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Python Pro is the name of my professional website development company, and it is lovingly owned and run by me, Carlie Thomas.

Alongside being a professional web developer, I offer other various freelance software engineer services and packages for businesses of all sizes.

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12 November 2019

Our website is beautiful, I am so glad we found Python Pro. Carlie visited our last website to order and ended up infecting her own computer with a virus! ! She phoned us to let us know what had happened and during the conversation we agreed to hire Carlie to re-do our entire online presence. The best decision we made More...

12 November 2019

Carlie has been integral in ensuring my company's success. Without her knowledge and tireless effort we wouldn't be where we are today.

12 November 2019

Working with Carlie was everything and more that I had hoped for in a professional. We built a fantastic professional and working relationship that meant she easily understood my needs and vision. I wouldn't consider anyone else for my web and online needs. Thank you endlessly Carlie! More...

30 September 2019

It’s an amazing service. Very helpful and down to earth

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Complexity made simple. A website may require weeks of intricate code and engineering, but it works beautifully, smoothly and effortlessly.

High end great websites look at home on mobile devices and draw the potential client in on desktop screens.

What is the end goal? What do you want your website to achieve for you? If you were someone looking for the services YOU offer, what would make you choose your business?

The ability to build and create something beautiful by writing code. It fascinates me every single day that I can type a line of code and a computer will translate that into something that looks appealing to the eye. The language of technology blows my mind.

Seeing other businesses succeed, especially small home grown businesses, brings me genuine joy.

A natural knack for technology! I always knew I would work for myself, and I tried to build my own website for a business I wanted to run from home by watching tutorials, and ended up falling in love with coding and programming.

I am personable and approachable, I like to think of my clients as friends, we both have the same end goal, to make a successful business and so it just works. I love my clients, I love the work I do for them and they love the results.


I can assist with domain search, domain hosting and domain registration in order to make your business name an actual URL.

Not only this, but before you dedicate yourself to purchasing a domain I can assist with domain authority. Domain authority is essential for search engine optimisation and learning how to optimise your website. The better domain authority ranking you have, the higher your website will appear in search results on websites such as Google.

This is an important thing to consider when starting developing a website, and getting your business optimised for SEO. A high ranking on SERPs (search engine result pages) along with SEO Optimisation is essential in business success and more traffic to your site.

I am a freelance web developer, and freelance web designer, and so website design and website development is my speciality. In fact, I am officially a freelance full stack web developer, meaning I can make your website look amazing on the outside, and work excellently from behind the scenes.

When developing websites and designing websites, I always incorporate a mobile friendly interface, meaning all of my professional websites are always mobile first, and look great on mobile devices.

Over half of online searches and website visits occur from mobile phones and so having a mobile friendly website is actually more important than having a website that looks great on desktop. Thankfully, my websites look and work beautifully on both devices.

My skills don't end at developing nice looking websites, I also assist with marketing, branding, logo design and website accessibility. It is important that everyone can use your website, besides you surely want more traffic to your website? And so, ensuring your website can be read and 'see' by everyone is not only important for your business, but inclusive to the wider community.

My aims as a freelance web developer were, from the beginning, to be able to build professional websites that look amazing, but also work beautifully. Have you ever wondered how to put a blog on your website? Maybe you'd like to know how to build an online store? Maybe your website would benefit from a booking system app.

I absolutely love building software for businesses and have found that many businesses would benefit greatly from a booking dairy or other similar useful software for websites.

So, whatever it is you think your business and your website may benefit from, reach out and find out if I can build or develop it? (Here's a hint...yes!)

As an SEO expert and professional SEO analyst, and also a pro with the Python programming language, I use my data analysis skills to track website traffic and work out how best to engage your customers, encourage them to remain on your website longer and convert to paying customers.

Data analysis comes in many forms, and observing the behaviour of you website visitors allows me to make better judgments and offer advice to you on what the next best step may be in encouraging more customers to your business.

The goal of every business and website is to turn potential customers into paying customers, and my aim is to make this happen for you. What is the point in a web developer designing a great looking site, but no one in the world actually ever seeing it?

If you want to know how to turn your customers into repeat customers who spend lots of money with you, then get in touch. My success is helping you achieve your success, and that should be the goal of any professional freelance developer.

Looking for a specific software program or app? Need an e-commerce store, or need to integrate a shopping cart app to your website? Such software solutions can be easily built and integrated using my skills in Python programming. Honestly, there is nothing that cannot be built with Python.

Using python to build apps for your business ensures your website is completely safe, fast, secure and scalable.

So, if you're asking yourself 'how can I put a blog on my website?', 'how can I put a shopping cart in my website?' or 'how to build an online booking diary' then I am pretty sure I have what it takes to make that happen, exactly as you want.

SEO services are hugely in demand, as are SEO experts and SEO professionals. You may have even found yourself Googling SEO experts near me, as we all do! Never has this job been more important, and so as part of my freelance web developer services I can assist you in ensuring your website ranks high on Google and other search engines.

How to get on the first page of Google is such a highly searched for term and for good reason. We are very unlikely to look at page 2 on Google, and even less likely to look beyond that! When you are looking for a service, more often than that you will choose a business on the first page of Google (or your preferred search engine.)

My aim as a freelance web developer and web designer is not only to give you a professional functioning website, but to also ensure that people are seeing that website. So whether you need domain authority checking, to learn how to put key words into your website, or to understand the best SEO tips for 2020, or rather have a professional SEO expert do all this for you, then look no further.

Professional e-commerce website design is a sought after skill when people are searching for freelance web developers. It is very difficult to come across a skilled web designer who can also implement a fully functioning bespoke e-commerce store without the use of templates.

When developing an e-commerce website, I offer branding, SEO strategies, content management system, admin interface, ability to pay using card, PayPal and Stripe plus much more professional and unrivaled functionality.

As an advanced web developer this provides a welcome challenge and clients are always happy with the final results.

I am very diligent when it comes to building secure professional websites that hold data securely and with integrity, and so ensuring client information is stored safely within my databases is at the top of my list of priorities when developing websites.

Freelance web developers have a care of duty to ensure their own hardware is safe from the threat of virus infection and so I use top of the range protection on my own systems. But aside from this you need to be able to trust that your own website will not become infected with infections, and that your databases cannot be injected and have their data and private information stolen and used.

Your clients can be safe in the knowledge that their details are always safe and secure within the databases stored on your own websites. This encourages repeat custom and also ensures that your website and business ranks high on search engines. Google likes secure and safe websites.

Along side developing websites, I can also hack into and find insecurities and vulnerability spots within your already up and running website. This is known as ethical hacking and is done with permission, to find areas of a website that may put users at risk.