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We specialise in digital marketing services on social media platforms. We were made for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and other major social platforms. Our creative and data-driven practices will drive engagement and conversions for your business.

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Solving problems! I love being able to help and develop other businesses which usually is something the owner/s are very passionate about. Every day my team and I develop strategies and bring real value to people's businesses via the power of social media and to top it off I get to mix my own passions (Tech + Reading + Psychology) and become very informed about the needs and wants of my client's audiences. The social media space moves very fast and things change sometimes overnight! But I am passionate about my job and ultimately about small - independent businesses especially in this current climate.

I started my own business after working in marketing for many years. I enjoyed the people and building systems part of the job, however, I just felt that I couldn't just thrive under micromanagement. I had always been passionate about social media (from building myspace sites - remember that!) and helping out with friends social media management. I invested thousands of pounds in my education and learnt the ropes over the years from trial and error. When I was confident enough I became a freelancer, however, as I gained experienced I became overwhelmed with clients so I took the decision to build an agency and train my inhouse first-team so that that we could better serve our client's needs.

At our core, we are a solid, communicative team of knowledgeable individuals who have come together to create a digital marketing agency. We thrive on creativity, finesse, determination and most importantly, results. Our niche is developing robust social media campaigns that truly help our clients reach their business goals. We implement tried and tested emotion-evoking content strategies that drive engagement as well as conversions for your business.

After an initial deep dive into your brand’s DNA, assessing your business model, objectives, and identifying your social media marketing goals, we create an inspired plan for your business that will cut through to your customers in order to build a long lasting relationship and in return, deliver a strong ROI.


-Create social media pages for you
-Create relevant posts & content suited your industry
-Engagement with your any comments non-business specific
-Schedule content best suited to your audience
-Reporting and analytics-based off relevant data we can optimise and refine
-Keeping content abreast with relevant industry news
-Full audit of all your social media pages
-Competitor analysis - look at numbers
-Strategy development - what is your ideal goal. How to take to from A to B
-Community management - participating in discussions, listening to customers, building awareness and authority. For the purpose of which to drive eyeballs back to your pages
-Contest & promotions (if any)
-Written articles/blogs

Setting up a funnel includes building out all the pages with easy to use usability, mobile optimization, integrating with their email auto-responder (possibly programming the follow-up emails too), consultation on copywriting and graphics, and adding the Facebook Pixel to all pages in their funnel.

It also takes time to constantly tweak and optimize based on daily data reviewed via analytics. Essentially when you build a sales funnel, you create a tool that is a virtual employee selling for you 24/7

The funnel brings customers through a series of pages which brings the customer closer to closing the sale.

A Facebook Ads campaign which is custom-built for you includes researching target audiences, creating multiple ad variations per audience or ad set, split testing, tracking, scheduling, reporting and optimisation which generally happens which we can gather enough data to make the best decision to increase ROAS.

Each campaign will be different so this will depend on the nature of your business and what you're objectives are.

Brainstorming a social media strategy
Developing a content plan
Setting up or auditing social media profiles.

and much more