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We have been protecting, finding and returning family pets since 2008 with our:- 1) Unique Pet ID Tag protection system, 2) National Lost Pet Register, 3) Local postcode search and Lost Pet notifications service to Vets, Dog Wardens and Pet Rescue Centers, 4) Pet DNA Identification test and storage service.



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Our Pet ID tags are of high-quality metal, each engraved with a unique ID number and a Freephone number. Designed to stand out they link seamlessly to our automated reunification system.

Any finder of your pet will look for an ID Tag with information on how to contact you immediately. We provide you with the ability to register multiple contact details via our ID Tag. You will also have the flexibility to easily update any of your contact details free at a moment’s notice. With your contact details, the finder can contact you to arrange a fast stress-free return of your pet.

As a back-up, we have our very own National Lost Pet Register where you can list your pet free. Your pet's details will also appear on our social media sites.
Through our Local Post Code search your pet details are also sent to local vets, dog wardens, and rescue centers for wider coverage.

You will also have access to Pets Bureau’s DNA Storage and Identification Service for your pets. Developed to combat the rapid increase in pet crime throughout the UK it is available for pet identification purposes.

One easy to take sample provides you with indisputable proof that you are the pet owner. This presents a real deterrent to pets being stolen and ownership disputes. You will have everything you need to prove you are without question the pet’s owner.