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Get a free quote from this professional

Get a free quote from this professional


- FD capabilities to help you grow your business.
- Exit strategy.
- Support with making acquisitions.
- Support with re-structuring your business.
- Preparation of business plans and forecasts.
- Pricing strategy.
- Cash management and support with obtaining finance.

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Roberts & Mathur provide a "one-stop-shop" to support business owners in every element of doing business, from start-up through growth, acquisition and obtaining finance to developing and executing an exit strategy. We provide our services to help you develop a business which can grow on a sustainable basis. Our pricing is on either a fixed rate or flexible daily rate basis and we will discuss with you a bespoke package of services that fit your needs.

Its critical to a business to hire a great accountant. "Great" means that we are your "partner" and are here to support you with the governance and statutory bits, but more importantly to help you grow your business on a sustainable basis. We help you look forward and plan for growth and then help you achieve it. Our team are all highly experienced in their field and include ex FD's who have worked with big companies and small and know the challenges and risks you face and how to help you get through them. We want you to focus on what you are good at and for us to support you with what we do well.

Helping businesses to succeed and seeing the impact that it has on the lives of the people involved.

I have seen businesses with great products and services fail because they didn't have a "great" accountant. That is so sad as it really doesn't have to happen. I have a wealth of experience gained with multi-nationals, private companies, and not for profit organisations and I take great enjoyment from sharing this knowledge with business owners, so that they do succeed and don't have to go through the painful process of learning by making critical mistakes.

They should choose me for the very things that inspired me to start my own business. I am an accountant, ex FD and their business support partner who has grown businesses, developed them from nothing to be profitable and sustainable enterprises and in whom they can develop a trust to help them achieve their own business objectives.