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Rapid Results Therapy with Joanne Hindle

Saint Annes on the Sea, Lancashire

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Rapid Transformational Therapy
Life Coaching

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2 December 2019

Would highly recommend Jo to anyone, she has really helped me find myself again and I couldn’t be more grateful for that, she is a lovely woman and made me feel comfortable in my sessions and really put her time and effort into them to help me.

12 November 2019

I feel as though I have been waiting to meet Joanne for most of my life. That is how long I have been troubled by anxiety issues and I had tried other therapies but to no avail. As soon as I met Joanne she told me she would make me better and I knew instantly that she would! I knew that I could trust her with my fragile emotions. She truly is an amazing lady and now thanks to her so am I. More...

9 November 2019

I’ve completed my therapy with Joanne and I can tell you she’s the Best and gets the job done! I’m totally amazing and it’s like I never even had issues. I’m very much in my power now and Joanne has been instrumental in this. She also gives emails and sends recordings to me so now I’ve got these for the future. I’ll still be listening to Joanne’s voice and helping me stay the best me I can be. I’m so so so grateful to Joanne for her thorough planning for my sessions and her execution is amazing. She is amazing! And now I feel I am too! Lol Thank you a million percent. For anyone reading, she does free consultations before you book in so it’s definitely worth going. It will change your life xx More...

14 October 2019

I was worried that Joanne would be unable to help me because of how bad I was feeling but she got to the root of issues I’ve had for decades. She has removed the self destructing Mantra that swirled around my head & the debilitating anxiety and poor self esteem issues that had dominated my life. It truly is life changing.If your feeling at all like I did don’t leave it another Day,week,month, of not living a life.Jo can fix it...She is the Cavalry Sent from my iPad More...

11 September 2019

Amazing women still in the process but I feel a millions times better and it’s all thanks to this amazing lady ❤️

1 September 2019

Everyone needs to see Joanne. I met Joanne at a networking event and liked her straight away, so when I was at rock bottom and knew I needed help I tracked her down. I had anxiety and was having panic attacks. I have had 3 sessions over a 8 week period and I can genuinely say I feel normal again. I actually for the first time feel happy and back in control of things. My life incidentally is also on the way back up and it excites me to think of what the future holds! When I first contacted her I didn't think I was going to every feel this optimistic again. I always knew I had toxic behaviour but I couldn't see what it was or why I did it, but now I know why and I can see it playing out before it happens, which allows me to choose my path. It's a revolutionary process and I have learnt so much about myself. Even if your not at rock bottom but you want to better yourself I would recommend seeing Joanne! We invest in clothes and material things to be the best version of ourselves but genuinely does all that stuff matter unless we know we have invested in what truly matters? Thank you for you help Joanne ❤️❤️❤️ More...

23 August 2019

I took my 14 year old boy to see Joanne after he suffered with anxiety for over 3 years. we had tried every conventional method, CAMHS, CBT, talk therapy and all to no avail. The anxiety had worsened to the point of he was suffering seizures, sometimes 5-6 in a day, to the point he was no longer attending school. The first time we went to see Jo, we left knowing this was completely different to anything we had tried before and for the first time in a long time, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. On our second visit, Jo said she was going to take away the seizures, she did. The seizures are now a thing of the past. Jo transformed my 14 year old little boy, who had been consumed with anxiety for so long he did not know life without it into the young man I am looking at now. The first time he asked to go out with friends, I will never forget. Today it's a regular thing. What Jo does and how she does it is a truly unique thing and I would urge anyone who is being held back with insecurities, anxiety and fears to see her. I honestly cannot thank you enough, Jo, for the help you have given him and for the things I have learnt along the way too, you have literally changed our family and all for the better, thank you xx More...

22 June 2019

Thank you Joanne for giving me my confidence back & helping me achieve the most simple things I thought I’d never be able to do again. Anxiety free, content, confident, motivated & happy for the first time in years, you’re amazing ❤️ xxx More...

28 April 2019

I really can't recommend Joanne highly enough. Rapid Results Therapy has genuinely changed my life. I feel like a different person, free from constant, crippling anxiety and free to be the person I've always wanted to be. Joanne is nothing short of a miracle worker, and I felt extremely well supported throughout the whole process. More...

26 March 2019

Joanne helped me when I didn’t believe that I could achieve certain things in my life. Only 1 session and 3 months after -my life changed for the better. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joanne More...

27 February 2019

I've suffered with anxiety all my life and
I've always believed I was never good enough. After one session with Jo I've learn't where it all started from. Jo then gave me the tools to help me manage my anxiety and gain confidence in believing i am good enough. Thank you Jo-anne xx More...

3 January 2019

I have seen Jo for 3 sessions and I feel amazing. I have suffered with anxiety since being a young child and after the first session with Jo my anxiety levels were reduced by 90%, and after 3 sessions I feel free from anxiety for the first time in 40 years. I cannot recommend her highly enough Thank you Jo! More...

27 December 2018

I recently had three sessions of Rapid Transformational Therapy with Joanne. I'd met Joanne at a few networking events and was intrigued by what she offered. Although I was sceptical in what she offered she was so confident she could help and so I had to give it a go - I am so glad I did. In the first session she uncovered what had been holding me back for so long and addressed anxieties and doubts I had. I had the best month in my business that I've ever had in October, straight after that first session, the best November followed and whilst December isn't over yet it's also been my best December. On a personal level I've also been able to let go of things that have haunted me for so long. Anxieties I have suffered for five years at Christmas have been shown the door and I've made choices that are right for me without worrying about what others might think. If you feel your shoulders are heavy, whether you know what's troubling you or not I'd recommend seeking Joanne's help. She's confident in what she offers for a reason. If i feel weighted down again I wouldn't hesitate to seek her help. More...

16 December 2018

Joanne has helped me to feel in control of myself. I am now much kinder to myself, 1 stone lighter (and still losing) and anxiety free. Life changing stuff xx

21 November 2018

I am very fortunate to know Joanne as friend, but what I love the most is some of the clients who have been to her have spoken so highly of her work and dedication to her role. Its so nice to be so proud of a friend. Well Done Jo. More...

9 November 2018

Joanne has changed my life. She has saved me from myself and my fears. I highly recommend Joanne to everyone!

30 July 2018

Joanne really helped me with negative thought patterns and self confidence. She does loads of other counselling too, well worth the investment in yourself.

30 July 2018

Joanne is a lovely lady who makes you feel very relaxed. She helped me with relaxation techniques that I can use when I suffer from anxiety and if you suffer from anxiety it affects all aspects of your life so getting sessions with Joanne certainly made me feel more positive that I can work with her and control them. Joanne is a warm, caring therapist who really does want to help you and help you see a difference. Thanks Joanne. More...

30 July 2018

Had a stop smoking session last week, was a surreal experience but I am very happy with the results.
I have more energy and I feel better in myself, amazing quick results and great after care with positive messages and support

30 July 2018

I brought my daughter in to see Joanne as she was very anxious about her GCSE's (one started this week). Joanne took a great deal of care speaking with us prior to the session and explained what would happen to make her feel at ease. The session went really well and within the hour we had a recording to play every night to reinforce the work done in the session. From a parent's point of view I noticed the change the very next day. It was astounding tbh and far better than I could possibly have imagined. Since the session we have had no negative self talk what-so-ever, which to be honest had become more a constant mantra. My daughter approached her exam today in a really good place. She was calm and focused. Thank you Joanne, superb service! More...

30 July 2018

Went to see Joanne because I wanted to give up smoking, I have tried all the conventional NRT programmes and succeeded but then started smoking again, Yesterday I had my therapy and I must say how amazed I am, a smoker for 30 years on and off I have not craved or wanted a cig since . ..... Thankyou Joanne , I am a non smoker and proud of it � More...

7 March 2018

I would highly recommend anyone to see Jo. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed when I had my session for fear of flying. She is a fantastic therapist. Thank you so much xx More...

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The thing I love most is seeing the massive life transforming changes in people.
It’s very rewarding to know I’ve made such a massive difference to their lives.

I worked in a high powered corporate job for many years.
I had become extremely frustrated with not being able to make my own decisions with regard to the business. Also I was very uneasy with the ethics and morality of how they were treating many team members . Also my work/ life balance was very poor.

Clients choose me because
* I get quick and lasting results .
* I offer free consultations
* I offer weekend and evening appointments to work around clients .
* Experienced in a variety of therapies
* Life changing results
* I expect clients to work with me to ensure progress is continually made