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I am a very versatile photographer with experience across a range of environments and disciplines. From families to fashion models and from commercial to portrait work, I'm easy to work with, reliable and of course professional. And yes of course I do weddings and bar mitvahs too!

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18 March 2019

Working with Night Train Productions is an absolute dream. As a model, Spike makes me feel incredibly comfortable and his positive attitude and niceness mixed with his absolutely massive knowledge of photography makes it a joy to shoot with him. It’s a great company and he’s a great photographer! 20/10, I’d give more than 5 stars if I could!! More...

18 March 2019

Superb photos and a lovely experience! Spike couldn’t be more helpful and attentive. He produced lovely portraits with the whole family enjoying the shoot (including the dogs! ). Will definitely be using him again. More...

18 March 2019

Amazing experience! Perfect quality photos and had such a fun time shooting them. Not only were the photos were great, the actual shoot was very fun and spike is very friendly and easy to talk to. I’m very happy with how the photos turned out :) More...

18 March 2019

Extremely friendly and very professional :) Great shots!

9 August 2016

Hire this guy! - although we had a need for a photographer for our event, we had no idea how much we needed Spike until he arrived on site. The images we have go way beyond the original brief for the publicity of the show, they were used on the website, in our programmes and even the cast have print outs on their walls at home! - With Night Train it's more than just photography - it's a full service that goes way beyond what you even knew you wanted! More...

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experience, technical skill, creativity, a little bit of good luck and the ability to listen to the client in the first place!

what is the emotion you want to create with the finished image?

making people happy. Every job begins and ends with getting the results that you want. It is the best part of my day!

I originally saw a gap in the market that I could fill

my USP is that I understand the photos you need because I understand you.

I'm a show producer and project manager as well as a photographer so I know this job requires more than just the technical knowledge of a camera.

I am always very much in touch with the end product and what you need it to be - so you get the best results.

It's possible... anything is possible!

Of course everything I do is remote these days... except for the actual photography itself.

However, if you want to create a completely remote experience then give me a call - I've got some tricks and skills for this!

Actually, if you're really interested, I have a 70-200mm lens.... so I could theoretically shoot a whole series of modelling photos and headshots with you and never get closer than 5 meters away. When the regulations are at their peak, we'd have to do it outside..... we also wouldn't be allowed to stand still for longer than 10 seconds and we'd all have to use breathing apparatus and be wrapped in plastic - but hey, the shots will look great!

I abide by all standard gov regulations. I have never contracted Covid.... I have no intention of doing so... and I have a cerebral, responsible and constant awareness of what it means to spread it to other people.


I have a full on professional studio - which packs into a big estate car.... which means, provided you have around 4,5 metres square somewhere, we can create studio quality shots in your own home.
Whilst there, we can capture groups of people and pretty much anything else you need.

I also work outside, with props, with animals, with action stunts... whatever creative ideas you have, I'll have a crack at getting on camera.

Unlike a lot of other photographers, I don't charge by print or have set packages which limit what you get. I tend to charge for my time more than anything else. This means, if we get 300 pictures in four hours... and you love them all.... then 300 pictures you shall have... and forever! I don't use watermarks and I don't limit use for prints of web use. Basically, I'm really easy - and that's the way you want it!