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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Welcome to R Photoworks!

My photographs are either 100% the results my clients wish to have or precisely what I intend to create. I have worked as a full-time photographer and photojournalist for the past ten years, working for corporations, organisations, groups, couples and individuals.

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12 September 2019

Been on a trip to Moravia with the RPhotoworks crew. Been fantastic and very creative. Learnt new ways to photography. Richard was patient and knowledgeable. Great coach. Will recommend

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23 July 2019

Good job Richard‼️ Thanks for the perfect photos

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You can take a great photograph with basically everything that is capable of taking photos. You do not have to own the most professional camera. What you have to own, however, is passion for what you are doing. If you love what you earn your living with, your customers can be assured that they receive the best possible results from what they hire you for.

The most important thing to know about any projects before starting it is what the client exactly wants to do with the end product. That helps thinking in advance of what and how to do throughout the project.

There is no part of it I am not in love with. Being behind the camera thinking in 2 dimensions is always a challenge and makes me use my mind totally differently. Seeing how we started and what the end product is always amazes me.

I have my own style, my unique way of approaching everything and that is something which can only done my way if I am my own boss. Even like this I have many arguments with my boss, believe me!

I am a photographer. I chose this profession 12 years ago and from that time on I have never spent longer time with any other things in this life. Photography for my is not a hobby and not just a profession; it is a lifestyle. Whoever hires me will learn very soon that what I am doing with passion and care has extraordinary results.


Specializing in weddings, events and fashion and portrait photography, with my clean reportage style I make sure I do the job 120%.