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For all property needs, there is Property Makeover Ltd. With our wealth of experience and in-depth expertise we are in a position to provide home improvement and property makeovers to the highest possible standard.

Our team of engineers, builders, plumbers, electricians, Gas Safe engineers, decorators and handymen have all been handpicked on the basis of their professionalism and the quality of their workmanship.


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18 January 2021

Without doubt we will use Property Makeover again and I have no problem recommending their services. Professional, friendly and quick response, finishing job to great standards and most important always there for the costumer no matter what. Highly recommended.

29 November 2020

There is now words to describe how professional those guys are, from the star to the end they were making sure I was happy with their service and I do 100%. Never have I ever saw real hard working people and with a lot of care of there customer happens. Customer comes first now money I like that and I will definitely use there service again 100% without a doubt. Thank you guys again More...

12 October 2020

Working with Property Makeover Ltd was a fantastic experience. All work was carried out efficiently with excellent communication throughout.

6 October 2020

Ask this company to do remodeling of my flat. Very effective and no time was wasted. Standard is grate and good aftercare. Unlike many other people I used before, Tony was there as soon as I had some concerns, even after everything was done. Highly recommended More...

2 June 2020

Good quality, Professional and very on time.

2 June 2020

We had great service from Property Makeover through the initial design, architecture and planning and construction phases. The quality of the build is really good Our project manager, Tohid, and contractor, Steve, were great and we are very pleased with our House extension, we love our new kitchen. highly recommended to everyone. More...

7 May 2020

Having used Property Makeovers for the first time I was very happily surprised at their responsiveness. The service they provided was excellent. Now I can look forward to cooking in my newly fitted kitchen! More...


Not all garages are suitable for a straight conversion. Old garages, particularly those that were built more than 25 years ago, often have inadequate structural strength and brittle foundations. To be sure, you will need to be advised by an architect or contractor as to whether your particular foundations are strong enough. If they aren't, it is not unusual for garages to be knocked down and then rebuilt from scratch. However, if your garage is made of brick or block and was constructed within the last 25 years, the chances are it will be eligible for conversion without too much alteration.

In terms of adequate garage size -most single car garages in the UK are suitable for some type of conversion. If you are unsure however, it is worth asking friends, family or neighbours who have had garage conversions and comparing dimensions.

To find out more please visit our blog at: https://www.propertymakeover.co.uk/post/garage-conversions-a-beginners-guide

Below are the key works that are completed when converting a garage.

1. Replacing the garage door

The garage door must be replaced with a block wall, resistant against rain and wind. This is a straightforward job as it simply involves filling in the space left by the door and (if in the design) leaving room for a window.

2. Flooring

The majority of garages have rough and uneven flooring, and so need to be leveled out with a new layer of concrete. Upon this new slab you will be able to add a nice even carpet or tiled floor.

3. Wall installation and insulation

Stud walls are typically used as the internal structure of a garage conversion, with insulation packed in to increase energy efficiency. Wall types may differ slightly however depending on the type of garage that you have.

4. Door and window installation

Doors and windows are an essential part of making your garage conversion feel like a more integrated part of your home. The amount of windows and doors will be decided on during the design stage and will vary depending on what you are going to use your conversion for.

5. Roof insulation

Much like the walls, the roof will also need to be filled with mineral wool to preserve heat and save energy.

6. Utilities

The extent to which your garage will need new electrical and plumbing work will of course depend on what you intend to use your new space for. Bedrooms and living rooms shouldn’t need more than a few socket installations, while kitchens and bathrooms will require more intricate plumbing and gas pipe work.

To find out more please visit our blog at: https://www.propertymakeover.co.uk/post/garage-conversions-a-beginners-guide

Below are some practical guidelines to help assess your own loft.

What’s Your Roof Type?

There are two main roof types in the UK; the traditional type built before 1965 and the modern “trussed” type built post 1965.

The traditional roof has M shaped rafters that meet in the centre of the loft and must have a minimum height, at its highest point, of 2.2 metres. Anything under this height will not pass building regulations. This measurement is to allow for adequate headspace and to ensure that sufficient insulation can be packed in.

Modern trussed roofs have rafters forming a W shape and a minimum essential height of 2.4 metres to pass building regulations. This modern type of roof is more difficult to convert than the older version, as the W shape of the rafters take up more room in the loft. This rafter structure isn’t impossible to remove, although it is likely to come at an extra cost.

What’s Your Roof Angle?

The steepness of your roof would ideally be 30 degrees or above -as the higher the angle, the higher the central head height and the larger the loft space is to work in.

Does Your Loft Have Enough Space To Begin With?

It is generally advised that your loft measures at least 5.5 metres from side to side and 7.5 metres from the front to the back. This amount of space is considered optimal but is by no means obligatory -if your loft dimensions don’t measure up, smaller loft designs are very often possible.

Do you have enough access space to your loft?

In alignment with building regulations, any loft that is converted into a bathroom, bedroom, study or playroom must be connected to the lower floor by a permanent staircase. It is therefore important to consider the space that will be lost on the floor below to accommodate the stairs leading up. Of course, the steps need not be particularly wide, and in most cases a fixed ladder or spiral staircase will do the job when space below is limited.

To find out more about home suitability for a loft conversion and the necessary administration processes, please visit our blog post at: https://www.propertymakeover.co.uk/post/is-your-house-suitable-for-a-loft-conversion

The actual build stage of a loft conversion varies a lot depending on what type of conversion it is. You can find more about loft conversion types on our guide here: https://www.propertymakeover.co.uk/our-loft-conversion-guide

The company "Property Makeover Ltd" was founded in the summer of 2019, however our team is made up of contractors and tradesmen who have previously worked together and had many years of experience in the construction industry.

We are fully insured and all our work is guaranteed.

We are covered by: Public liability insurance, Employers liability insurance, Installer's all risk cover and Professional indemnity insurance.

For me, there is nothing more fulfilling then helping my customers realise the full potential of their home. It's a real matter of pride -from the very first consultation, right through to the final hour of construction, I make a point of ensuring all we do is to the highest possible standard and that we have achieved maximum customer satisfaction. It's an incredibly rewarding job.

I have always been an entrepreneurial person and have dreamed of owning my own business for a very long time. After spending so many years in the property industry, I gained the confidence and expertise to go out on my own venture. It is, of course, a scary leap to take, however it is such a reassurance to have such a great team of professionals behind me and now I am delighted to be where I am.

With our wealth of experience and in-depth expertise we are in a position to provide home improvement and maintenance services to the highest possible standard. Our team of builders, plumbers, electricians, Gas Safe engineers, decorators and handymen have all been handpicked on the basis of their professionalism and the quality of their workmanship. From small projects and odd jobs to conversions, extensions and renovations, our dedicated tradesmen make a point of ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.


Here at Property Makeover Ltd, we love nothing more than helping our customers realise the full potential of their home and when it comes to loft conversions, we have the expertise to take your loft from a gloomy floor in your house to being a light and vibrant new living space. Our experienced professionals are here to inject creativity into your project and ensure a seamless delivery of the conversion itself.

If you’re looking to create additional living space in your home or simply transform the space you have to suit your lifestyle, Property Makeover Ltd have the experienced professionals to take on your project. We cater to all budgets and specifications, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction at every step.

If you’re lacking the know-how for any awkward jobs around the house then why not let us take care of them for you? No matter how big or small, we have skilled handy-men proficient in sorting out the odd-jobs.

We offer services in the following:

*General property repairs

*Curtain installations

*Hanging pictures

*TV mounting

*Heavy lifting

*Grouting and sealing


*Paint finishes

*Wallpaper installation

*Paper hanging

*French polishing

Our plumbers are experienced, Corgi-registered and Water Industry approved professionals. Within our team we have individuals able to respond to both gas and water related issues as well as boiler specific jobs.

We offer services in the following:

*Boiler service and new installations

*Service of hot water cylinders

*Service of gas pipes

*New thermostat installation

*Service and installation of underfloor heating

*Water softener service

*Service of bathroom fittings

*General plumbing services

Electrical work in any capacity is highly specialised and we insist it is always carried out to the highest possible standard. Our team of electricians are all reliable and experienced individuals with full NICEIC qualifications.

We offer services in the following:

*Domestic wiring installations

*Under-floor heating controls

*Lighting repairs and installations

*Door entry systems and repairs

*Testing and inspections

*PAT’s and PIR’s

*Appliance repairs and installations

When it comes to woodwork, we pride ourselves on workmanship and attention to detail. All our carpenters are hand picked, highly skilled and dedicated to their trade.

The services we offer are installation and repairs for the following:

*Fire doors

*Door sets

*Sash windows

*Staircase and floorboards


*Bedroom furniture

*Hardwood flooring

*Fencing, gates and garden decking

*Loft ladders and hatches

From simple home projects to larger installations and refurbishments, we have tradesmen with years of practical experience ready to make your dream kitchen or bathroom come true. With our in depth expertise, we can guarantee quality of workmanship and ensure all jobs are completed to specification and within budget.