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I am a dramatherapist. This is a creative form of therapy which includes the body, this has been shown to be useful for trauma informed work. The drama and creative tools used within the therapy can offer distance where material may be overwhelming or where memories may have gaps.



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I love that dramatherapy can offer creative new ways to look at problems. I believe and have witnessed that change and healing is possible. I love being alongside my clients on their healing journeys.

I worked as a school mentor for a number of years and found I did not have the mental health skills required to meet the needs of some of the students being referred. I retrained first in talk therapy but for me this approach did not seem to get into some of the issues. I loved training in dramatherapy, the creativity and adaptability of the approach offer a range of models for exploring the therapeutic material.

Maybe you have tried some talk therapy before and not found it helpful.
Maybe in the past, creativity has helped you to express feelings - maybe you have turned to certain music or films when you are confused or angry or sad.
Maybe you are looking for a therapist with a trauma informed approach.
Maybe you have been turned away from other therapies for being either too broken or not serious enough for a particular style of therapy. Dramatherapy is non judgemental; whatever your personal history or medical diagnosis there are ways to work in a dramatherapy framework.



Video based therapy sessions. These are still creative therapy sessions, they may include movement, play, story making, online role playing games, art making, visualisation with green screens and other creative interventions.

For this service, you pay for a batch of 6 email exchanges and the therapist will respond to your message on a set day each week.
The emails may include creative tasks such as creating your family tree, creative writing or recording a voice note about a behaviour cycle.

Creative therapy approach using chat based instant messaging services to role play and explore themes.

Eco therapy, also known as nature therapy or environmental arts therapy.
This is a walking based therapy which uses the natural world around us to explore the therapy themes.
May include stories and mythology or nature to explore life purpose and direction.
Being outside is an embodied form of therapy which allows us to connect with natures healing.

Unfortunately due to Covid 19 and building work, this is not available at this time.
Please contact us if you would like to know when this service restarts.

A new group will soon be starting to creatively explore dreams, nightmares and the unconscious.

This group is for adults who have experienced displacement within their childhood, perhaps frequent house moves or school changes.
It will creatively explore how to build secure roots as an adult without that early foundation.

This group opens with a time of sharing and closes with a group trauma tapping.
Trauma tapping connects with pressure points on the body to release tension and to relieve pain. It helps to stop numbing out and return to our physical sensations. It has been used to support communities who have experienced severe trauma.