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Providing all the knowledge I have gained in multiple disciplines and topics. I look at the entire picture, as it isn't just exercise. I work to give you the tools to identify certain behaviours and their triggers, then create the right routines and practices to keep you on top of your game physically and mentally.

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27 November 2020

Personal Trainers

I reached out to Nico almost 2 months ago as lockdown hadn’t been too kind to me and I wanted to get myself focusing on my health and well-being again.
Nico has a very holistic approach which I love as it really helps you think outside the box and consider more than just your physical health, at a time like this, it’s so important to consider your mental health. He is incredibly knowledgable and is always able to answer my many questions around diet, fasting and the such like!
To top it off, he’s a very down to earth guy and easy to connect with.
I highly recommend Nico!

2 November 2020

Yoga Classes

I will be booking a class in the future

14 October 2020

Personal Trainers

Nico has been really helping me on my fitness journey so far.
He has given me loads of advise. I am really enjoying my journey so far and seeing progress. He always pushes me to do better. Highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to start their fitness journey! He has ample of expertises and Experience! Thanks More...

10 October 2020

Nico is a fantastic yoga teacher and personal trainer. I’ve been training now for over 6 months and seen huge improvements in my fat loss, strength and flexibility, the combination of training styles has really worked wonders for me. I would not hesitate to recommend! More...

8 October 2020

Nico has really helped me to get my fitness and health back to a much better place. I would highly recommend him as a PT.

7 October 2020

NICO GALVAN is uniquely equipped to bring mind, body and spirit to his transformative personal training sessions. His understanding, knowledge and holistic approach to exercise, nutrition and spiritual well-being puts him in a rare league of top physical fitness and yoga instructors. His calming presence and positive energy in each bespoke session makes working with him utterly refreshing and inspiring. 5 stars indeed! More...

7 October 2020

I hired Nico as a PT and yoga teacher after giving birth and he became a big part of my postpartum recovery. His instructions are intuitive and relatable, making his classes very easy to follow. What I find most valuable is that he actively listens to my changing needs and adapts his workout accordingly. Whether it's a heart-pumping PT session or a gentle yoga flow, I always feel stronger and more refreshed after our class. More...

7 October 2020

Nico is unique PT who can give you the best of PT training and yoga, in inspiring & motivational combination. I highly recommend him to anybody who wants to get more fit, but also have healthy mind and balance. Plus he is great fun too!:)

7 October 2020

I’ve done yoga classes with Nico – both on Zoom and in person – and he’s brilliant. The class is a great combination of physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga, and is physically challenging (if you want it to be! ). Nico is very knowledgeable and supportive, and encourages you to push your mental barriers and go beyond what you think you can do. His classes always leave me feeling good, strong and motivated. More...


Services are exclusively Online

High quality results driven sessions from the offset, getting you to understand your body and how to move it to gain full advantage of exercise. Creating the mindset to shift to a more holistic approach to exercise, ensuring high motivation and longevity in your thought process.

Full support from nutrition all the way through to exercise plan. 7 days a week support through specific apps with tailored easy to follow plans.

Consistency, realising your limits and goals early on. Commitment, staying focused on the targets as well as learning to enjoy movement! it should make you feel amazing. Learn to love the process.

Environmental factors such as diet, stress and rest a key factors when planning a body transformation, all of which will be explained and executed to the highest quality.

The main aspect of my job is enhancing peoples lives from all levels of the spectrum, seeing not only peoples physical health improve but mentally they are firing on all cylinders which attracts all sorts of positivity and opportunity into their lives.

Making my clients feel good from the inside out is my main driving force, I am simply a guide to show what they are really capable of and the results are truly inspirational.

Services are exclusively Online

Realising that stepping into my power, working independently instead of a corporate gym gives me even more motivation even more passion to drive something that is completely mine. I am 100% accountable for all my information and methods. I thrive knowing I am building something unique and authentic.

I can be completely myself and that enables me to keep developing my methods and helping people online or in person all over the globe, which I find incredible.

If you are looking for a trainer who hast a vast knowledge of the human body partnered with a holistic approach which ensures results I am the trainer for you.

Realising that exercise should be made fun/dynamic and above all make you feel amazing. I work to give you the tools to realise you are capable of excelling in this life no matter what your circumstances.

Having worked with clients with major injuries/limitations all the way though to athletes at the top of their game, I have the experience to tailor a very specific service coupled with an easy going authentic attitude.

Services are exclusively Online

Online remote services available via zoom, with step by step guidance and online materials.

clean equipment, socially distance, sanitizer, mask.


A wide varied training with functional movement at the core. Understanding strengths and weaknesses from the offset and building from there. An all encompassing approach to health and fitness, including diet, psychology and physical transformation.

Traditionally trained Hatha Yoga teacher with a dynamic and specific coaching style to bullet proof injury and enhance your practice. A complete yogic system which embodies all the teachings of the tradition in an understandable immersive way.

Having trained with masters from all over the globe and having now consolidated that knowledge, you will gain the ability to go deep into your meditations with incredible results.

Trained in the linage of Dan Doherty by way of the Ptah Khi school. Offering a complete hollistic health and martial aspect of the wonders of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. This is complete inner alchemy training, discover the infinite source of energy within you and learn to use it in all its power. Along the way diving deep and realising your magic.