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Offering hypnotherapy, NLP & life coaching.
Appointments available via zoom or teams or in the therapy room.


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I’ve found throughout my life people have always been naturally drawn to me to seek guidance and help. I feel this is my calling. I love seeing the progression my clients make, seeing them reach successes they never before dreamed imaginable.

Having spent years suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, i learnt that hypnotherapy and NLP were really powerful tools in giving me the confidence and reassurance i needed to get back on track. After trying various medications and finding they didn’t work and the system not offering me the support i needed or any improvement i decided to find my own help. Once i learnt how easily it could be overcome i felt it was my duty to help others and get them from that place of suffering a lot quicker than it took me to find help.

My life has been very turbulent, i’ve lived through so much and overcome it all. I’m the living success story of my own success because i had to do the work on myself. Im passionate and dedicated. I’ve helped so many people move from very low points in their lives to now living life they could only before dream of.


This plan is for you if you are determined to make permanent lifestyle changes and lose weight. The plan is run over 12 sessions and gives you 12 months access to an online portal where you have access to extra material to help you on your weight loss journey. Its all about bringing the mind and body back into balance and working on the deeper subconscious underlying issues behind the weight gain.

If you are suffering from anxiety and/or panic attacks you are not alone. I too have been there and overcome my fears and worries. That is what i believe makes me capable of helping you to overcome yours. Lets get to the real reason as to whats behind the anxiety and get you back to living the life you deserve!

Do you feel like life isn’t going according to plan? Are you full of anxieties, fears, excuses? Is an event from the past holdong you back? Whilst this doesn’t wipe the slate clean, it’s as close it its going to get. With the breakthrough sessions you will identify all thats been holding you back and given empowering tools to help you soar into the life you want!