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Intellectual Property can be confusing but should always be a commercial tool. Although rights like patents and trademarks are legal instruments, the ultimate goal has to be achieving some sort of commercial success.

If the opportunity for commercial success appears possible, I can work with you to create commercially valuable IP that is fit-for-purpose with clear pricing in the form of fixed (and reasonable) fees.

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People, technology & business. I enjoy speaking with people that develop technology and build a business around it. It doesn't get much better than that.

A combination of wishing to leave the corporate world behind and the desire to provide IP services that are clear, lean and affordable to many.

I have seen too many cases where detailed legal advice was provided to a client that was incomprehensible due to overly long legal analysis and "legalese" jargon. I provide commercial advice based on legal rights such that clients can make properly informed decisions.

Remote servixes are not an issue at all. Technology has made that easier and more efficient. In certain cases face-to-face meetings may be better (and nicer) and we can accommodate those as well.


Whether you need patent protection, would like to know what your competitors are up to, or a conflict is brewing, I can help.

Perhaps you are looking to share information with a customer, supplier or another company and you need help safeguarding the information exchange? No problem - speak to me.

You would like to know if something can be patented, or if your competitors are up to something? Patent searching may help, but what brings it together is understanding what the search results actually tell you. Receiving a stack of patents is usually not helpful - someone needs to interpret the result set. I love doing this type of work so come and speak to me.