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Hi, I'm Carmen Lennox (DipNT, CNM, ANP). I am a trained nutritionist with the goal of helping you get the most out of food. Whether you are looking to improve your daily eating habits, reach goals or support any conditions or symptoms - we will work together to create a plan that will nourish you and make eating joyfully fuss free.

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27 May 2021

I’ve been working with Carmen for the past 8 weeks. The week-by-week plans have helped me learn about different aspects of nutrition and led to me understanding my body a whole lot more from my triggers for sugar cravings, to gaining a better understanding of how hormones are affected by nutrition.

The most incredible thing has been Carmen’s support in repairing my relationship with food and my body. This has never felt like a ‘diet’, but more as a way to support my long-term health, and address some issues I’ve been facing with weight imbalance, cravings, heartburn and digestive issues over the past few years. Our appointments have been a safe space, and to be given the opportunity to discuss and appreciate myself as an entire being, rather than just a body has been crucial in my healing.

Carmen’s recipes are simple, delicious, satisfying, and have led to me changing my diet to support my health and wellbeing in a sustainable way. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our online appointments and am so appreciative of the hard work and dedication of Carmen. Not to mention that the weekly booklets are beautifully presented.

Thank you so much! You have equipped me for a healthy and happy life, and made me feel like an individual during the process.

27 January 2021

Carmen has been very friendly and professional. She has helped me achieve my goal without suffering too much 😃 It was a great pleasure working with her and having her by my side. Carmen was very dedicated in her role and prepared diets/recipes/schedules personally for me to help me step into this new healthier world easily (considering how much I love chocolate and sweets). She took good care for me and I managed to lose weight slowly and towards the end I felt stronger and lighter. Thank you so much for all your help. I highly recommend her services and advice to you all! More...


How we eat has a huge impact on how we function. Eating in a way that best suits you will give your body the ingredients it needs to function at its best.

With your new plan, I not only give you action points to implement but also give you the tools and understanding of how foods can help support you to feel your best.

I love interacting with clients and helping them find the joy in food.

Seeing how powerful nutrition and lifestyle can be in changing my own life and health, I wanted to be able to help others create change for the better in theirs.

Using an indepth consultation process, I look to not only supporting your main goals but using the information that you give me will help tell me how best to support your body as a whole.

When it comes to making long lasting change, I believe in giving you all the information and tools you need. Your plans aren't just sent to you via email but include a plan feedback appointment, where we go through your new plan together to make sure you have every opportunity to ask questions and understand why I am asking you to do each point. Alongside this you will be given a personalised handbook full of recipes and tips to help you carry out your new plan.

At this time, I currently only offer consultations via phone or video call. Video calls can be conducted on whichever app suits you most!


This is where we will spend an hour going through how each of your systems work within your body to create a picture of how your body is functioning as a whole. The questions are in depth and will give us an opportunity to delve in deeper as to why you may be experiencing any symptoms or conditions you may want to support.

I will also send you a food diary and health questionnaire in advance to your initial consultation. The food diary isn’t there for me to judge how you are eating, rather giving me a snapshot as to what your daily habits are as well as highlighting areas where you may be missing key nutritional components. The health questionnaire helps me to pinpoint my questions in the initial consultation, really delving into how and why you are functioning as you are.

Using the information gathered from your food diary, health questionnaire and consultation, I will take 1-2 days to create your plan using evidence based research.

You will then come back for the plan feedback appointment (30 minutes in duration) where we will go through your personalized plan together. Your plan will also be supported with handouts, recipes and possible supplement recommendations. This is also where we will discuss your recommended plan duration and, if necessary, referrals for any functional tests that may be needed to investigate deeper.

This is an 12 week programme for those who would like to commit to changing their habits in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable!

Each week we will focus on a different topic (food fundamentals, gut health, sleep, stress, cravings & more) and how our nutrition/lifestyle habits can support these common barriers to wellness. You will receive a personalised handbook each week containing an easy meal plan to follow, recipes, nutrition and lifestyle points to implement and extra information to help you with your plan.

Who is this for?

People who are looking to support:

- Energy levels

- Sleep

- Digestion

- Skin

- Mood

- Cravings

- Weight changes

- A good relationship with food

What will you need to do?

I will send you a 4 day food diary for you to complete. Asking you to be as honest as possible. There is no judgement (there are no “good” or “bad” foods”) and this will help me tailor your 12 week programme to what you need.

A health and lifestyle questionnaire so I can understand how you are currently functioning and what your lifestyle looks like.

Schedule in 45 minutes each week for our weekly catch ups for 8 weeks.

What is included in 12 Week Complete Support?

- Initial 1:1 to make sure that this programme is tailored to your goals and needs

- Dietary Analysis

- Weekly meals plans with recipes

- Weekly shopping list

- Weekly one to one sessions, making sure your plan is personalised and working for you

- A foundation on how to eat well and nourish your body not just for the duration of the programme but on how to sustain your progress for the long term

- Personalised handbooks each week with a different focus on how best to support your goals and get the most out of your plan

- Supplement recommendations