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Puur is a small but perfectly formed Colchester graphic design agency. We specialise in branding solutions; the creation, development and implementation of visual and verbal identities for small and medium sized organisations.

We’re focused on helping businesses and organisations thrive through intelligent brand centred solutions.

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Graphic design and branding is much more than pretty pictures, it’s more than just a logo, a brochure or a piece of packaging. We believe it’s is about solving business centred challenges, through intelligent solutions.

We start every design project with a meeting. It’s the one thing we always do the same. We think that this ‘getting to know each other’ part of the process is really important. We take the time to understand what makes you, your brand, your product or service different. To mine for the stuff that makes you ‘tick’. It’s the only way we can help convey that to your chosen audience.

We’re approachable and honest, tending to call a ‘spade’ a ‘spade’. Obviously delivering the graphic design you asked for, but we’ll also go that bit further. Our mission is to create design which delivers difference, whilst at the same time ensuring that the ‘relevance box’ is well and truly ticked.

When we work on a project we have results in mind, it’s a focused approach that ensures that each of your business imperatives is taken into consideration. Puur is the perfect balance between creativity and science, an approach which suits our clients well. Below, we’ve outline the our approach to developing branding solutions:

Every client is different, some will work with us as partners, some as suppliers. Every one has a different story and a different need, so the information we need is different. The best thing we can do before we start working is to talk a little and listen a lot.

This is something that has stuck with Puur, a story from our creative director:

When I went to study graphic design at art college on the first day the head of department said 'when you leave this course, you will all be designers. You will look at the world differently, you will see things others won't...'

We love what we do, because we are designers.

The inspiration was more of a need. A need to take the knowledge built up over the almost 30 years in this business to create a world class agency with a local outlook.

Clients should choose to work with use because we don't just view projects as a money spinner. We love design, more specifically, we love great design. Our aim is to share our experience with the people we work with, giving freely, being proactive and ultimately delivering great, business centred design.

We are fully set up to deliver all the same services we used to face to face over Zoom. Our workshop material has all been made available on-line.

Everything we do now is digital, from meetings over Zoom, to workshop material accessible via the website. We may be in the grips of a pandemic, but Puur is still delivering the same great design we always have.


We specialise in the development of brand identities (both visual and verbal) for anyone. From the start-up one man band that wants great design to help them stand out from their peers to the larger organisations that want to move into new markets. This is more than just logo design, it’s about full ‘look and feel’ development. For simplicity we’ve split our offer into:

Brand creation – working together with fledgling organisations to build a foundation for the future, creating the design focused building blocks that will propel them forward and get them noticed for the right reasons.

Brand development – taking an existing brand identity or logo design, assessing it’s strengths and weaknesses and helping it stay relevant, fulfilling its full brand potential. This isn’t reinventing, this is about amending and polishing.

Brand refresh – redeveloping an existing brand either organically or in a completely new direction. This is to help brands that don’t connect with their audience any longer gain new life and new vigour.

Packaging design is our passion. Delivering on shelf ‘appeal’, the ‘brand in the hand’ is an amazing journey. Ensuring that through great design, your product is seen, understood and desired in the micro second of on-shelf recognition is something that excites us.

Our design and branding services stretch from helping to breath new life into an established product to delivering packaging solutions for items never seen before (NPD – New Product Development). For each and every creative project we deliver packaging that is relevant, desirable and differentiated.

Company literature can be anything from a leaflet to a suite of brochures. When it comes to literature and brochure design we are always focused on the audience and what your desired message is. But what we also have in mind is what you want the response to be. We design brochures to fulfil real business needs.

Advertising is one of those areas which can be a little misunderstood. For us advertising is different to an advertisement (a single item) and even different to an advertising campaign (a group of connected items across multiple channels and over a period of time). Advertising is the overarching title for something very simple. Advertising is the art of direction, it is any communication for which its main role is to inform and/or influence its intended audience.

What does a web design agency in Colchester Essex need to offer its clients to be truly useful? Well, first off it needs to be experienced. Puur has been quietly delivering and hosting websites to its clients for almost a decade. Our websites are all based around WordPress, which means that you can manage and update them if you need to.

We’re also competitively priced delivering a website fully tailored to your needs.

Our service offer also goes way beyond just web development. We can help on a great number of aspects within the digital realm, from SEO to Social media strategy.

But the aspect of our website design service which is probably most useful is our flexibility. We don’t believe that every client is the same and we understand that people change their mind. We’re here to meet the needs of all our different clients with ease and without fuss.