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We are an independent business with over 20 years of policing and security risk management experience working in different sectors both in the United Kingdom and Internationally. We are professional and aim to solve problems for the businesses incorporating cost-effectiveness, quality and return on investment to our solutions. We are committed to delivering the results to our clients

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Passionate about helping clients and solve problems. Passing the knowledge and experience attained over a number of years.

I was inspired to start the business to help solve the problems that client was facing in terms of security problems and providing them with support and quality service.

Professionalism with over 20years of experience in policing and security risk management both in the UK and Internationally.

We can provide various services online or remotely especially training.

Following government guidelines and providing some of the services online.


RIS Consultancy provides investigation services for businesses from small to large organisations based in Reading and internationally. Our corporate investigation services include;

Workplace investigation and training

Document examination

Statement analysis

Employee breach of policy

Investigative Project Management

Physical evidence collection

International Investigation with local knowledge or contacts

Criminal Intelligence Analysis

Threat Intelligence

Open-source Intelligence

ecurity Awareness Training

This training will help individuals to raise their security awareness and reduce the risks of being exposed to threats. The training will involve coping mechanisms and awareness in case of theft, burglary, robbery, active shooter, bomb threat and hostage situation.

The training provides the framework for individuals to understand policies and procedures thereby reporting unsafe conditions, suspicious activity and safety breaches.

Learning objectives :

Risk Assessments

Personal Security

Situational Awareness

Travel Security

Residential Security

RIS Consultancy works with small-medium to large companies in Reading and globally providing security consultancy and investigations. We will help you to understand the risks and provide you with tailor-made security solutions to mitigate the risks. Our bespoke services are specifically catered to businesses through a holistic approach to ensure that the solutions are cost-effective to our clients.

We have international expertise and we can assist businesses at any time whether on a short term or long term basis. We can provide threat intelligence outside the public domain through various sources that we have internationally in order to assist our clients during a crisis situation.

Security Risk Management Capabilities

Security Risk Assessments

Security Plan

Risk Management Plan

Security Design and Project Management

Security Management and Structuring of Security Operations

Loss Prevention

We can carry out penetration testing to ensure that your premises can mitigate any threats and provide you with the report to improve any areas identified at risk. Threats levels are ever-changing and your security plan must be able to mitigate the risks. Our assessment will include:

Access Control

Perimeter Security

Crime Prevention Measures

Assets Protection

Standard Operating Procedures

CCTV Surveillance

Emergency Procedures

Security Guard Functions

Processes and Procedures

Risk Assessment​

We can provide country risk assessment before you travel or the facility that you will be staying in to provide you with peace of mind for your staff and family.

Provision of regular security updates

We provide up to date information for specific countries to ensure that our clients are aware of any security situations around the world and provide assistance and advice to ensure that they are able to mitigate risks and continue with their operations.

Close Protection

We provide close protection services around the world for corporate and individuals clients. Our close protection team are fully qualified and vetted.

Travel Risk Management Training

We have designed a travel risk management training because we understand the risk around the world that pose to travellers. Every country is different in terms of threat levels and this training will provide an awareness and reduce the risks of becoming the victim of a crime while abroad.

RIS Consultancy based in Reading has the expertise in setting up quality management systems for security businesses such as ISO18788, ISO 9001, ISO 3100 and PCS1. We will help you set up the process, procedures and training your employees to ensure that you achieve certification. Also, we can help companies around the world to achieve certification.

IS Consultancy has the expertise to advise our clients on the health and safety-related issues at the workplace whether small or large business. It is a legal requirement for a business to adhere to the health and safety regulations at the workplace. Failing to adhere to the health and safety regulations, can cost business reputational damages through litigation and fines by the health and safety regulatory bodies.

We can reassure you of peace of mind when you consult us to provide you with our Health and Safety at work so you can concentrate on other important business matters.

RIS Consultancy provides diversity and inclusion at workplace training for businesses. The course can be provided face to face or online upon request.

​The objective of the course is to raise awareness to the participants on the issues surrounding equality and discrimination at the workplace and improve their awareness of unconscious bias as well as looking at the model to improve discrimination in the workplace.