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Welcome to Reflections Massage and Wellbeing…

Thank you for visiting. If you are looking for a Massage Therapist in Medway Kent, you have come to the right place. Your therapists Sherene and Helen, operate from salons located in Gillingham and Walderslade.

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The thing Sherene & Helen at Reflections Massage & Wellbeing love most about massage therapy is helping people in a really positive way. Whether the client is looking to escape their every day life stresses and simply unwind and relax. Alternatively, if a client has an injury or sore achy muscles. As massage therapists we can provide instant relief and enhance a clients overall wellbeing.

Sherene started off her career in Business & Marketing, having studied a Joint Honours degree at Canterbury Christchurch University. If you happen to come across Sherene’s LinkedIn profile, you will see that she is a true master of the art, running an in-house marketing agency for the H.E. Group Ltd.

Massage & wellbeing however, has always been a great passion for Sherene. Enjoying a wide range of therapy and wellbeing services herself, Sherene decided to venture into alternative therapies. As such, Sherene studied various courses in holistic therapy treatments and graduated from the Allen & Walden Beauty School with VTCT approved and accredited qualifications.

Sherene has been practicing massage & wellbeing therapy treatments since 2019.

Helen has always been passionate about caring for others wellbeing. It is something built within her that runs deep within her heart.

Helen first began her career in the healthcare industry as a Health Care Assistant. She then trained and worked her way up to become a Sonographer for the last decade.

Since having her family, Helen decided to retrain as a holistic therapist and studied complementary therapy at the Allen and Walden Beauty School. Holding VTCT approved and accredited qualifications, Helen is able to provide a wide range of holistic treatments, specialising in reflexology.

If you are looking for a professional massage therapist who will make you feel calm, relaxed and at ease then Sherene & Helen are the ladies for you.

Both Sherene & Helen have completed a VTCT approved and accredited level 2 course in infection control and prevention in 2021, this included Covid-19 infection and prevention control measures.

Both massage therapists are members of the Association of Beauty Therapists and are fully insured.


Are you looking for a Swedish Massage in Medway? Excellent, welcome to Reflections Massage and Wellbeing.

A Swedish Massage is perfect for those who have tense aching muscles. It provides a mix of relaxing and energizing movements, which helps to promote blood flow and aid lymphatic drainage.

Clients who work at a desk may require a release of tension to their neck and shoulder area. However they may not quite require the effects of a deeper massage. This is where a Swedish treatment may well be perfect.

A series of movements will be used throughout a Swedish Massage including effleurage, which are long incredibly relaxing movements. This is followed by petrissage, which will help work through any knots and tension you may have. Hacking and cupping (which does not hurt) will be used to help promote blood flow and release toxins in the body.

A Swedish Massage can focus on the upper body working the back, neck and shoulders. As well as the lower body helping to relieve the thighs, calf muscles and feet of aches and pains.

Duration – 60 minutes Price – £40.00 mobile / £50.00 salon


Are you looking for a Deep Tissue Massage in Medway? You have come to the right place, welcome to Reflections Massage and Wellbeing.

A Deep Tissue Massage is perfect for clients who are perhaps athletes, runners or dancers. It is aimed at those who follow intense forms of exercise. Alternatively, clients may follow a highly active lifestyle. Perhaps occupation results in an intensive day on the body. As a result, this type of client will most likely suffer with a build up of lactic acid, which results in tight muscles.

Deep Tissue Massages are designed to target the inner layers focusing on the muscles, tendons, fascia and connective tissue. Movements used in a Deep Tissue Massage are very similar to that of a Swedish Massage. The difference is that there is far more pressure.

This type of massage facilitates healing by releasing contracted areas of muscle and tissue. It can help increase blood flow to the soft tissues and may help to reduce inflammation. Clients following a Deep Tissue Massage should feel a great sense of release from the pain and tension with which they were suffering. However, more than one session may be required to receive optimal benefits.

Whatever you may have been told or experienced, a Deep Tissue Massage should never be unbearable. You may possibly feel slight discomfort with a Deep Tissue Massage, however you should never feel pain that is uncomfortable. Should this be the case, you must communicate with the massage therapist, who will lighten the pressure.

Duration – 60 minutes Price – £40.00 mobile / £50.00 salon


Looking for a Deep Relaxation Massage in Medway? Enjoy individual, couples, mobile massage or salon at Reflections Massage and Wellbeing.

Many people want to enjoy a massage to escape the stresses of every day life. This is where a Deep Relaxation Massage can provide the perfect remedy.

Clients can fully enjoy the sounds of nature and the sweet aroma of essential oils. As well as immerse themselves in a candle lit, warm and cosy environment.

Starting with an Indian Head Massage, clients will instantly feel zenned. The face, neck, shoulders and arms will all be fully worked on. This will be followed by a calming full back massage. Light effleurage and petrissage movements will be used on the legs, and the massage will finish with a soothing foot massage.

Duration – 60 minutes Price – £40.00 mobile / £50.00 salon


Are you looking for a full body massage in Medway? You have come to the right place. One of our Reflections therapists will take good care of you.

A full body massage can be one of the most incredibly beneficial massage treatments a client can receive. It works the whole body from the head through to the toes.

The full body massage is focused completely around the needs of the client. Time spent on each area can be divided based on purely on the clients requirements. Should the client feel tension in the lower back for example, more time can be spent on this area.

Similarly, the type of massage the client receives whether Swedish massage focused or Deep Tissue focused, or perhaps a combination of both can all be used. The results of a fully body massage can be that of providing deep relaxation or feeling fully energised.

Duration – 60 minutes Price – £40.00 mobile / £50.00 salon


If you are looking for a Pregnancy Massage in Medway, you have come to the right place. Your Reflections therapist will take good care of you.

Motherhood, such a beautiful thing but also terribly demanding on the body. You are sure to feel some form of discomfort physically. Whether that be pain in your lower back, your neck and shoulders, or your tired feet.

A pregnancy massage is incredibly therapeutic and aims to provide a deep sense of relaxation.

Lying comfortably on your side, your massage therapist will work key areas of tension. Long, deeply relaxing effleurage movements will mainly be used throughout this treatment. The therapist will gently massage your side, bump, upper and lower back. As well as focusing on your neck and shoulders. Scalp massage is included also to provide an even deeper sense of relaxation. The arms and hands will also be looked after before moving down the body to fully work those tired, aching legs and feet.

Once one side of the body is massaged, the therapist will gently sit you up. At this point, you may sip some water or robe and relieve any bladder pressure. All before gently lying back down ready for the other side to be worked upon.

Pregnancy massage treatments in Medway usually book up fairly quickly, as there is a very high demand. Please note there can be long waiting lists. Book in early to avoid disappointment. A pregnancy massage can be carried out from week 13 of pregnancy onwards. High risk clients will need approval from a health care professional prior to having any treatments.

Duration – 60 minutes Price – £40.00 mobile / £50.00 salon


Are you looking for a reflexologist in Medway? You have come to the right place. Enjoy a deeply relaxing reflexology experience at either the Chapter Spa, located on Watling Street, Gilllingham or in the comfort of your own home.

Our therapists serve the Medway area, ensuring residents have access to treatments that support and enhance their physical and mental wellbeing.

Reflexology has been practiced for thousands of years. It is was one of the longest living therapy treatments, dating back to ancient Egyptian times. Used in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Buddhism, the art of reflexology is used world wide as a powerful healing tool.

Many health conditions have been known to be cured or symptoms greatly relieved, through the use of reflexology.

Duration – 60 minutes Price – £40.00 mobile / £50.00 salon