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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


As you go through life, you encounter challenges and setbacks that might leave you feeling at a loss about the steps you need to take or decisions you need to make. This often results in negative emotions taking over leaving you drained, anxious, and confused.

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29 May 2020

I was lucky enough to receive six free sessions with this beautiful lady. My Tuesday night sessions with Ruta are the absolute highlight of my week. She challenges me, makes me answer the hard questions, helps me see things from perspectives I’ve never considered, all the while making each session feel like a deep and meaningful chat with a trusted friend. I have done lots of therapy, counselling and had many mentors in the past and none of my practitioners have ever got as much out of me as Ruta has. Now that my six free sessions are over I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with Ruta. My daughter is also now a client of hers… and my husband is next! I am truly blessed and eternally grateful that the universe has bought us together. She challenges me and inspires me to become a more understanding wife and mother all the while reminding me that who I am is already good enough. Our sessions usually always run over time because we have so much to talk about and she is so generous in sharing so much of herself that it makes it hard to end the session. I look forward to the day that we can meet in person and I can give her the biggest hug. Narelle, Victoria, Australia xo More...

8 February 2020


My first experience with hypnotherapist. Ruta made me feel very relaxed. I would recommend her 100 percent.

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Thank you, Jennie :-)

21 May 2019

Since starting my life coaching sessions with Ruta, I have really seen myself develop along the way and now feel much more confident due to the guidance and lessons I have learnt during that time.  Ruta is empathetic, professional and very understanding, she will tackle and help with any issues, large or small, whether they are current or historic and always provide a positive way forward. If you know how you are going to deal with something, you feel emboldened, and this allows you to concentrate on, and cope with, all the other things in your life. The life coaching is delivered in a relaxed and comfortable environment; I really value my time with Ruta and cannot thank her enough for the help she has provided.                                            More...

21 April 2019

Ruta is a very thorough therapist who adapts the therapy to the client’s needs. I had EMDR and RTT sessions with Ruta and the sessions were very transforming. EMDR is a very powerful therapy with almost immediate results. I personally experienced fantastic changes within myself in less than 8 sessions of therapy and I am very grateful for Ruta’s support and dedication during and in between the sessions. I went from feeling low in mood, confused and emotionally detached to feeling full of energy and regaining my enthusiasm whilst at the same time feeling emotionally mature.

I have a medical background and I was impressed by Ruta’s level of professionalism and the quality of the therapy I received. I would reccommend Ruta with no hesitation to anyone in need of therapy or personal development.

9 April 2019

Ruta’s therapy was very helpful, she allows you to go as deeply as you feel comfortable with no pressure.

I took her 6 week course, she helped me see things from a different perspective and used different techniques which kept it interesting.

Not only this but I was also given very useful tools to take away and to implement in my own time.

I would highly recommend it as I definitely noticed a change after a few days and things are really starting to improve for me now.

22 February 2019

I was introduced to Ruta through a friend, and asked me to give it a try. I had the opportunity to make a change and did not know where to start.

When I first approached Ruta, I was trapped in a glass bubble looking out at the world. I made the biggest decision in my life to end my marriage, but inside I was torn and broken.

Nobody noticed my suffering, I masked it with a smile. Ruta was the first person who I really open up to, and I invited into my true life. She looked into the glass bubble at me and said metaphorically, "hello there, do you want to come out here with me?". She kindly and gently led me out of that bubble and I am happier and freer than I've been in the last 20 years of my life.

I have gone from doing the things that I thought I needed to do, in a very hurried, disconnected and driven way to being the person that the outside world wanted me to be. I am taking the perfect image I have created and replacing it for the true image.

I have an overwhelming feeling of peace and calm and a solid feeling of I'm where I should be. I also feel that my relationships and connections with people around me have grown in such a deep way - it is overwhelming.

I cannot thank Ruta enough for the wonderful insight, so beautifully worded and the support and encouragement and belief in me!

I am embarking on a new part of my life and I am so excited! Instead of a mid-life unravelling, I feel like a door has been opened to the most exciting part of my life - I can't wait!

Thank you from the bottom of my Heart


I have the best job in the world. I see my clients overcoming anxiety, stress, addictions, self-esteem issues, psychological trauma, improving their relationships with their partners, parents and children, being able to manage their weight or being able to speak freely in public without fear of humiliation for the first time in years. I see my clients grow, find their purpose and improve their lives. What can be better?

Why should the clients choose me? First and foremost the clients need to find the right therapist for them and the one they can feel they can trust, after all, they will be discussing the most intimate experiences with their therapist. There are a lot of various therapies out there from CBT, DBT, EMDR, RTT, to Hypnotherapy and many more, and some therapists only specialise in one therapy and others like me use a combination of therapies and adopt various elements of different therapies to individual clients needs.

I approach therapy from a psychological trauma perspective; stress, anxiety, phobias stem from a single or combination of negative psychological experiences which result in coping strategies such as fight (anger), flight (addictions, inability to maintain healthy weight), freeze (feeling numb), submit (feeling like you are the only who is trying and other people are taking you for granted which leads to feeling of hopelessness and helplessness) and attached (feeling very insecure and needy, losing own identity to secure a relationship).

A lot of therapies concentrate on how to manage stress or replace a negative coping strategy with a positive one but they do not address properly the root cause of the problem. My first priority is to identify the root cause of the symptom and help to heal it by desensitising the memory that feeds it and then formulate the rest of the therapy treatment.