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FIRSTLY, its great to meet you here, how does it feel to accept and recognise you need support? its the FIRST step in making positive change. I am all about being honest, sincere, non judgmental, empthatic whilst offering a safe and confidential place to explore your feelings and to gain a deeper understanding of what may be making you unhappy/stressed/anxious or otherwise.

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14 July 2022

Before my first session, my self esteem was rock bottom and my anxiety sky high. I have ADHD and currently trialling meds for Bipolar. I believe my lows are more extreme now with stress from work, family dynamics and relationship issues. Since my first session, I feel empowered already… I feel so much more confident! My life coach checks in on me each day, sends me quotes each day that really make me reflect and think positively about my whole life! I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone - in life we all need a helping hand, some days are than others, but each day is definitely better since I have begun this journey with RocignisingChange! Thank you Kim, you are a blessing! More...

10 July 2022

I was referred to Kim after having a mini breakdown.
I found Kim to be an extremely competent Therapist.
She is understanding and a great listner.
I also found that her suggestions where logical and easy to follow.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Kim to anyone that needs that mental help and support.

Thank you Kim.


Reply from Recognisingchange

Thank you very much Steve, it was a pleasure to be able to support you. Wishing you every happiness for the future. Kim

26 June 2022

I needed change on my life in many areas, from dealing with stress, to relationship issues. Kim so far has been amazing in getting to know me and providing methods to help with daily life.

Kim is a great listener therapist and life coach I would recommend anyone to give her a try with any issues you may be having.


Reply from Recognisingchange

Thank you so much Billy, its been a pleasure working with you and moving forward together, so refreshing to see that you have embraced all the helping techniques with 100% dedication

30 May 2022

Kim helped me with my business when I went into business.she was always there when I needed her and she is very passionate about everything she does and always gives 100% … always come up with great ideas and always very supportive.

29 May 2022

Kim is such a vibrant, passionate, dedicated mentor who's has over the past couple of years advised and supported me whenever it has been required. I would highly recommend you get in touch with her! More...

29 May 2022

Although I have had my business quite number of years I felt that I was going around in circles trying to fit lots in but really not achieving a great deal until I was introduced to Kim Sheppard by a mutual friend, Kim has shown me how to gain a work and personal life balance which I am working towards, my business and personal life is now so much better and I am achieving so much more even getting in a few holidays.
Thank you Kim!

28 May 2022

I have been training alongside Kim and she has been a great mentor. She is patient, honest, understanding and she listens. She has taught me so much and has shown me that you can achieve anything in life if you put your mind to it. Kim has lots of experience and she is willing to take her time to teach me. She has been great to work with and I am grateful to have met her. More...


I have always loved to help people, its what I feel I have been on this earth for.

I started at college almost 30 years ago. However, I had an abusive partner who was intent on stalking me and making my life miserable, so much so that I had to give up college, 28 years later Ive taken up something that I love to do again, Counselling

If I said I was different from any other counsellor, what that be ethical? most definitely not. However, I will say that I have never had to be taught "empathy" , I have been giving it out all of my life. If you met me, you would think you already knew me, I am open, honest, kind, caring, sincere and also a huge believer in "giving back in life" wherever you can. there is so much sadness in the world and I count myself fortunate that I took the right path. I come from a family of substance abuse so I have seen how it ruins lives. I never ever judged one single member of my family for their addictions, I embraced and supported their choices and helped them wherever and whenever I could. I know the addictions so well and how very difficult it is to accept, its a massive and huge step forward, Ive lived that journey and can help you find the acceptance you need to make change for the better.

I would rather meet FACE to FACE, it is much more personal and can help develop a meaningful and honest relationship

My home is safe , I ask my clients to do what makes them feel safe, if they want to wear a mask, thats fine. I offer sanitiser and never used hand towels.


Being able to work with you to understand the issues you face in the "here and now"

Irrational thoughts can play havoc in your life, lets explore together where those thoughts come from and work together to find a place where you are at peace with yourself

Lets explore a deeper understanding of whats making you seek therapy, is it in the unconcious mind, together we can find those answers

Let me help you to reeach your goals and realise your value. With my guidance and support and some self help exercises, lets get you to a better YOU, offering you the skills learnt in my own life journey to assist you to have a fulfilled and rewarding life. We are the AUTHORS of our own life, lets write a Happy Ending.