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My name is Lesley, and I have been around dogs for as long as I can remember, and have owned dogs for over 25 years.
I have completed various courses and qualifications in Dog care, including City & Guilds Dog Grooming, EmmiPet UltraSonic Canine Teeth Cleaning, Level 2 Award in Canine Care and Welfare, Level 3 Pet First Aid & CPR, Level 4 Canine Behaviour, Dog Walking, Level 3 Canine Psychology, Canine Communication and Puppy Training to name a few, giving my clients peace of mind when their beloved family member is engaged in grooming, training or walking services with me.

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13 December 2021

Lesley done a wonderful job would definitely recommend her to anyone.
Will keep having Lesley as precious' groomer.

13 December 2021

Our first visit from Lesley today and her knowledge and expertise is first class. We’ve been searching for a dog groomer who could hand strip our cocker spaniel for a while and Lesley was so kind and gentle with Bee and really knew her stuff regarding hand stripping. Bee looks excellent and was instantly put at ease. Would highly recommend this small business. More...

6 December 2021

Dog & Pet Grooming

Listened to what was required and was wonderful patient with 🦊 & 🐻
Have rebooked 🐾🐾

25 November 2021

Amazing! My dogs teeth were thick with plaque and tartar when I asked Lesley about the EmmiPet. Since then, Pudding has had 6 of 10 treatments and her teeth are unrecognisable. There is only a very small amount of staining left on her canines and most of the plaque has already come off her back teeth. Her breath smells so much fresher and she seems happier too. Plus Lesley is great with her! Absolutely 100% recommend the EmmiPet Teeth Cleaning! I will certainly finish the course and continue with Maintenance sessions afterwards. Thanks Lesley! More...

24 November 2021

Really pleased with my Maltese’s’ cut. She’s not the happiest at the groomers and has lots of old lady bumps and lumps! Lesley took these and her personality on board and gave her a great cut. She smelled wonderful too! Thank you More...

24 November 2021

Arthur had his first groom with Lesley yesterday and he looks (and smells!) great. Lesley was really patient with his constant wiggling and gave him breaks when he needed a little rest.

29 October 2021

Lovely Lady! My dog is very big and strong, and needed to be held down, but he gave Lesley a big cuddle at the end. Will book Again!

29 October 2021

I'm so happy with fluffy's cut.
He looks so much better.
​I will definitely be using you again!

29 October 2021

Dog & Pet Grooming

Pawfect Pooch is a great choice to choose for your fur baby. Lesley was amazing with our puppy and he loved her to bits. He was tricky and excitable and this was his first full groom. Lesley was very patient and professional and done an amazing job. 10 out of 10 for a great service. Thankyou Lesley. More...

19 October 2021

I am really happy with the groom that was done for my lhasa apso. He looked really posh with his cute bandana and tidy haircut. I have rebooked for the next groom as well as book my other dog in, and would recommend. Really professional, attentive, and great with dogs! More...

19 October 2021

Excellent , Lesley took her time with my tiny nervous puppy.


What is not to love? I get to spend the majority of my day playing with dogs and getting slobbery kisses.
But in all honesty, the highlight of my day is the owners joy when they reunite with their pawfect pooch after a groom.
It is so lovely to see the happiness in their relationship.

It's a sad story to be honest, but I lost my fur-baby, and it really got me down. He really was my world.
But when I lost him, I re-evaluated everything in my life, and saw an opportunity to pursue a life long dream to work with dogs.
Grooming and training seemed like the most fulfilling options for me, so here I am!

I know how important each animal is to their Pawrents, and when I work with any dog I appreciate how it feels to have a stranger handling the animal. I too am an over-protective pawrent.
I am one of the only groomers locally that gives you the option to stay with your pooch whilst I groom, and I will only suggest you leave the room IF your dog is becoming excitable because you are there. 95% of dogs that I have groomed, have all been much calmer with their mummy or daddy close by, and that often leads to a much better groom.
In addition, the Groom Studio will be opening in 2022, and the "5 Paw" service will continue to offer luxury grooming treatments in a fixed location, as well as some mobile appointments.

No. All of my services are provided in person whether they are grooming, training or walking.

I will work with your requirements. If you would prefer me to wear a mask during any appointments then I will. But in addition, all equipment is sanitised between grooms, as are my hands.
All brushes, clipper blades, scissors and grooming tools are disinfected multiple times a day, and every night are given a strong cleanse in an Ultra Violet cabinet.


A basic 2 shampoo bath with a brush through and blow dry. Perfect for in-between full grooms or as a one off.

Pre-groom, bath with 2 shampoos, brush, Blow Dry, trim/clip/deshed, styling, paws & claws, ears, eyes.

UltraSonic teeth cleaning is a state of the art technology which helps to loosen plaque and tartar from the dogs teeth and gum line gently. It is NOT a descaling treatment, but can help to reduce the need for descaling in a non-invasive manner.

Benefits of Ultra-Sonic Teeth Cleaning:
- This is a state-of-the-art oral hygiene technology which has no movement or vibration, offering a stress free experience for your dog.
- The Ultrasonic waves penetrates deep into the gums and reaches places which many other systems cannot.
- It offers an antibacterial effect which can help to prevent gum inflammation.
- It is proven to improve blood circulation.
- The special toothpaste freshens the breath,
- The overall treatment promotes healthier and cleaner teeth and gums,
- Loosens and breaks down plaque and tartar, and prevents recurrence of plaque and tartar,
- Can help with the prevention of infections in the lip folds of jowled dogs.
- PLUS, there is no need to anaesthetise your dog.

During your initial appointment, I will assess your dog's oral health and the severity of any plaque or tartar build up. I will also check their gum health and capillary refill within the gums to ensure there are no obvious circulatory issues which require veterinary attention.

Your dog will then have their first teeth cleanse using the Ultrasonic brush, and will have their very own brush head, which will be kept for subsequent treatments.
Following their first treatment, I will discuss with you any future treatment plan which may be necessary in achieving the BEST results for your dog and their teeth.

In cases of severe build up of plaque and tartar, it may be recommended to use a daily treatment which I can supply, to help start the loosening process.

A special groom for the babies to help familiarise and desensitise them to the experience of the groom and the equipment used. Includes a bath, gentle blow dry and brush, eyes, ears and nail trim.