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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Don’t run - I’m here to help, and I’d love for us to have a FREE online connection session where we can get to know one another—no strings attached. It usually last 45mins to 1 hour.

Please read my reviews and watch the short video uploaded onto the Bark system, which, hopefully, will give you a better sense of me.

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31 March 2024

I had my free session with phil and had no pressure to have any more he left it up to me I decided a week later to continue working with phil. I used to wake up every morning dreadingthe day ahead but after my sessions with phil I wake up and am excited for the day ahead he is an amazing therapist and a wonderful human being 10 out if 10 just wish I could have met him in person thankyou phil x More...

2 October 2023

Like many who are looking for a therapist, you are looking to help yourself get back on track. I was no different, but I had already seen two therapists where both just didn’t click.

Having never seen a therapist prior, I guess I didn’t know what I was looking for, until I met Phil.

There was an instant connection (he’s just that type of person who is calming, friendly and puts you at ease).

What I liked about his approach instantly was the first ‘get to know you’ session.

He wants to know he can help you, and you’ll want to know how the chemistry is.

He doesn’t take everyone on, prefers less clients and more input, so not a money grabbing business hogging person, he just wants to help!

I also like his payment formats, only go into this if you are prepared to commit, Phil doesn’t accept people who are looking for a one session fix… life doesn’t work like that.

Since my first session with Phil, I have been me again. We have zero pressured chats, I feel relaxed and confident in talking to him, and I miss speaking to him in the 7 days between sessions.

Not only have I seen and felt a huge difference since seeing Phil, my family and friends, and work for that matter have seen positive changes and results also… this would not have, and could not have happened without Phil.

Perhaps it was fate that the first two therapists didn’t work out for me, didn’t feel right… without that I’d never have met Phil.

I’d never even been on bark before but when you feel there is no where to go, you research in places you may not usually have gone to, thank god I did!

He will never agree when I say he’s been a saviour and a huge factor in my turn around, but he really has, and that’s no exaggeration, just facts!

I feel he thinks about me during the week (which is always nice to know when suffering) by sending me little links to watch that may relate to our last session or just for me as a person generally.

I would strongly advise speaking to Phil, if you are reading this and still unsure of taking that step, my advice to you is do it, you’ll never look back and be so happy that you did!

As a guy, we often don’t like talking about our problems, I’d never really done so before, however Phil has changed all of this for me, and I feel happy, rejuvenated, and in a much better more positive place.

Thank you as always Phil, you are a rock and a genuinely great human!

2 September 2023


Enjoyed my sessions with Phil. He created a space where I felt safe and heard. He helped me understand there is nothing wrong with my thinking and I have the power and thought to change my circumstances if I so wish. He also sends cool videos.

26 March 2023

After a period of feeling completely lost, I got in touch with Phil and I am so grateful of the sessions we’ve had since then. I immediately felt understood, listened to and that there was a way back to finding myself again. Over the past 9 months I have made huge changes in my life that I thought were never possible thanks to these sessions - I could not recommend Phil enough! More...

31 October 2022

I had a fab time with Phil though sadly it was online - would have love to meet him face to face but I'm over in Dublin.

I met with three other coaches before Phil but Phil was the only one who sat with me for an hour free of charge just to see how we could work together.

I've been a worrier and a hypochondriac as far back as I can remember. I had six sessions and enjoyed each of them though to be honest I really had my major breakthrough in the second session. Phil is so easy to talk to. It felt as though I'd known him for years. I do still have my worries but as Phil often said - that's human. But my worries no longer destroy my life as they used to and the hypnochondria has diasappeared altogther. It no longer seem to make sense even when I do it.

Oh - and the sessions were great fun - even when I cried. Highly recommend Phil. Cheers Phil. Hopefully when I'm in London we can have that coffee.


5 October 2022

What can I say? A work colleague, who'd worked with Phil over one year ago and had a major breakthrough that changed her life, suggested I speak with him to help with my anxieties.

In short, I've been in my job for ten years. Though it's a fantastic job, it comes with its stresses. To be honest, I was fine for the first few years, but slowly it's taken its toll and my mental health plummeted and my work performance has deteriorated as has my private life.

In hindsight, it's funny because, although my colleague had suggested that Phi was very relaxed, I still expected the sessions to be serious. After all, mental health is a serious issue.

Phil put me at ease immediately. The sessions were the opposite of serious. It's odd to suggest that they were fun but they were. Not always, of course, but mostly.

But this is the point I wanted to make in offering up this review. I only met Phil online because I live in the US, and he's in the UK. But he was as kind, considerate and attentive as anyone I've met in my life. He listened and when he spoke it was sort of odd, in a good way. Before the session, I really did think he'd ask me to talk about very private things and my relationships. But he did no such thing though I'm guessing sometimes he does. This won't make sense unless you meet him, but Phil helped me to break through 'untruths' as he calls them and he explained things in a way I'd never considered before. After five sessions my anxieties faded. It was a strange feeling to wake each day and not be plagued by the thoughts I used to have. I used to dread going to work but now, it has its moments, but I'm back to enjoying it again. And my friends and colleagues have all said I'm back to my old self again. Which is incredible given I've only spoken with Phil 5 times.

This review I guess is to promote Phil. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again and can highly recommend him. In fact, I've asked my Mum to work with him and that's got to be the best recommendation I can offer to you if you're reading this. I wouldn't recommend my Mum unless I was certain of someone.

If you're looking - go for it. I'm sure you'll come out laughing and changed for the better.

Thank you Phil.

Melissa (email not provided as I didn't work with him from the system he's using)

29 July 2022

Phil has been a great person that comforted me though this process and been so easy to talk with.

7 July 2022


I have a very strong belief that all of us need professional help at different points in our lives. Our perceptions of the world can leave mental scars and effect how we process things and inevitably there are things you just can't get through by yourself.

I found myself needing help this year and what I found in Phil I haven't found anywhere else before. I had been at my greatest lows for the best part of a year, and I got to a point where things were getting better (beginning to overcome an addiction) but I could not move past deep anxiety and a hatred of myself. I met with Phil only a few times but his understanding, perception and view of the world has had a profound effect on me over the last 4 months.

I am immensely grateful for the guidance and different perspective that Phil shared with me and would highly recommend reaching out to him. He is incredibly easy to talk to and open up to. Sessions with him don't feel overly formal or constrained by the clock.

I have no doubt that life will throw other curveballs at me in the future and I will need help at different points. I can only hope that Phil will be available when it does!

Thank you Phil. For caring, hearing and helping

2 February 2022


I always thought there was a problem with me, I was a lost cause and I was going to continue to struggle. Phil showed me that your not broken, there’s nothing wrong with you, you just have to have someone show you that’s true. I was apprehensive about taking a step to let someone in and help me but Phil is amazing. Never did I feel judged or be told I had to feel a certain way. Phil signposted a lot of things for me to think about but also let me take what I wanted from our time together. I will continue my sessions with Phil as I really think it helps me see the world differently and for the better More...

20 January 2022


I would absolutely recommend getting in touch with Phil if you’re thinking about it. I was in that position and realised - there’s nothing to lose, and am very thankful I did.

He has such a warming presence and manner and the sessions I had were very laid back. We talked about whatever was on my mind, and he would listen carefully, sharing his experiences and outlook on life, as well asking poignant questions to make me think carefully about myself. I left these chats always feeling like I had more clarity, and just lifted up.

It’s easy to see that he’s genuinely looking out for you, as he’s very generous with his time and has a very no-pressure attitude.

Thank you Phil.

16 January 2022

I can’t express in words how much I enjoy the sessions with Phil and I feel very lucky to have come across his profile here on Bark! I contacted Phil after I felt like I hit rock bottom – my life wasn’t really going in the direction that I wanted and I felt trapped in my hopelessness. Actually, I didn’t have much hope that taking this step was going to help me either – mind you, I am the person who previously stormed out of the traditional therapy room due to not seeing the point of being bombarded with so many personal questions out of a sudden (!)

From the outset, the sessions with Phil were special: his genuineness and warmth made me instantly feel connected and comfortable talking to him (oh, and also, he has an excellent sense of humour!). When I didn’t really know how to express my feelings, Phil somehow always said exactly what I needed to hear – and, without having to dwell on details of painful past experiences or apply “strategies”, our discussions have always gently pointed me in the direction of the answers I was looking for.

Even after the first session, I’ve had the most wonderful feeling of freedom I could imagine – I saw for the first time that being at the mercy of my own thinking was completely optional. The sessions with Phil have since then been eye-opening, insightful and refreshing, with more to learn and more to understand every time. I can barely recognise myself from the message I sent to Phil a while ago – I owe to Phil all that I’ve become in the present.

Phil has given me the courage to embrace all the joys and all the occasional and unavoidable losses or disappointments, the ability to smile in abundance, to allow myself to fall in love with life and be curious and excited for what the next day will bring me and, most importantly, in front of what seems like a scary and uncertain future – the ability to walk lightly through it all.

Phil is a legend and I couldn’t recommend him more!

4 January 2022


I’d trundled along for over 10 years without telling anyone (even family) that I’d been struggling mentally.

I’d not spent the entire 10 years in the absolute pits ALL of the time but I took a trip every so often- and one day I hit a particularly low point. The way that I was thinking was starting to affect my career and I felt like the act/ character that I had been playing (well, I think) was starting to crack in a way that I believed was apparent to colleagues and friends.

At my wits end and what was left of my life feeling like it was unraveling, I finally decided to seek help, when I came across Phil. I felt like his profile suited my needs, and I was not disappointed.

From initial communication, to the actual sessions and then follow up emails, Phil came across as warm and genuinely caring. As someone who had been clammed up for a decade, I had no issues with sharing anything with Phil. The way he reciprocated everything I said made me feel at ease and comfortable.

His methods were not what I was expecting but I am SO happy with how everything was delivered and discussed, and that it wasn’t what my own idea/ belief of what ‘therapy’ was.

Talking to Phil was one of the best decisions that I ever made, and I’m starting to experience mental peace that I haven’t felt in my adult life before. I couldn’t recommend him more. Thank you Phil.

19 November 2021


Before speaking with phil I was in the worst place I’ve been in. It was beginning it effect my relationship with my partner and everyday life was miserable.
There were times when I wouldn’t want to wake up or get out of bed, let alone go to work or see my family.
After speaking with phil I feel like my eyes have been opened and my brain has just completely opened up and I can see the world in a different way. I only had two sessions with phil but after the first one I knew I was fine, happiest I’ve ever been I only had the second session to ask him questions about what we had spoken about.
I believe that talking to phil is solely the reason why I’m now in the best place I’ve been in mentally and physically and I’ll be thankful for him everyday.
Absolutely fantastic 10/10

23 July 2021


Phil was my guardian Angel when I needed one! I have suffered with anxiety since the age of 19. I hit my lowest at the beginning of this year and I didn’t see myself getting any better until I met Phil. He put me at ease from the minute I spoke to him and I knew 10 minutes into speaking with him I wanted him to help me. After only a couple of sessions with Phil I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can happily say I haven’t felt anxious or had a panic attack in nearly 4 weeks.. which is a huge breakthrough for me.
I don’t know how but he makes me feel better every conversation I have with him and I leave every session feeling so much more reassured, relaxed and happier.
I never had “therapy” until I met phil but I would recommend him to anyone and will continue to use him, if & when I ever need him! Thank you for making me feel content again!

6 June 2021

Phil is an amazing guy. I’d recommend him if you’re looking for someone easy to talk to. He helped me open up and think better. definately recommend

10 October 2020


I first started working with Phil in August 20 as I had a lot of things to get off my chest. I wasnt able to deal with what was going on in my day to day life and so I reached out for help/guidance. Phil responded very quickly to my enquiry and within a couple of days, we had the initial online consultation.
Straight away Phil made me feel calm and at ease as I had never had Proffesional therapy before so was very anxious.
Within the first consultation, I knew I felt comfortable expressing what was going in my world and 5-6 sessions later, I felt as good as new again.
Phil was very much able to boil down on the fundamentals I had going on and help me see and understand things in a different light.
I genuinely found my journey with Phil extremely interesting, fun and I cannot thank him enough! I feel great and am so much more at peace without all the anxiety and stress etc!
I cannot recommend Phil enough.

1 October 2020


Thanks to Phil for his prompt and caring response. He is now greatly helping my partner who is having a hard time at the moment. Many thanks Phil.

23 September 2020


Phil is an amazing guy.
He helped me immensely in a calm and professional way.

11 September 2020

I would highly recommend having a chat with Phil. His calmness and wonderful words have made such a tremendous impact on me. I look forward to our sessions and feel lucky that we were able to connect. More...

31 July 2020


Phil was absolutely brilliant and I really resonated with his approach! I made some big mindset shifts in just a few sessions and my outlook and perspective is now changed so much for the better, I can’t recommend him any higher 🙏

30 July 2020

I am so grateful that I found Phil. I actually feel at a loss for the correct words to describe how Phil has helped me. I feel such a weight lifted from my shoulders since the sessions I've had with Phil. It's difficult to describe with words the impact that it's had on my life ... I'm still the same person but I feel healthier Mentally--I don't think I've ever felt so clear headed in my life. Phil was able to help me uncover the truth about my feelings within only 2 sessions. I always feel at ease, comfortable un-judged and understood during our chats. He helps me to find the words when I'm struggling to make sense of something.
I have never spoken with anyone in this professional type of format before meeting Phil -- and I was really scared to talk to somebody about private issues... But Phil made me feel comfortable and at ease every step of the way.
To anyone who is reading this and wondering whether or not to work with Phil - DO IT. He's amazing. I have already recommended him to several friends of mine.
Thank you Phil!

13 July 2020

When I first contacted Phil, I was in a dark place and had been for some time. I had gone through months of counselling, could not be offered any more sessions and was feeling particularly vulnerable. I sent him an email and within an hour, he emailed back to arrange a "get to know one another" chat and believe me, this flew by. There was no pressure at the end of this chat to book a session with him and the chat was simply to see whether or not I felt like he was someone that I wanted to work with. Straight away, I knew that I wanted to book a session and I have never looked back. Phil is a heartwarming guy who can make you instantly feel at ease and he is so passionate about the work that he does. I have previously read comments on his page and I now get what people mean when they say that something just clicks and suddenly you have a whole new outlook on life. His sessions are so relaxed and we have laughed together and cried together, and I actually look forward to each upcoming session with him. If you are looking for someone to help you, he is likely to be your guy. Thanks to Phil, I have remembered how to appreciate and enjoy like and for that, I am thankful. More...

27 June 2020

Life Coaching

Phil is a great guy to work with. He’s very laid back and makes you feel at ease straightaway. I don’t know how he did it but something in me changed. It’s like a huge heavy mantle has been lifted from my shoulders and I’m free of all the worries, pressures and stress I was struggling under and had been for years. I now look at life differently and everyday is an adventure! I awake in the morning looking forward to the day ahead instead of wanting to bury my head on the duvet.
I’m now enthusiastic about life and want to “Be the Best” I can be.
I thoroughly recommend Phil if you want to change your life!
Phil I Thankyou 😜

20 June 2020


Phil changed my whole angry outlook on life. Before seeing him life at home with my parents and teenage brother was awful and i was desperate to move out and be rid of my family. A family member suggested i see him and i met him in london for a few hours to talk. Those hours changed my life. Phil made me feel comfortable enough to open up and talk and he never once criticised me but gave suggestions as to how i could manage my anger and was bold enough to hint that all the blame for how i was feeling was not everyone else's fault. I came home a different person and the positive affect it has had on the whole house has been amazing. For now i don't feel i need to see phil again but he will be the first person i will contact should i feel my anger is returning. Thank you Phil.
And just to add he has got a great sense of humour

20 June 2020

I had a session with Phil when life was getting too much and work was overwhelming me (managing a care home. ) He helped me change my entire outlook to work and i learnt how to remain calm in the most stressful situation. Phil is more therapeutic than a bottle of red wine and his session was, in my view, worth every last penny as life has been considerably more relaxed since our virtual meeting. I don't feel i need to speak to Phil again for further sessions (and he never pushed for it unlike previous therapists) because i feel on track with my life BUT i will keep his number should i ever feel myself dipping again. HE IS BRILLIANT AND I CANT RECOMMEND HIM ENOUGH More...

5 June 2020

Life Coaching

Phil is for me the light at the end of the tunnel.
He is such an amazing person and professional!
I will be forever grateful for the patience he had and still has with me, for showing me the way from the darkness towards the light, never giving up on me even during the bumps we encounter in our sessions.
Phil reminds me that is always hope and is always a way to go “home”, that place where we are whole and complete, happiness In its rightful place.
Also the constant reminder that our thoughts are our biggest ally and is all up to us which place we choose to be in our life.
Many thanks Phil.

27 May 2020


I had two sessions with Phil and it helped greatly. This was my first time reaching out to someone and I was feeling anxious and a little apprehensive but Phil put me at ease the moment he said hello. He is such a wonderful guide to speak with and I feel like I have made a friend for life. I highly recommend Phil 5 stars :) More...

25 May 2020

Phil has honestly been exceptional. I have had 4 sessions with him and I can’t believe the outlook I now have compared to 4 weeks ago. Phil makes you see things in different ways. He is great to talk to and even better to listen too! So thankful I stumbled across his name. Thank you Phil :) More...

3 May 2020

If you read a few of these reviews you might see words to the effect “It’s hard to put into words what Phil has done for me”. I find myself in the same position as these other reviewers - and entirely happy to be here. Simply put, Phil’s approach is about simplifying things and about helping people to find their own personal truth. To go further in description is impossible, as what he offers is much deeper - yet still totally accessible - just not easily described. I was all about complexifying things and quite enjoyed getting mixed up in difficult theories (which were usually not applicable to me at all) so it took me a little while to ‘get it’ but then it dawned on me and I’m so happy it did. Beyond the fact that Phil is a genuinely gentle, caring person, his unusual and very interesting real life experience adds an extra dimension to his understanding and empathy. I can’t recommend him enough. More...

2 May 2020

My partner asked me if I would see someone as we were having some issues, I agreed but was somewhat sceptical, my partner found Phil online and we made contact. The first stage was to meet up for a coffee and a chat, a connection meeting as Phil calls it, after which he agreed to work with me. Our first session we met face to face, he asked me what I wanted to get out of our time together and then we chatted about where change comes from, what is thought, truths, principals and life in general and before I knew it, an hour and a half had elapsed. Phil then said to me wow we've spent all this time talking and we have not even mentioned the issue I went to him with. I left our meeting and returned home and somehow I felt lighter, happier and the world seemed a much better place. Our next two sessions were online due to the lockdown but continued in much the same way, Phil never gave me any strategies to work on only recommended a video to watch. By the end of our third session the door was wide open and I had come home, my time spent with Phil has not only saved my relationship but has lifted a massive weight off my shoulders, given me a spring in my step and as I have already said, the world seems a much better place. This has also been noticed by both my partner and work colleagues. Phil is genuinely interested in you as a person and helping you resolve whatever issue you go to him with, and will not prolong the number of sessions just for the sake of the money, he truly gets pleasure from seeing people like me who think they are broken, realise that they had just become lost and have found their way home. I would say that I do not personally know anyone that would not benefit from spending time with Phil. More...

27 April 2020

Phil changed my life! Before meeting Phil I really struggled with anxiety. Now I am such a stronger person with such a positive outlook on life! Phil always made me feel at ease and we always had a laugh! Get in contact with Phil you won’t regret it! More...

23 March 2020

Life Coaching

Phil was not available for my assignment but despite that and despite not receiving any money he was extremely helpful and supportive and I know next time I will definitely go straight back to him and hope he is available.

12 March 2020

Life Coaching

Well...what can I say! Without echoing the other reviews of Phil, which I completely agree with whole heartedly! My experience over the last month has been a life changer for me! I was SO nervous of reaching out to anyone, let alone a life coach. Phil caught my attention and so I made the big decision to book THAT meeting. It turned out to be one of the best decisions Ive ever made. Not only is Phil a true professional but he is also such an understanding and thoughtful guy, who just gets it! He made me feel totally at ease and made me feel free to talk unconditionally!....After speaking with Phil, he completely made me see and think things in a whole different way..and I am now back on track! Superstar 6 ⭐️ More...

22 January 2020

Well, the words will not do a justice to describe the work that Phil does, as they will fall miserably short.
However as they are the tools I am given to operate here, the words below comes up for me;

Ease, trust, connection, awareness, acceptance, support, introspection, genuine warmth, equality, teamwork, responsibility, leadership, personal power, enjoying just being, letting go, inviting, possibility, change, relativism, positivity, knowing, acting on, perseverance, hope, recognising stability, bringing transformation, living, embracing and celebrating...

The list goes on. I guess, once we are able change our position and our perception - though we will pulled back- we can never go back to the same place. So what we are left with is life full of wonders and us - slowly and slowly learning not to get in the way but- to join in.

Thank you Phil, for showing another way, in your gentle and modest manner.

22 January 2020

An afternoon with Phil left me rather speechless which is not something I say all the time. Our four hours whizzed by on a sunny afternoon in St. James Park. My honest truth is that before meeting Phil my head was full of unhappy thoughts and questions about life and some of the personal relationships I’ve experienced which have gone sour. My fear was that my own unhappiness is driving people away and I’ve not been able to meet that special person in my life.

The more I tried to resolve my own issues, the more I felt trapped within them. Phil lightly pointed my mind in a very different direction and within the few hours together I feel like I learned how to accept those thoughts in my head and not negate them but then also to know that those thoughts and fears would not be there for long.

We are all born happy and content. I walked away after four hours feeling like a new person and since then every day has brought something newer, fresher, more alive than I have felt for a long time.

Phil doesn’t churn out a lot of old clichés or come out at you with positive thinking. Instead, his technique is both easy and vivid.

I would recommend Phil to anyone who is looking for some answers in life and I have already shared his details with others because many of nearest and dearest have noticed a change in me for the better.

22 January 2020

A couch for a meeting, a friend for a lifetime! The line between professional and personal is so thin you don't realise how quick you are confident enough to open yourself to the power or knowing. Highly recommend!



I love waking people up to a wonderful life. I can't think of anything more rewarding to do with the rest of my life.

I started my first business in 1990 as a freelance computer programmer. I then began my second business in 1995 co-owning a large gym in central London. And then I set-up my third business working in hypnotherapy & NLP in 2002...which later transitioned into transformative life-coaching. But what inspired me to open three businesses?... Nothing. I just did what seemed to be the right thing to do at that time!

For one reason only - because it seems like the right thing to do given the things I've said in my profile.

In life, I'm often quiet and enjoy nothing more than being at home with my partner and going out into nature.

With clients I can be quiet too...and loud. I can be fun, but above all, I listen deeply and speak when I think I've have something important to say.

Sessions with me are usually considered to be light-hearted, relaxing...though often challenging and insightful. Please read my reviews - I'd prefer others to speak highly of my work rather than try to explain it to you myself.

I work both face to face (Covid dependent) and online via Zoom too.

Since Covid 99% of my work is online. Depending on the tier we're in I make an adjustment to face to face meetings - walking outside only, sitting socially distanced with masks... it all depends on the tier.


I love online coaching so wherever you are - contact me.

Face to face I prefer to meet initially in a nice cafe and then for the sessions I prefer to work from lovely hotels, or if the weather's good, I enjoy walking through the park, coaching as we go, sitting beneath an oak or finding a quiet park cafe. Helping people does not require a couch or a stale office-like environment.

Helping people to be the best that they can be. Helping people to thrive - despite the circumstances. I think of myself as a catalyst - waking you up to your amazing self.

No matter what's going on with you - there's a way out and there is hope. There's nothing going on with you that I've not already come across in the 20+years I've been working with clients.