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Nora is a yoga teacher and Ayurvedic yoga massage therapist, with a degree in Food Studies and Nutrition.

With over 10 years of dedicated practice, Nora is highly passionate about helping and inspiring others towards living a healthier and more fulfilled way of life.

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Nora encourages growth on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, and draws inspiration from various philosophical and spiritual disciplines.

Her teaching style incorporates asana (physical postures) practice with modification and progression options to suit individual abilities, as well as pranayama (breathing) and relaxation techniques.


About Hatha Flow Yoga
Alignment-oriented practice that emphasizes the forms and actions within yoga postures. A gentle flow is incorporated as a transition between each posture, with a focus on synchronization between movement and breath.

Emphasis is placed on strength, flexibility and balance as well as concentration and breath control.

Classes are based on physical postures (asanas), deep breathing, mindfulness and listening to the body.

Suitable for all abilities.

Ayurvedic yoga massage is a floor-based, deep tissue oil massage complemented with gentle mobilizations, tractions and assisted (passive) yoga stretches, which help lengthen the tissues and can help bring a deep sense of relaxation and renewed energy.

The massage method, which draws inspiration from both Ayurvedic massage and Iyengar yoga, works on many levels– physical, emotional, mental, energetic.

In practical terms, treatments include working with the whole body, with emphasis on the areas that need more work.

We work with the breath, so that the nervous system can let go and release tension, and this process can be effective as well as pleasant and effortless.