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The home of London,Surrey & Essex's premium personal trainers, we have helped thousands of people get in the best shape of their life's. So its only right that we help you.

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177 customer reviews

27 October 2020

At first i was worried about my constant back pain which has gotten worse due to my job role, I initially wanted to fix it before attempting to lose weight and my trainer listened to me and was able to create a plan for me during and outside of our sessions, 6 months later and my back has never felt better.

23 October 2020

Got the results I wanted I am happy

13 October 2020

Slowly but surely making progress which is what i wanted

5 October 2020

Huge fan of Rebecca’s training style she does what it says on the tin

17 September 2020

Gained more toned muscle in 6 months than i did when i was going to the gym for 3 years!!!!

3 September 2020

gained my strength back that I lost during lock I am more than happy with my results

31 August 2020

Coming back from a football injury I decided to drift away from football as I wanted to start working out just to stay fit and I must say they have made the transition easy, i'm always learning something new which makes me want to come to each session even more

24 August 2020

top top pt will use again when i'm ready

22 August 2020

I've been trying to get in contact with my old personal trainer i hired through purify to say thanks but i can't seem to get through i would just like to say you changed my life for the better and i'm happy i made the decision to start training with you in 2018 and i wish you all the best with your travels.

1 July 2020

So far i have lost 4 kilos in a month, i have been trying to lose weight for years but its just never worked out so i'm pretty pleased at the moment.

18 June 2020

I love the fact that i can workout in my garden i think its a huge motivator for me as i literally don't have to go anywhere as liam my trainer comes to me

24 May 2020

I believe online coaching is the way forward if you have some sort of gym knowledge but you just want that cemented plan which is going to get you the results.

20 May 2020

You could literally see my bones before i began one to one sessions with my pt i just compared some pictures and the difference is crazy

17 May 2020

Its more than just about getting fit with these guys, my personal trainer makes me feel like its just me that he trains, he's always checking up on me, making sure that I'm staying on track and ALWAYS asking if there's any problems with things such as my nutrition plan/workout routines/motivational levels, I'll be honest i can't fault Adam one bit!

14 May 2020

Huge addition to my daily routine and the workouts are even more worth it when family members and friends can see a difference

12 May 2020

I have always been fit and ate healthy but i struggled with motivating myself to workout from time to time and this has helped

11 May 2020

Top notch coach, my diet has never been so easy to follow and the workouts are fun as well

11 May 2020

Boxercise is my new favorite thing to do on a Sunday, i reckon its because its completely different to what I've done in the past.

10 May 2020

My mental health was deteriorating due to being on lock down for so long,i think having someone that wasn't a family member to talk to a couple of times a week helped a lot. Overtime i have started to see a change in my body so all in all it was a very good decision. More...

8 May 2020

Really motivating and fun i needed this.

7 May 2020

I think if i had to say one thing for those hesitant to start,it would be to start now, i was wasting valuable time at least a month's worth and now i wish i had that month back as the results have already showed 3 months.

2 May 2020

My favorite class is definitely abs mania i feel like it never gets easier but its worth every second.

2 May 2020

gradually getting on my feet but my hard work is starting to show

29 April 2020

You know its been a good class when you can barely walk!

27 April 2020

My wife recommended this company to me as i have always challenged myself fitness wise and it was probably her best decision yet.

26 April 2020

Proper down to earth people from the live chat to the social media team and the online personal training services they offer as well. I really like the classes and i intend not to stop More...

25 April 2020

Julie is a fab pt! i love her and i also love how much she enjoys her job you can just see her passion!

25 April 2020

My results so far have been life changing, i only noticed the difference after reviewing my before and after pictures and i am over the moon

24 April 2020

From a beginners point of view I have found online coaching very rewarding and interesting, I never thought it would work for someone like me but I was proven wrong I guess

23 April 2020

I've been a member of purify for the past year now and the service hasn't dropped since day one, online coaching works for me as i workout in the early hours of the morning so i can't commit to having to see someone every session, my initial goal was to gain 3 kilos of lean muscle, we're currently 5 kilos up and I'm looking to do a show next year hopefully.

8 April 2020

i went from 1-2-1 online sessions to group sessions and now i switch between the two throughout the week and it just does the job!

8 April 2020

These past 2 weeks have been nothing but superb, the online classes are just what i needed,quick,efficient & motivating.

29 March 2020

Quick and time efficient workouts

29 March 2020

Purify has honestly changed my life, i’ve been training outdoors with Keanu for 3 months now and I genuinely feel fitter than ever. We’ve had to move training sessions online for the past 3 sessions due to everyone self isolating but it's a lot better than I thought it would be! More...

27 March 2020

Working out for me isn't about having a specific goal other than to feel healthy and this does the job

23 March 2020

my initial goal was to lose 6 kilos in at least 4 months and i can happily say we reached the goal.Now my next goal is to lose 10 kilos in the next 8 months it'll be tough but i believe in myself.

21 March 2020

No faults,brilliant service & honest

21 March 2020

I've been training with my trainer Jess for 2+ years now and she's literally like a friend to me, she's so caring and kind and from the beginning she's been transparent about how long things take to achieve in the fitness world ect i can't recommend her anymore.

18 March 2020

Due to the virus going around i've been doing online personal training for the last 3 weeks and its a game changer for sure.

17 March 2020

If I'm honest i thought i was really fit before going into this but if i compare where i am now to where i was before i started. ..... wow I'm a completely different person. More...

16 March 2020

i didn't know home personal training was a thing, its so convenient and fun!

14 March 2020

I'm currently 6 kilos down and we've got to lose another 4 before my wedding, the process has been really fun so far so i am more than confident i'll reach that goal

12 March 2020

Adam is very enthusiastic and easy to work with. He keeps things interesting with a wide variety of exercises so you are never going to get bored. He knows what he is doing and gives good advise for outside the gym as well. I worked with him with goal of losing fat and weight and by the end of our block of 20 I lost 8 kg. I can definitely see the difference in my body and I can feel more energetic than before. More...

7 February 2020

Having had previous injuries in the past i was worried about starting a rigorous routine but they understood my problems and my goals and i am happy with the process so far!!!

2 February 2020

i have been training with my pt adam for roughly 2 years now and i feel like i get lighter/stronger with every session.

17 January 2020

Signed up for my work charity boxing match in june, and i never understood how intelligent you have to be to box, its such a taxing/thinking sport but i'm loving it.

11 January 2020

I've always wanted to learn how to box but i never thought it would be this fun!!!!