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14 July 2010

Like most people I've tried my hand a loads of different fitness things - jogging, yoga, gym, but I always either hate them (like jogging), or get bored (like the gym)! But Caroline's Fit Body Fix is like nothing I've ever done before. The workout sessions are only 45 mins so there's always time to fit one in, and they're really good fun.

Each session is different, so you're not stuck doing the same repetitive routines. Plus the fact that you're doing it with other people makes it far more social and fun. It's nice to be able to compare progress and check that everyone else was aching as much as you were after a session!

I feel healthier and happier doing these workouts and have loads more energy. Even though I opt to go for the morning sessions, I still have more energy now than when I had lazy lie-ins.

Caroline is also great at advising on diet - but advising is all she does. She's not some crazy strict health fanatic who will scream at you if you slip up and have a chocolate bar! She's extremely knowledgeable and has some great ideas/recipes to help you kick start a new healthy eating regime. Even my boyfriend who is just doing the healthy eating part is feeling better and healthier!

I would recommend this to everyone – young and old, fit or unfit!

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14 July 2010

The workouts are great fun with lots of other people. Getting up and out, I always leave the sessions buzzing and ready for a productive day. Since joining my strength, fitness and body shape have improved. This is not only down to the training sessions, but also the nutrutional support and advice that Caroline is on hand to give.

Really love it and wouldn't want to head back to the gym now.

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14 July 2010

After not doing much fitness for about a year I was challenged with doing the 3 Peak challenge for charity. I have only 3 months to get fit and although I have only attended a few sessions i can feel the benefits already. I feel much more energetic and it has increased my fitness when playing sports such as football. I have been so surprised with how quickly I have improved. It is really good to have someone there to help and answer questions and to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be fitter and healthier More...

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10 July 2010

After 6 months of not doing any exercise, I joined fit body fix about a month and half ago, and I feel more energetic and fit than I have been for years.
I have always started working out and given up after few days in he past, as I find it boarding to workout. The great thing I found with Caroline's Fit Body Fix program was that it is a lot of fun as you get to work out with a bunch of other people. So you tend to push a bit harder, specially when we have team activities.
Also there is a lot of support and camaraderie... So it is great fun to work out and I look forward to the next session although it is in the early morning. If I feel a bit lacy, then there is the option to do the evening session.
It is a great price to have a qualified personal trainer to almost personally coach you, without having to pay the big bux. She is always available to answer any questions.
Her nutrition guide and the healthy recopies has really helped me to have really tasty food without having to have the usual junk food that I used to have.
Two thumbs up from me!!!

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