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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


At NW Business Mentoring we understand business and work with you to help you achieve your business Goals. My expertise has been gained from running businesses for 30 years, I have started businesses, rescued other's and coached successful teams.

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3 February 2021

Business & Career Coaching

Steve’s a really nice guy first and foremost. That’s what stood out. He’s down to earth, he didn’t come across like a salesmen like the rest. He meets you where you are. I was stressed out at the time and needed some expert help to help guide me through how to execute a proper business plan. Also just having someone to vent to / bounce ideas off, and a neutral sounding board for business advice was so valuable. I’ll continue to get in touch with Steve for business advice. He makes it affordable for you, which is so key when starting a small business, where startup costs can be huge! The advice he’s given me has been useful to put my ideas into perspective, putting the numbers in can help direct some decisions differently to how they could’ve gone without thinking it through. Thanks Steve More...

NW Business Mentoring Ltd

Reply from NW Business Mentoring Ltd

Hi Dan, Thank you for the great feedback, starting a business isn't easy, but taking things one step at a time is the key to getting it right. Regarding the costing, many "Car Saleman" type consultants will try to convince you pay a fixed fee for 2-3 months support without even understanding the scale of the project. My simple approach to charge per session allows you to stay in control and you switch it on and off as required. Looking forward to catching up again soon. Many thanks Stephen

15 January 2021

Stephen helped me to setup my new online ecommerce business, we started back in November and we have been working together on a fortnightly basis since.

The help received has been invaluable and my online business is now thriving and the sales coming in have really exceeded my expectations.

We now average over 3k visitors a month and our conversion rate is increasing every week within the 1st month the sales exceeded my income from fulltime employment. The marketing strategy and advice on social media marketing was the key to our success, thank you Stephen 🙏

Highly recommended to anyone seeking advice on starting your own business.


NW Business Mentoring Ltd

Reply from NW Business Mentoring Ltd

Thank you Carla, it was a pleasure helping you setup such an exciting E-commerce business.

14 January 2021

I worked with Steve at NW Mentoring on a Business Plan for my new business. Steve extremely knowledgeable, creative and flexible in his approach. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and felt he genuinely had the success of my business at heart. I’d thoroughly recommend him to any other new or more seasoned business leaders looking for that spark to ignite their business. Sue McCready (SM Consulting) More...

14 January 2021

Simply great advice and direction to help get my business off the ground. The sessions were delivered at a pace to suit and all documentation provided easy to follow and concise.

3 December 2020

Working with NW Mentoring was a pleasure. Stephen was a great listener and the advice he gave was extremely knowledgeable. I'm sure, thanks to his help we will go from strength to strength. More...


Helping others to achieve their business goals, it's a very rewarding career choice helping others to basically realise not only their dreams but also to reach their full potential.

My family time and regaining my work-life balance, after 30 years developing my skills in various senior positions from Sales Manger through to Managing Director I thought it was time to build something for myself and my family.

I now enjoy the flexibility of managing my own two businesses and the hours I work and really enjoy helping other entrepreneurs to get their ideas off the ground.

I have attained my business acumen not only through gaining 2 degrees, I have actually gained my knowledge and skills through working in business for 30 years, from a production supervisor in the 90's to spending the last 10 years in senior Board Level positions. I have worked my way up the "Ladder" through hard work and an eye for detail.

I have helped to turnaround several struggling businesses and started 4 so I have the practical skills and battle scars to prove I am the right person to get you to where you wish to be!!

Clearly given the current circumstances we can offer both face to face & remote coaching session via Zoom & Teams.

Basically we will work around your situation and offer what is most practical and safe...

Increased safety measures and adherence to social distancing & mask guidelines.


Starting a new business is always an interesting time and experience tells us that getting things right at the beginning can save a lot of time and prevent issues later.

Viewing the new business as an assembly process is a good way to begin. There are a number of essential building blocks needed with no one part being more or less important than the other. However, all parts need to be in the correct place at the correct time thus ensuring that you have laid down a good foundation for the future.

It is beneficial to draft a short business plan, a few pages of A4, to communicate your objectives and how you will achieve them. As you progress, this can be updated and provide a cornerstone of the business as it goes forward.

There are a significant number of tasks and procedures to go through when starting a new business. These range from choosing a trading name, the type of company (sole trader, partnership, limited company), where you will trade from, which bank to use through to notifying the relevant authorities.

Understanding the options and making an informed choice for your business from the start has proven to significantly reduce costs, time and frustration later.

Here are some typical activities and benefits companies can realise from engaging with a business start-up advisor:

Guidance and assistance will be given to the founders to ensure that they understand the advantages and disadvantages of the options in relation to establishing a trading business.

Provide an external independent assessment of the businesses viability and that a market for their products or services does exist and that it exists at the volumes they expect.

Identify any potential legal or other restrictions on the business such as formal registration with trade or legislative bodies.

Evaluate probable competitor actions when the business launches
Identify any grants or other financial incentives the business can utilise.

Start Up Loans is a government backed scheme, providing loans and mentoring to individuals in the UK with a viable business idea but no access to finance. Loans of up to £25,000 are available for people aged 18 or over, living in England and Scotland.

Avoiding the Business pitfalls in growing your business

You’ve pitched and won the contract, and now you’re thinking “How are we going to deliver?” The effort involved in bidding and winning the business has paid off. Staff morale has improved, the company profile has been raised, activity has increased in all areas of operation and there is a general buzz of enthusiasm throughout the


Business Growth is a principal objective for all businesses, but fast growth can just as easily lead to business failure as lack of growth. Handled correctly, you will be able to: increase profits and revenue, create an infrastructure that is robust and scalable, and establish a reliable workforce that can grow with you.

However, statistics show that the “inability to manage growth” is one of the top 10 reasons for SME failure. This is especially true if the company experiencing sudden growth has not properly optimised their internal operations and systems to compensate for the increased demands.

To address these issues, here are some examples of how working with North West Business Mentoring can help:

We provide directors with an external independent review of their current business to identify any issues and offer practical solutions to resolve them.
Working in conjunction with the management team, we help implement the changes necessary to ensure that growth is profitable.
We help company directors to communicate with their employees, ensuring that everyone understands what is happening, when and why.
We assist finance departments to make sure that cash flow is not adversely affected and that management reports are delivered on time.
Using our experience, we help to avoid any unforeseen bottlenecks and address any potential delays so they are quickly resolved and new practices are effectively introduced.
North West Business Mentoring understands that rapid growth can be an exciting but highly stressful time. Our advisers have been through similar experiences and so can lend their skills and knowledge to help your organisation.

Simple to understand solutions & support

We provide sound practical assistance to organisations experiencing growth. They bring many years of experience to help guarantee that your organisation meets the targets and objectives required. They will be able to:

Ensure the correct resources are in place.
Work with the management team to help facilitate effective communications.
Provide independent impartial assistance on the balance regarding increasing risk.
Ensure that cash flow isn’t compromised.
6-12 month independent progress review against the target and or contractual commitment.
Identify and resolve issues where processes and resources are stretched.
Offer practical guidance in regards to introducing new systems such as; CRM, MRP, etc.
Identify and resolve staff training and development issues.
Identify and suggest development for the management team.
Ensure supply chain parameters remain with expected limits.
Ensure adverse trends in performance metrics are addressed.
Engage the management team in ‘what if’ discussions to ensure potential risks are understood.
Identify sources of potential additional funding as a contingent action.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The strength of NW Business Mentoring is the ability to be impartial and call on their experiences to provide focused and objective assistance. Business advisors are good sounding boards to test ideas and aspirations and can offer highly experienced contacts in all aspects of business operation.

Help with overcoming Business Problems

Your experience as a business owner or manager will enable you to solve many problems without help. If your problems are serious or not related to your skill set, it is important to seek specialist help as soon as possible. More than half of the UK’s small businesses fail because of cash flow problems. Most of these businesses could be running profitably now if professional help had been sought at an early stage.
Here are some of the business areas where you may have issues that need to be addressed:

Financial, Crisis Management
Business Turnaround
Cost Reduction
People/Staff/HR Issues
Sales & Marketing
Health & Safety
If your problem is less critical, it can still be cost effective to use outside help. You will save time so you can get back to running your business and also have someone with whom you can discuss ideas. Most managers tend to see the problems and solutions they understand and may give less consideration to those outside their own realm of experience. Sometimes problems are not recognised until it is too late. If problems can be identified early on, they can almost certainly be fixed, but the longer they are allowed to fester, the harder it is to recover.

For example, if your sales are low, is this due to a financial problem (lack of revenue or cash flow or investment), is it a people problem (the sales force is underperforming or are badly managed), or is it a marketing issue (you haven’t researched the market thoroughly, or need to improve your website)? If you go straight to a finance specialist or a website developer, you could be wasting time and money as your problem has not been effectively diagnosed.

Problems tend to get worse rather than go away, so act promptly if possible.

We have experienced a wide range of challenges in many different business scenarios, some severe – but they prevailed and learned valuable lessons which they are eager to pass on. We firmly believe that every problem has a solution – so long as you recognise and diagnose the issue early enough.

We have identified the most important issues you may be facing if you are having Problems with Your Business in the links below – but please do explore the full Expertise menu on the left for a more comprehensive overview of the business disciplines we routinely deal with.

5. R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credit Relief applies to companies liable to Corporation Tax.

There are two schemes, one for small to medium businesses (SMEs) and the other less generous scheme for large companies. The SME scheme applies to companies with less than 500 employees and either a turnover of less than £86m or a balance sheet of less than £100m.

The most generous scheme applies to SMEs and qualifying costs can include salaries/wages, subcontractors, items consumed in the development, utilities and certain software costs.

Qualifying costs incurred during the two years up to your last year-end can be claimed and may result in a reduction of corporation tax due or a cash credit.

Claimants can be technology or science-based or may be a non-technical business who has commissioned a subcontractor to develop software, for example.

You do not have to be a profitable business and in fact, the scheme can be more generous to loss making companies. Typically, the value of the claim is between 25% and 33% of the qualifying costs.

HMRC target to clear claims within 28 days of submission.

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