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We here at Pixelate Photography and Artwork are a grass roots company with a wealth of knowledge and material to provide our services to you and our community. Providing high quality photography services, physical prints and canvas and locally and worldwide.



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As Ansel Adam said "you don't take a photo you make it", meaning there is usually a lot of background work that goes into taking a great photo. Knowing your subject and the environment it will be in and capturing the moment perfectly is a very good process and approach to take.

I would like to know the style and overall theme of the project, to give me the scope and ideas that the project would start with. I would then develop those ideas with the client so we could see a vision for the project and could move to implementing our project tasks.

It gives the freedom to express myself in the form of a definite skill. This kind of approach and process has always been the way I do things. I take a subject, know it and then capture a shot that I fell captures the moment that the subject was in. My art and photography is necessary about the subject but more about the moment captured around them. This I feel gives great depth and emotional field to each piece. Theme include monochrome stills and candid shots, I'm all about capturing the moment.

Funny enough I discover art and photography after a mental health diagnosis, I found it helped me cope with my life on a daily basis and with tine I have become very well and happy with it. I started entering online competitions and I'm now a curator and affiliate marketer for that website. I got into stock photography and then I was hooked. I started the company in 2016 and with hard work it gone from strength to strength.

I provide a premium service, meaning I have a very thorough process from the consultation phase to inception to the finished product in your hands. I have and eye for detail and know an opportunistic golden moment when I see it. Clients will be provided with portfolio of previous work upon first meeting.