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Not only are we Rehabs UK, we’re also the team behind a renowned rehab clinic in Suffolk called East Coast Recovery. We love our work supporting our clients to free themselves from addiction and that's what drove us to creating online options to make addiction treatment more accessible for everyone.

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We love helping others begin their journey into recovery. We take the time to understand what each individual needs, considering their addiction, history, location, treatment preferences, budget and personality, before finding the right place/ treatment service for them.

Not only are we Rehabs UK, we’re also the team behind a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility in Suffolk called East Coast Recovery. We love our work supporting our clients to free themselves from addiction. We hate to let people down when they need support the most, and this drove us to create Rehabs UK so we could provide a variety of online and residential treatment options.

Our purpose is; to ensure that every individual struggling with addiction or mental health receives the support and advice they need. Our mission; to support our clients and their families to make the right choices.

Online therapy provides mental health services and support online. Here at Rehabs UK we are able to offer online therapy for an array of mental health and addiction problems. We have trained addiction specialists for those who may need it. This is how you know we have your best interests at heart. Aiming to provide specialist care so our clients feel comfortable and safe when speaking to their therapist.

Therapy is provided online so there is risk of contracting Covid-19.


How can therapy help me?

Therapy can help many people with different issues. Some people use therapy as a tool to help to clarify problems in your life, get to know yourself better and help to develop your potential. It is often easier for individuals to talk to strangers than to family or friends.

Trained therapists are there to listen to each person and help discover answers to problems in your life.

It can be used to help an arrange of mental health problems including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and addiction.

Is online therapy for me?

Online therapy might be for you if you relate to any of these listed below:

Lack of finance for residential rehab
Working full or part time
Looking after children or family members
Have anxiety about meeting in person or new places
Have a busy schedule
Online therapy has helped thousands of people across the world. Here at East Coast Recovery, we aim to help and better peoples lives specifically catering to addictions.

This method of therapy isn’t suited to everyone. There are some cases where it may be necessary to get booked into a residential rehab and detox treatment. Each individual is different. To find out more information please contact our treatment advisors.

What we offer

Here at Rehabs UK/ East Coast Recovery, we are offering online therapy for those who may need it. The service is ideal for those who feel they may need therapy to help combat or explore their addiction but perhaps don’t have the finance for a residential rehab. Alternatively, if you are loved-one and you feel like you could benefit from speaking with an addiction therapist please do speak to one of Treatment Advisors.

If you think this might be something that you would be interested in the process is outlined below.

The first point of call will be to contact our treatment advisors at East Coast Recovery. They are trained professionals and have your best interests at heart. After a chat with them they will assess your personal situation and direct you to the right treatment.

All of our staff including the treatment advisers and therapists are addiction trained. They have the best understanding of addiction and what you might be going through. Some of our staff have suffered with addiction themselves and this is something that is unique to ECR and helps put clients at ease. Everything you speak about is 100% confidential.

In the first session with the selected therapist, together you will look at what your bespoke programme will look like. Each cycle of therapy sessions is specifically tailored to your needs. The cycles come in sessions of 6, 8 or 10. Each session is 50 minutes and can fit in with the 12-step programme if required. The therapy programme is created and designed with you and your therapist.

If you think you may be interested in our online therapy programme to help you or a loved one’s addiction do not hesitate to give us a call. Our treatment advisers are here to help you get the best treatment and are waiting for your call.

What is it?

Residential rehab is different to other rehab programmes as the individual stays at the facility. The benefits of this are that staff are able to provide round-the-clock emotional and medical support.

As the treatment is designed to treat serious addictions, the way it is able to interfere with the individual’s daily routine can be beneficial to their road to recovery.

There is evidence that highlights residential rehabs have higher success rate than outpatient or non-residential programmes. This is often because it disrupts the individual’s life for the duration of their stay.