promoting your brand visually is key to securing potential customers. For example, Longden Carriages is a company which provides luxury vintage Jaguar wedding cars in and around Shropshire.

The brief was to capture the beauty of these two cars in a complimentary setting. Roger chose Shrewsbury school with it’s fabulous grounds and buildings.

The images are to be used for both printed and online marketing purposes.

They now have a portfolio of images which they can dip into whenever they want to create new content, social media post or advertisement.

Capturing images of your beloved pets is something that Roger loves to do. As a keen animal person he appreciates how much your pet becomes a part of the family. My clients are always saying how hard it is to get action shots of their dog or how they really want to capture a particular side of their character, but it just never seems to happen. This is where I succeed. I specialise in location and personality shots, where I will capture the distinctive personality and character traits of your dog in a natural and relaxed location with the beautiful backdrop of the Shropshire countryside.

Capture those precious moments to treasure forever, with the perfect pet portrait.

Whether you need a professional style portrait for your business stationary, website, LinkedIn or other social profile, or a more informal style of portrait, or just a headshot for your passport. Roger will take a variety of shots and upload them into a private gallery where you can choose the images you want.

Participating in one of my photography workshops such as ‘Get Off Auto‘ will give you the skills to match your passion for photography.

Picking up your camera and exploring new photographic opportunities will always motivate and inspire you to grow as a photographer. Being able to manipulate your camera settings to shoot the images you can see in your minds eye, is a way better experience.

My workshops will give you the opportunity to take control of your camera in a learning environment. The way we grow and learn best is by trial and error. Making mistakes is the best way to learn. Having someone there to feed you the knowledge and guide you along the way, is priceless.

This course, as with all of my others, allows you to learn from an expert while developing your confidence.

As a fully qualified teacher with more than a decade of teaching experience under my belt , I am comfortable with communicating the knowledge and skills necessary to get you using the creative zones on your camera; but more importantly I will get the best out of you.

Photographs are captured expertly and are specifically designed for official documents such as passports and other legal ID's. All images have any red-eye removed to ensure excellent results.

All images fully comply with all new regulations introduced by the UK Passport Service (UKPS) to ensure that images are suitable for new biometrically enabled passports and including the requirement that adult head size is in the range 29mm – 34mm from head to chin and are Passport approved.

Irrespective of how much you paid to have your website built or developed, the cost would not have included any real optimisation for ranking in the search engines. Your site will be missing key meta tags; on-page optimisation, (including image optimisation); keyworded, relevant content; plus the structure will not be optimised to produce sales, capture leads etc. In addition a blog is essential for adding regular, relevant and interesting content for your visitors, which Google and other search engines use to rank your website.

Creative content can be anything from keyworded, relevant written articles; video; images, or a combination of all three. The search engines are constantly trawling the web for new and relevant content. If your site is producing this on a regular basis and has links directing your audience from your social platforms to this content, then you will rank higher than your competitors. The key is consistency. Many businesses start with the best of intentions but their owners simply get immersed in the day to day running of their business and eventually run out of time to create new, fresh and engaging content for their potential customers. It isn't rocket science but it is time consuming and requires a consistent approach in order to outrank your competition.