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Helping individuals and business evolve, flourish and succeed. What does that even mean??

If you are feeling stuck, which happens to each and everyone of us, I help you get unstuck and moving forward to a place that you want and choose to be.

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Although I am primarily an executive coach - focusing on individuals at work, I do think that we aren't single faceted and so things that are happening in your personal life will affect your work life and vice versa. Additionally, none of us work in a vacuum so the often derided 'soft skills' are skills that are required for anyone to have a happier life, at home and at work.

Two thoughts from my observations. 1) we spend more than 1/3 of our lives working and the rest surrounded by family and friends (even for the hermits amongst you!) - shouldn't that experience be happier and more fulfilling one, than one filled with a lack of motivation, frustration and stress, amongst many other things?

I love my job because I can help people move on from feeling stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled. It's not about me, but it's about them making the necessary changes to move on. It's a wonderful experience and if all works out well, and my clients do their homework, they will really benefit from the rewards of their hard work. There's the joy.

I used to work for a large organisation. Loved it - especially my team. However, over time, I worked out that I was feeling trapped in a very structured world and I preferred being a mistress of my own schedule and destiny. So I retrained and did a Masters in Organisational Psychology, combined my offering with business experience and started my business.

I had coaching when I was still working in a large organisation. I greatly benefitted in so many ways - having someone to confide in, bounce ideas off and to challenge me. She was always on my side, even if sometimes it didn't feel like it.

We live in a world where people feel it's wrong to ask for help. However even the people who are thriving and flourishing have coaches because we can always grown and learn, otherwise we become stagnant and start losing motivation and a zest for life. Coaching is for you as an individual to make the most of and for yourself. I can help you with that.

I have been told that my coaching style is personable, empathetic and approachable but I am also tough, direct and firm. My only goal is to help you get from A to B. Sometimes the goal posts change because the process uncovers new factors. That's all part of the coaching process but I will be with you and on your side (even in the form of tough love), because I want you to be where you want to be.