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Nick Shivers

Portland, United State

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Nick Shivers focused, and excellent qualified service. He assures that all clients requires will be met at all times.

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as with any occupation, there are ups and downs. besides the money, the satisfaction of helping others find good homes should drive you. this best success comes from helping others. minimize your stress by doing good when you can. hope this helps.. do well.

Are you wondering whether or not you should own a real estate business? Well, here’s a simple question to ask yourself: are you working hard for someone else and giving away a big chunk of your commission?

If you’re an agent working for a principal, then you will have witnessed first hand what your boss has had to deal with in operating his or her business. No doubt you’ll have heard many complaints. The stress, worry and costs, right? You may think you’re better off being an employee. So you could just play it safe and stay working for your boss for the rest of your career. You could continue to give your hard work and loyalty to someone else. Or you could take the next step towards securing your financial future.